Is Troy Smith Done In The NFL?

December 27, 2010 – 4:17 pm by Ryan Phillips

While no one is disputing that (now former) San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary should have handled himself differently regarding his on-field tirade directed at quarterback Troy Smith, some seem to agree that Smith may have had it coming.

Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun covered Smith when he was with the Baltimore Ravens, and he seems to think that Smith may not get another chance in the NFL after his latest blunder.

“I’m not a big fan of Singletary as a head coach, but he was the only one to give Smith another opportunity after the Ravens cut him at the beginning of the season. Whatever happened could have been handled off the sidelines. Smith, though, has always had a cockiness about him, and was hard-headed even when he was here in Baltimore. I had hoped he would get his football life together in San Francisco, that a new start would bring out all his talents. Instead, what I saw was the old Smith, the one who seemed to thrive on confrontation.”

Wow, that’s a pretty damming assessment of the young man’s situation. The fact that as many as 10 teams could be looking for quarterback help this offseason means that Smith will likely get a chance somewhere. But that doesn’t mean he’ll stick.

With Singletary’s undressing of him now an internet sensation that won’t go away any time soon, people will form their own opinions over what made his coach blow up so badly.

If Smith is as cocky and hard-headed as Preston is saying, then it isn’t surprising that Singletary flipped out. As Preston points out, Singletary put a lot of faith in the young man, and essentially put his job on the line for him and wasn’t rewarded.

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  1. 38 Responses to “Is Troy Smith Done In The NFL?”

  2. What you fail to recognize is T. Smith was sent to a no win situation in SF. A. Smith is a 1st round bust of the worst kind. No stats to justify him being a starter this long. Anyhow, if Coach would have stuck with Troy when he knew it was the right thing, he would be in the playoffs. Instead, he showed his inability to make good coaching decisions. He divided his locker room with his indecisiveness. Troy would have won that game if Coach left him in. A. Smith offered no hope of winning that game. That was the move that got him fired. Troy blew up because he finally saw he was a victim of Coach Singletary’s inability to do the right thing and A. Smith undermining trying to get his job back even though he was not the answer. Tom Brady and Brett Favre are cocky quarterbacks. You want Troy to act like D. McNabb and take being stepped on lightly. It was no problem when Brett fell out with his coach on TV. Quit being biased in your opinions because the bottom line is Troy has a winning record as a starter.

    By L-one on Dec 27, 2010

  3. One more thing… Troy does have an attitude. A winning one. Coach Singletary’s job was on the line because of Alex Smith’s lousy performance. His job was being saved by Troy Smith until he allowed the change back to Alex. Believe this, if Troy Smith has the wrong attitude to play this game, it changed from the challenges he’s faced being mislabeled by the pro game as being too short. Ask Coach Tressel if Troy has the right attitude for the pro game.

    By L-one on Dec 27, 2010

  4. If I’m not mistaken Troy Smith is the only quarterback for the 49ers this year. It is hilarious they are saying nobody will give T. Smith another shot but say nothing about how Alex Smith will inevitably land somwhere.

    Not saying Troy Smith is an All Pro but if you look at some of the Qb’s in the leaugue you have to say he is at least a serviceable backup. This article rates a 8/10 on the “reactionary with no perspective scale”.

    Mark fucking Brunnell is a quart4erback in the league, douchebag who wrote this article.

    By MichaelHulseSon on Dec 27, 2010

  5. Troy was the best at OSu.We loved him and I dont think he has been given the chance he deserves.

    By janice on Dec 27, 2010

  6. Preston is a poor reporter. As a person who follows Ravens football, this guy once referred to Troy Smith as a “breath of fresh air” when he was on the field and lobbied heavily in the papers for Troy Smith to get more playing time. It seems odd that now he seems to be reporting from the other side of his mouth. Before quoting individuals, you might want to do some research on who these individuals are, and some of the things they have been quoted as saying in the past. Troy Smith was set to be the starting qb for the Ravens until a medical issue with a throat infection which spiraled out of control sat him down for the first couple games and allowed Flacco to play and the rest was history. He could very well still be the starting qb for the Ravens with the defense we had, and he has a loyal fan following still in Baltimore. There is no doubt, regardless of his attitude, he has not been given a fair shake by fate.

    By Mike on Dec 27, 2010

  7. Good comments Mike. Preston…Busted… Attitude sometimes displays confidence. I don’t think he hid a bad attitude until after he won the HEISMAN TROPHY. Phillips, check your references better next time.

