Mike Bellotti To Arizona State?

November 9, 2010 – 3:43 pm by Ryan Phillips

It’s no secret that former Oregon head coach and athletic director Mike Bellotti wants to return to coaching at some point. It’s also no secret that he’s as robotic and wooden an analyst as ESPN has on it’s current roster of color guys. While Bellotti has interesting takes about players and systems, his delivery is so bad I guarantee that if he sold a spoken word album we could eradicate insomnia worldwide.

After 13 years as Oregon’s head coach, he stepped down in July 2009, and he’s been attached to several coaching searches but nothing serious. Well that’s likely to change very soon.

Bellotti is a California guy and loves Pac-10 (soon to be Pac-12) football. There are two potential openings that could interest Bellotti.

The first is the now-vacant position at Colorado. While virtually no one believes Bellotti is a serious candidate for the job, there is no doubt that Colorado will call him.

The job that looks wide open to Bellotti would be Arizona State. There are tons of rumors circulating about current Sun Devils head coach Dennis Erickson and his potential demise following this season. Depending on how Arizona State finishes, Erickson could be done. He’s in his fourth year in the desert and following a first season in which he went 10-3, he’s put together records of 5-7, 4-8 and (currently) 4-5. That’s a 23-23 record overall and a 13-20 record in the past three seasons.

Bellotti would certainly be interested in the opening, though Arizona State doesn’t have the facilities or financial backing that he enjoyed at Oregon, it wouldn’t be too difficult to convince kids to come play for him given the “talent” on campus, and his stellar track record.

So is Arizona State a perfect fit for Bellotti? I can’t see a better one out there right now.

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  2. You know who else loves this rumor? The rest of the Pac-12.

    By McD on Nov 9, 2010

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