Kid Rock: Born Sh*tty?

November 9, 2010 – 2:32 am by Hickey

I could not believe my ears Monday night as the new Kid Rock song “Born Free” played while ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown segued into Monday Night Football. The same song was used incessantly during TBS’ postseason baseball coverage, which was apparently the network’s only way of making a game called by Dick Stockton even more intolerable.

But once the World Series started on Fox, I figured I would mercifully avoid hearing Mr. Rock’s earnest but excruciating attempt to channel his inner Bob Seger. (At this point I wonder if it might even have been a decent song, but the fact it was played ever three seconds and was sung by Kid Rock pretty well eliminated this possibility. Especially since the only part they played is when he sort of screeches “I was boooooooorn free.”)

Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed when suddenly the same crappy song ended upon ESPN’s airwaves, this time as part of a Bucks-Celtics telecast. Because… Kid Rock screams NBA? If I want an NBA song, I’ll take some goddamn John Tesh.

But the madness clearly reached its crescendo when it was tagged along with Monday Night Football, now making “Born Free” somehow tied to three of our major sports. I imagine that NASCAR has used it as well since it plays right to that audience, but I have not bothered turning on a NASCAR race to see if this is true.

So far the NHL is the only sport I know of which has been spared this plague, though most of those players are born Canadian so perhaps their allegiance to the Queen will allow them to continue doing so. But given that Kid Rock is a native of Hockeytown, it may already be too late.

PS – If you actually want to hear “Born Free,” you’ll have to look it up yourself. I don’t have the heart to link it to our site.

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  1. 23 Responses to “Kid Rock: Born Sh*tty?”

  2. You are OBVIOUSLY, either deaf or an idiot. Kid Rock is about the most diverse and talented musician CURRENTLY making music. Before you spout off at the mouth(which I DO understand is your job) maybe you should educate yourself a little better on your subject matter. I’m willing to bet that the only Kid Rock music you’ve ever heard has been his early ‘rap’ stuff. ‘Born Free’ is, in my opinion a fantastic tune, but, I agree it was run into the ground. That doesn’t make the song OR the performer a member of the John Tesh school of ‘rock’. What if MLB used a song like ‘Freebird’ this year? Would Ronnie Van Zant and the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd be put in the same catagory as that complete waste of one’s ability to hear, John Tesh?

    By JoeDiver1119 on Nov 9, 2010

  3. No matter how u grew up,ur hearts still the same..

    By brat on Nov 10, 2010

  4. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, the majority of society LOVES “KID ROCK”

    I for one only watched long enough to see his performance, which in my opinion, was totally HOT & AWESOME.

    By Tammy Holbert on Dec 9, 2010

  5. Kid rock is a no talent tart that if you remember was just about the same as vanilla ice, matter of fact lost a record deal because of vanilla ice. I remember as a kid friends of mine having his tapes from him throwing um at people coming out of shows. Just because that ass hole found a nitch with white trash people that have a faveret driver, and frat boys dont make him talented. Toss a few born free, and amarica in your songs and you have a hit with his crowed. The guy will cash in on anything if he can.
    He destroys whatever he touches he needs to sell made in Detroit before he runs it into the ground

    By Gary on Jan 3, 2011

  6. Gary’s opinion is rooted in ignorance. The fact that Vanilla Ice rapped in the early 90’s does not make him and Kid Rock “about the same”. That is like saying that putting a man on the moon in the 60’s and the Beattles are “like the same”. The fact that you call him a no talent tart speaks volumes of your incoherent illiterate post. Mix in a little spell check. Seriously you typed the following: throwing um. Are you serious? How about your description of a “driver”? Is the typed word “faverite” supposed to be f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e? One more thing, if he cashes in on anything he can, well that makes him a smart business man. Gary, you really need to go to the Apple Store and get a MacBook and have Microsoft Office installed. It may cost upwards of $1,200 but the investment may save you the humiliation of posting such babble in the future. Kid Rock is one of the best musical acts in the world right now. If the $1,200 is to steep then I recommend a used book store. Ask the store clerk for “Early Toddler Phonix”. Take care lighten up Francis.

    By Mike on Jan 17, 2011

  7. HA!! thats fantastic burns, I’m using a iPhone that close enough? However zero of the burns cover the fact that kid rock is nowhere close to the best out there, not when you have acts like Warren Haynes (Gov’t Mule), Mike Feronti & spear head just saw both those bands this summer and they were 10+ shows black label society, Yonder Mountain String Band, wide spread panic saw them a few years ago on the 4th of July at rothbury hear in MI and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen out of the 100’s of shows I’ve been to, and bob weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart are still making music, as a matter of fact bob weir and Phil Lesh were given the key to new York for there contributions to rock and roll. So to say he is most diverse and talented musician CURRENTLY making music.