    By L-one on Dec 27, 2010

  8. OK first of all, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just reporting what we’ve heard and read. And Preston isn’t the only person who has said something about Troy Smith’s attitude. The guy has had the rep ever since he came into the league. Can he change and re-make himself? Of course, anyone can. But Singletary went out on a limb for him and, well, you saw the results Sunday.

    I appreciate that you guys are Buckeyes fans and feel loyalty to Smith, but USC fans feel the same way about Matt Leinart…that doesn’t make him an NFL-quality quarterback without issues. Same goes for Vince Young and Texas fans.

    Just because a guy won the Heisman Trophy and played well in college doesn’t mean he’s sure to be successful in the pros and has a perfect attitude. In fact, that argument is ridiculous. I’m sure Jim Tressel loves Smith, but Mack Brown surely defends Young no matter what, and Pete Carroll probably defends Leinart no matter what.

    So, I realize you’re a fan of Smith from his college days, but try to have a little perspective. If people around the league are constantly complaining or saying the same thing about a guy, it’s probably true. We’ve heard these complaints about Smith from at least half a dozen people in the Bay Area and a few from Baltimore before we read Preston’s piece today.

    By Phillips on Dec 27, 2010

  9. You are the reporter, so you’ll stick behind your comments. However, when SF was gettig their butts handed to them against San Diego, did Coach Singletary do the right thing and send Troy or David Carr in to relieve him? No. So what made him think the right move to make in the St. Louis Game was to relieve Troy especially when he provided and had the potential to win this game. As a quarterback, I’m sure he knows when he’s being supported. As a reporter, I feel your article offers no depth and does nothing but give a catchy headline. I’m not defending him because he’s Ohio State. I just think your reporting is irresponsible because I know the Baltimore organization to include GM Ozzie Newsome had nothing but good things to say about Troy. In the end, under the circumstances he played under, he was under the gun to win for the coaches job security and he did that. So after all Troy did for Coach Singletary just as well, his attitude was a result of non-support. I hated to see him play under those conditions.

    By L-one on Dec 27, 2010

  10. You are getting your news from a source that allows anyone to publish. There is no quality reporting or FACT CHECKING anymore. Don’t get upset by what’s written here. It’s GARBAGE writing.

    By Commonsense on Dec 27, 2010

  11. L-one,
    Have you ever wondered that if Troy Smith was so good, why wasn’t he in? Could it be that he doesn’t get the offense? Or that he won’t play the way the coaches want him to play? His completion percentage this season is 50.3. It’s not like he has been lighting the world on fire.

    We allow “anyone” to publish? Um no. We’re all actual reporters with journalism degrees. This post is reporting the opinion of someone. If you actually read the post, I say I think Smith will get picked up by someone. I’m just reporting what someone else said and then giving my opinion of that take. That’s it. How is this hard to understand?

    By Phillips on Dec 27, 2010

  12. They talked about this on KNBR – Santangelo the radio guy was talking about how he read the lips of what Troy was saying to Singletary. And it pretty much was correct when you look at the replay:

    Troy Smith said: “I’m not perfect!”

    Singletary isn’t a players coach, and thats why the players don’t perform for him. The hard nosed coach mentality is a burden on players and they won’t buy into anymore in the NFL. Look at Shannahan, McDaniels, and now Singletary. Would you want a boss that called you a retard or belittled you every day you got into work for every little chance he or she got?

    By Hamburgler on Dec 28, 2010

  13. They talked about this on KNBR – Santangelo the radio guy was talking about how he read the lips of what Troy was saying to Singletary. And it pretty much was correct when you look at the replay:

    Troy Smith said: “I’m not perfect!”

    Singletary isn’t a players coach, and thats why the players don’t perform for him. The hard nosed coach mentality is a burden on players and they won’t buy into anymore in the NFL. Look at Shannahan, McDaniels, Kiffin and now Singletary. Would you want a boss that called you a retard or belittled you every day you got into work for every little chance he or she got?

