Week 14 College Football Scores

December 4, 2010 – 6:00 am by McD

Read my week 14 picks. Now you have something to do for ten minutes.

Record after week 13: 145-63 (105-98-5 ATS)

12 pm ET

Conference USA Championship Game

Southern Methodist (7-5) at Central Florida (9-3) (-9)

Pick: UCF wins but doesn’t cover

Final: UCF 17 SMU 7

Hope everyone had something better to do this morning than watch this slapfight.

Record: 146-63 (105-99-5 ATS)

3 pm ET

Utah State (4-7) at (11) Boise State (10-1) (-39)

Pick: Boise State

Final: Boise 50 USU 14

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Record: 147-63 (105-100-5 ATS)

(17) Nevada (11-1) at Louisiana Tech (5-6) (+8.5)

Pick: Nevada

Final: Nevada 35 LTU 17

Nevada played a so-so first half, clearly with a hangover from beating Boise State. They got it together, however, so there looks to be a three-way tie at the top of the WAC now. All because Boise’s kicker had a bad night. A week later, it still sucks to be that guy.

Record: 148-63 (106-100-5 ATS)

3:30 pm ET

(2) Oregon (11-0) at Oregon State (5-6) (+16.5)

Pick: Oregon

Final: Oregon 37 OSU 20

I’m starting to not believe in the Oregon mythos anymore. They’re not a “second half team,” they’re just sloppy in the first half of all their games. I will say, however, that their team speed is better than everyone. James and Barner are just plain faster than everyone on the field. Must be nice. That’ll only get you so far as an NFL prospect though. So yes, their hurry-up style helps in the second half, as do their second-half adjustments, but this is a very slow-starting team. Could be a problem against Auburn, since they seem to score on every possession no matter what.

Record: 149-63 (107-100-5 ATS)

4 pm ET

Southeastern Conference Championship Game

(1) Auburn (12-0) at (19) South Carolina (9-3) (+5.5)

Pick: Auburn wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Auburn 56 USC 17

If Steve Spurrier could go back four years and recruit some one else besides Stephen Garcia, knowing that he’d give up a sure appearance in the SEC title game, do you think he’d do it?

Record: 150-63 (107-101-5 ATS)

7:45 pm ET

Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Game

(21) Florida State (9-3) at (15) Virginia Tech (10-2) (-4)

Pick: Virginia Tech

Final: Virginia Tech 44 Florida State 33

Everything broke Boise State’s way this year except for two field goal attempts. That’s it. Two fucking field goal attempts. A perfect season except for like eight seconds of game time, and no BCS bowl for them. Hell, they even have to SHARE their conference title now. That’s fucking rough.

Record: 151-63 (108-101-5 ATS)

8 pm ET

Connecticut (7-4) at South Florida (7-4) (-2)

Pick: UConn

Final: UConn 19 USF 16

So UConn is in the BCS and gets a ton of money, and Boise State is not. Read that sentence a few times and then try to say we don’t need a playoff.

Record: 152-63 (109-101-5 ATS)

10:30 pm ET

Southern California (7-5) at UC,LA (4-7) (+6.5)

Pick: USC

Final: USC 28 UC,LA 14

So not a total disaster, though I would absolutely have believed Lane Kiffin was out if USC lost this game. That said, he’s got a minimum of two years, and if the program isn’t a total disaster at that point, I think he’s got a shot at staying at USC for a while.

Record after week 14: 153-63 (110-101-5 ATS)

And, for the record, I finished above .500 against the spread for the regular season. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. You’re cool. Fuck you. I’m out.

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