Superdome Sets Guinness Record For Biggest Halloween Party

November 1, 2010 – 12:48 am by Ryan Phillips

During Sunday night’s New Orleans Saints-Pittsburgh Steelers game, an adjudicator from Guinness World Records recorded 17,777 fans in the stands wearing costumes. That number set the record for the largest gathering of Halloween celebrators on record.

Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in New Orleans fans. Seriously, in a 70,000 seat stadium in freaking New Orleans – where dressing up in a costume is standard practice before walking to your mailbox – only 17,777 people showed up in costume to a nationally televised football game on Halloween? What gives people? Where is your spirit? Where is that wackiness we’ve come to expect from the Big Easy’s residents?

The previous record was held by a gathering of 508 people at a night club in Bloomington, Indiana last year.

I’m pretty sure Bloomington held the record before that too. See, The Baker had a Halloween party when I was in college, and a ton of people showed up. At one point, some random guy I didn’t know stumbled up to me and said “This is the biggest Halloween party…” and he kind of trailed off because the music was so loud. But, I mean, the rest of what he said could have been “in the history of the world.” I can’t verify that he didn’t say that. And he looked pretty official. He had on a pair of nerdy glasses. And a scarf. And a wand. So, I’m pretty sure he was working for Guinness, because he looked like how I picture almost all British people do.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh right, New Orleans.

So congratulations to New Orleans, and its citizens, who are now known for…partying. Nice to see they’re expanding on their current reputation and branching out into other areas.

Hey guys, why don’t you try to set the record for least corrupt politicians in the world, or maybe the sturdiest levees? How about fastest building of 10,000 homes ever? Something like that would go nicely along with this record.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Superdome Sets Guinness Record For Biggest Halloween Party”

  2. 17,000 people in costume…and these were the “best” two you could find?

    By MJenks on Nov 1, 2010

  3. MJ,
    Yeaaaah, pictures of fans were scarce to say the least. Everything I could find was of the damn game. And who wants to see those?

    By Phillips on Nov 1, 2010

  4. When I turned the game on, it was 3-0 in the second half. So, yeah, I get what you’re saying.

    By MJenks on Nov 2, 2010

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