    By Hamburgler on Dec 28, 2010

  14. Phillips, at least 1/2 dozen responses to your article do not seem to agree with it. That would suggest you should stop reporting off the opinion of others without providing some of your own valid opinion? Vince Young is not a Heisman winner and winning a Heisman does offer a good start to form character judements on Troy. Better tangible character evidence than opinions of Preston. You are irresponsibly reporting because Coach Singletary was not offended by Troy’s “flipping out” and referred to the incident as two passionate people talking. I believe Troy should have been able to finish the game. If you would listen to sound bites from Troy throughout the season, you would see he appreciates the opportunity Coach Singletary gave him. Do you think he should talk like he’s not a starter? Alex Smith is the one with the confidence complex. He’s no less deserving of the opportunity than Alex Smith. If Troy said he’s not perfect, he’s referring to the disparity of performance standards placed on black athletes and in this case a double tablespoon full because Coach Singletary is under a bigger microscope as well as a black coach. What you saw was two people with high expectations of themselves having a passionate conversation which you could not possibly define through your reporting standards.

    By L-one on Dec 28, 2010

  15. You barely complete 50% of your passes and then you have serious attitude with your football coach when you miss a receiver by 15 yards. I saw Peyton Manning doing that all the time with Dungy…because a good QB does that. HAHA Right! He’s done and probably should have never gotten a shot in the first place. That’s all you had to write.

    By IseveryonefromOHblind on Dec 28, 2010

  16. I like Troy Smith! He joined a new team in the middle of the season and without any practice and not knowing all the plays he went out and won his 1st game! He can run like Vick and has a rocket arm! Alex Smith is a bum! Ive never seen a player booed on every play by his own home fans like he was! The reason Mike S. lost his job was cause he went with Alex Smith! If you cant see that your an idiot! Alex Smith should have been cut years ago! If you think Mike S. lost his job cause he faught with Troy your an idiot! Whoever gave you your degree should be booed too cause you dont know anything! Troy will be back next year and Alex will not be! When it happens Ill be laughing at you, you idiot!

    By tag herbals on Dec 28, 2010

  17. Im not from Ohio either and I dont like OSU I like PSU and MICH. If manning got sick and then started for a new team wout knowing most of the playbook and after winning a few games got replaced by the biggest bum qb in the history of football he woulda been yelling at the coach too! Vick did nothing his 1st yr back and now look at him! Give Troy a chance to practice and learn the plays and get coached at the pro level before you judge with with the standards of the best of the best. yall are jerks! Go Troy Smith! Im goona go buy his jersey right now! Go 49ers!

    By Tag Herbals on Dec 28, 2010

  18. typical responses, wonder where they come from or who???? that OSU guy couldn’t kiss MS’s rear end. He may not be a great coach but he sure played some FB in his time. no more comments. Tressel cries about things in his sleep

    By xxLouA on Dec 28, 2010

  19. People,people,people!! Tag Herbals,hit the nail “dead on the head” A good QB will take what a coach has to say about his performance, a super one will express,what he saw & defend it! A.Smith should have been GONE!!yrs ago,that was Nolan’s mistake,& he should have taken it with him…give T.Smith,a chance we got rid of S.Hill(whyyyyy?)& kept A.Smith(whyyyy?)Coach Gruden will “fix”things…

    By Marky-mark on Dec 28, 2010

  20. Troy Smith was always an Over Rated Douchebag that played College football for a Douchebag School

    By Bret Van Arsdale on Dec 28, 2010

  21. I never really considered Troy Smith a real QB, did you?

    By Joe Kumpf on Dec 28, 2010

  22. i say can a. smith and carr. sign a solid qb in the draft and sign d. mcnabb for insurance and mentor the rookie cause i know he wants to get the hell outta washington neway

    By rybo on Dec 28, 2010


    By MEL on Dec 28, 2010


    By MEL on Dec 28, 2010

  25. York screwed up again… What is new… Wrong guy is gone.

    By Hard as Nails on Dec 28, 2010

  26. L-One, you are an idiot. Troy Smith was not leading the 49ers to a victory this past Sunday. He was handing it away. Are you telling me that a QB that only completes 36% of his passes in a game will win that game a played a great game. Please, it’s obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    By someone on Dec 28, 2010

  27. Someone, Please read the article and all subsequent comments by myself and others. In order for me to know whether you know a little bit more than quoting percentages as a basis for whether someone can win a game or not. Yes, I’m telling you that a Qback that completes 36% of his passes can win a game. It’s a team game. Realize that Troy had them in position to take the lead 17-15, but field goal was missed which would have changed to momentum. Can you dispute the fact Troy came to SF after training camp and was the quarterback that put them in position to get in the playoffs?

