Is Gary Kubiak Done With The Houston Texans?

December 15, 2010 – 4:16 pm by Ryan Phillips

Let’s face it, when you’ve got a super-talented roster and you continue to lose the way the Houston Texans have, there is only one spot to place the blame. Head coach Gary Kubiak has had five seasons to draft, develop and mold his players, and when you still lose games like this, the fans have a reason to be angry.

The Texans are currently 5-8 with no hope of going to the playoffs. After starting 4-2, including an opening week win over the Indianapolis Colts, the Texans have lost six of their past seven games.

Kubiak has to go.

Of all the coaches with his length of tenure, he’s the only one who has not led his team to the playoffs.

Kubiak is not alone, as general manager Rick Smith could face the firing squad after the season as well. With rumors swirling that Bill Cowher could be interested in an opening in Houston, there is almost no way Kubiak survives the coming storm.

Cowher would likely be interested in the team because of a deep and talented roster. With players like Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, Mario Williams, Brian Cushing and DeMeco Ryans to build around, it’s hard to believe Cowher couldn’t make the Texans a winner.

That alone will likely spell Kubiak’s doom. But don’t feel bad for the guy, he’ll certainly find a job. With John Elway now back and involved with the Denver Broncos, Kubiak could certainly return to the team in some capacity. Mike Shanahan might also be willing to take his former pupil on to his staff with the Redskins, and there are sure to be countless other coordinator positions open around the league.

So though Kubiak is likely done in Houston, he probably won’t be looking for a job for long.

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  1. One Response to “Is Gary Kubiak Done With The Houston Texans?”

  2. Why has all the attetion been placed on the offence and not an equal amount on the defence.
    I’ve been a Houston fan since 1969 and will continue to be, but why do the owners and coaches and players continue to torture us this way?

    If they want to be loser’s let them do it someplace else.

    By Mike on Dec 19, 2010

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