Bowl Preview: Bowl

January 6, 2011 – 12:01 am by McD

Mid Tennessee (6-6) vs. Miami (OH) (9-4) (-1)

While the teams actually play the game and, presumably, care very much about its outcome, is there any doubt that the people watching are going to be discussing nothing but Mike Haywood during the game. Former Miami (OH) head coach and erstwhile Pitt head coach Mike Haywood, that is.

There are two things I can’t believe about Haywood’s firing from Pitt after just two weeks (or maybe three?): that he lives in South Bend, Indiana still or has some sort of deep ties there even though he’s been coaching in Oxford, Ohio for the last two years and was moving to Pittsburgh very shortly. And second, that people are so shocked that Pitt hired him after such a short tenure at Miami.

Guys, he won a MAC title at Miami of Ohio. Not like that happends before him. And like Turner Gill before him, when you win a MAC title at Buffalo or Miami of Ohio or any other traditional doormat, you get the hell out of there the minute the major conferences come calling unless you’re a VERY dedicated alum.

Other than scandal, who the hell cares about this game? It doesn’t even make sense that the bowl schedulers made these two teams wait this long when we were doing one bowl a day in December and no one cared about those games either. Such a waste of time. Enjoy gossiping about Mike Haywood and who’s going to take the Michigan job!

Pick: Mid Tennessee

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