    By L-one on Dec 28, 2010

  28. I find the blind love for Troy Smith both funny and sad… He’s not a good NFL QB, not even an average one…

    There’s a reason he fell to the 5th round of the draft, there’s a reason Kyle Boller was in line to beat him out for the Ravens’ starting job in ’08, there’s a reason why Troy didn’t claim that job back from a then-rookie Joe Flacco, there’s a reason Baltimore cut him, there’s a reason he was the 49ers third string QB, there’s a reason Singletary kept benching/yelling at him – HE’S NOT THAT GOOD.

    Troy Smith has always had an inflated head. Now that it’s been punctured a fair number of times, he looks pretty damn small.

    By Raven on Dec 28, 2010

  29. I’m pretty sure L-one is Troy Smith. He’s got nothing better to do, now, he’s the back-up once more.

    By Raven on Dec 28, 2010

  30. Raven, You’re funny. However, you offer no substance in your comments. Can YOU dispute the fact Troy came to SF after training camp and was the quarterback that put them in position to get in the playoffs? I’m not Troy Smith, but I’m also not a fan of irresponsible reporting. The plight of the black quarterback is one in which people seek an opportunity to say/write anything that pops in their minds. People hate to love them and love to hate them (Vick, McNabb, Cam Newton, Vince Young). You might be Phillips, Preston, their family, friends or their professional equivalents. Otherwise, what is your motivation for your response?

    By L-one on Dec 29, 2010

  31. does the fact that he’s engaged to Singletary’s daughter have anything to do with landing in San Fran maybe lol, im just sayin….

    By Erik Butts on Dec 29, 2010

  32. Eric, didn’t know that. Wow, that’s great insider info, but still doesn’t dispute the fact he was the quarterback that had them in position to get in the playoffs.

    By L-one on Dec 29, 2010

  33. “The plight of the black quarterback”? Child, please. You’re grasping at straws, now. All of the players you named are tremendously popular. And, it may have escaped your cerebral intelligence, but Mike Singletary is also a black man – there is no racial issue with Troy Smith, just an ability issue.

    And, no, I can’t deny Smith won some games in the shit-hole that is the NFCW but he also threw their playoff chances away… namely, to Atogwe…

    By Raven on Dec 29, 2010

  34. Just to clarify something…T. Smith is not engaged to Singletary’s daughter. Atogwe of the Rams is…I have to put that out to make sure there is correct info being passed on here.

    By alhead824 on Dec 31, 2010

  35. T Smith was a god at OSU…….GO BUCKS

    By buck1008 on Jan 2, 2011

  36. T. Smith was 3-3 as a starter. In six games he only threw 5td’s with a meager 50% completion percentage. Doesn’t sound like superior numbers to me. And a Heisman trophy means nothing in the NFL. It only means he was an exceptional college football player.

    By niners fan on Jan 2, 2011

  37. People look at the games and how he won it wasn’t skill maybe luck. Coach Sing put him in only because A. Smith was hurt and thought he would last longer in the pocket. The kid has got some quick feet but can’t throw the ball. You say he had them in position to win the game what because he over threw V. Davis and Crabtree had run a deeper route and caught it for a TD. Like I said Troy got lucky and as a niner fan even Brady or Manning take your pick would have a hard time winning in this offense and a new O.C. every year. Coach Sing was a great player one of the best of he’s day just made to many mistakes as a coach hope he learned from them and does better next time around this stuff is funny shit.

    By funnystuff on Jan 3, 2011

  38. There were always negative statements in the press about Troy Smith, even here in Baltimore.
    The only people who ever said anything good about him were Lewis and Reed, because he fit into their click. Of course, Ozzie is going to say good things about him; he is not a stupid man. However, you cannot listen to what people say, watch what they do. Ozzie cut him.
    Troy Smith is a mediocre NFL quarterback, if he had not won the Heisman he would be out of football by now. His attitude is self-destructing. Singletary is a man of character, Smith is not.

    By eugenehousekey on Jan 4, 2011

  39. reality check: smith has been babied since jr high. don’t worry about your grades or your attitude, you ARE a star! carried on the high school, then OSU. problem is the NFL does have some semblance of the ‘real world’ — performance, performance, performance. gotta have that to get the “lawrence taylor-no practice during the week-don’t study or watch films-show up with shag handcuffs-tell you to got to h*ll-have sex with an underage girl after getting into the HOF” consideration. despite what weak people will always say, this has nothing to do with race. AND, i’m a man of color. i’m inclined to roll iwth eugenehousekey — no heisman, gone from the league. the guy is a bum with a poor attitude.

    By rave83 on May 1, 2011

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