Are The Boston Red Sox Out Of The Running For Carl Crawford?

December 7, 2010 – 4:12 pm by Ryan Phillips

After the huge addition of Adrian Gonzalez at first base, you’d think the Boston Red Sox have it made offensively for next season. Well, the Sox had more in mind than just adding the slugging former Padres first baseman. Boston was looking hard at adding an outfield bat, most likely either of the big free agents on the market, Jayson Werth or Carl Crawford.

Well, after Werth’s absurd seven-year, $126 million deal, the Red Sox may have been priced out of the bidding for Crawford. Yes, the Boston Red Sox, one of the two richest teams in baseball, may not be able to afford a contract.

You see, even the BoSox have a budget to work with, and now that the Nationals have given Werth f-you money, any deal for Crawford is sure to exceed those numbers. Right now it is looking like Crawford will get something in the $150-plus million range, a number the Red Sox can’t approach, given that they would also like to extend Gonzalez’s contract at some point. The Sox have claimed that they haven’t ruled out going after Crawford, but that’s likely just posturing to drive up the price a rival team will have to sign him for.

That said, the Red Sox have some cheaper options they could go for. Magglio Ordonez would be an option, albeit an utter waste of money, considering the Sox would probably only use him against lefties. Or Boston could choose to stick with the guys already on the roster – which would be some combination of Jacoby Ellsbury, Mike Cameron and J.D. Drew – and pray they stay healthy.

Prospect Ryan Kalish is on his way, but he may need a full season at Triple-A before finally moving onto the Red Sox roster full time.

The addition of Gonzalez means they now have a lot of lefties in the lineup, with David Ortiz, Ellsbury and Drew in there as well. It will be interesting to see how the Red Sox proceed over the next few weeks.

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