    By Gary on Jan 19, 2011

  8. Get a clue about music because you must get your Opinion from what ever pop crap is in the radio, and maybe brush up on your kid rock history because “ice, ice, baby!” I was going to shows and having him toss tapes at us begging people to hear his crap…

    By Gary on Jan 19, 2011

  9. Oooohhhh I forgot to add if you have never heard of those bands or artists just wait I’m sure kid rock will be ripping them off someday soon

    By Gary on Jan 19, 2011

  10. Gary, I think it is a smart businessman and musician who will go to shows and hand out or “toss” tapes to people to get them to listen to him. He is putting his music out there and doing whatever to help himself. He is a VERY talented musician and has had success in every genre of music he has went into. If you dont like him dont fucking listen to him. Dont knock someone for chasing their dream and doing what they want with their life. He is actually asked by alot of great musicians to work with them to help them get more successs just by having his name attached to the song or album. He does so much for charity and for the Troops. So he is a very charitable and giving person. So dont be such a “hater” and keep Kid Rockin in the “Born Free World”.

    By Shane on Jan 23, 2011

  11. It was the ” Kid Rock is about the most diverse and talented musician CURRENTLY making music.” that got me for the most part I just try to ignore the fact he is even around. Doing something for charity or going to play for the troops should be out of the kindness of your heart not to use it to your advantage as much as you can or for looking for a that a boy every chance you get. I just don’t like him as a person or as any kind of musician

    By Gary on Jan 28, 2011

  12. Gary, I’m glad you know Kid Rock so well. I just saw him in concert last night and it was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever gone to. He is so musically talented. He plays most instruments and sings as well live as in the studio. Before you start judging people based on their image, you might want to do a little bit of homework. He is not trailer trash, as a matter of fact he came from a prominent family. He is also a single dad and has been for many years and in my book that says he is one hellava Man. Oh yea, never heard of any of those guys you mentioned so do I sense a little bit of jealousy, hmmm..

    By Tammy on Jan 30, 2011

  13. just seen kid rock in texas,man he puts on a great show!he is wonderful!!!!!!!

    By lori on Feb 7, 2011

  14. im from michigan n live in texas,makes me proud of where im from!!!!!go kid rock

    By lori on Feb 7, 2011

  15. Gary is an idiot and obviously spends waaaayyy too much time home alone….and probably for good reason….as a multi instrument musician, Kid Rock is diverse, talented and could’ve quit 100 times over before he ever made it…to that, I applaud him…I need no more than Gary comparing him to Vanilla Ice, to ignore and stamp moron on his forehead!!

    By captchuck on Feb 16, 2011

  16. Wow can’t believe I am leaving a comment on this … I Love Kid Rock & the TBT band & I feel that Bobbys song “Born Free” is inspiring 2 many. It’s a very positive & uplifting song. This guy Gary is entitle to his opinion but never learned as a child that if u DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON’T SAY IT AT ALL! I LOVED all the other positive comments re: Kid Rock. Especially the one written on his 40th bday. Rock on fellow Kid Rockers!

    By Cynthia Marie on Feb 26, 2011

  17. Just saw Kid Rock Friday night in Jackson, MS and it was the most fantastic concert I have ever been to. Keep in mind, I saw Elvis in concert so I have been to a few!

    By Carol on Mar 15, 2011

  18. How lame is it that someone would be so out of touch with pop culture and with true rock n roll that they would compare Kid Rock to Vanilla Ice. I always think it’s so funny when people sit on their pretentious high horses and criticize the rest of the world is having drinks, getting high, getting laid & having a good time. Lighten up Francis!

    By D on Mar 17, 2011

  19. I live in the detroit area and i will tell ya what kid rock is fantastic in concert and he alway keeps is ticket prices low, and to all u haters why r u here??? Quit hatin, all his music is from the heart, just take the time to lisen to it. he isnt perfect and sings it to the world, He is real and if u cant handle it..Step off and go back to what ever bull crap u listen too that isnt real.. so to all u fake straight sinners F-OFF… Keep on Kid Rockin In The FREE WORLD… FOREVER.

    By tina on Mar 20, 2011

  20. I love kid rock only after seeing him. I saw what pam and cheryl saw in him.. He does alot for people in need. He shows that he does care. I wish there would b more mf like him. Cant wait to see u. Luv luv luv

    By Mary jo caffey on May 20, 2011

  21. I am the bullgod

    By Anonymous on Jun 16, 2011

  22. Gary is a complete moron. Does not follow nor knows much about real music. I wonder what crap he listens too?

    By Brian on Jul 6, 2011

  23. I have more people tell me that Kid Rock put on a show and that I had to see him. Well I went to the show in omaha. Dude this guy is one of the best of all time. Loved his music loved his work on the drums – guitar – tables etc. talent like this only comes around in very few lifetimes. In the top three concerts all time.

    By Tito on Jul 22, 2011

  24. Everyone has right to an opinion Gary…even if you are wrong ;-) Kid Rock is a great artist and song writer. If you don’t like him, keep on bringing it because it really has no negative impact on his career. I am sure he would laugh as he is making millions upon millions at your baseless comments.

    By Aimee B. on Sep 9, 2011

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