Florida To Fire Offensive Coordinator Steve Addazio?

November 15, 2010 – 1:14 am by Ryan Phillips

What a difference a few months makes. Just this summer it looked as if Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio was positioned to become Urban Meyer’s successor when the coach decided to hang up his whistle. Now, Addazio may find himself without a job by season’s end.

The Gators turned in another atrocious offensive performance Saturday night in their 36-14 loss to South Carolina. Seven of those points came when Andre Debose took the opening kickoff back for a 99-yard touchdown. So Florida only put up seven points at home against an average Gamecocks team. That’s just embarrassing.

The Gators managed just 226 total yards. The three-headed quarterback monster Addazio has created (John Brantley, Jordan Reed and Trey Burton) finished the game 20-for-39 for 191 yards, one touchdown and one interception. That’s an average of just 4.9 yards per attempt.

The Gators’ ground game that is supposed to be the staple of Meyer’s offense, looked even worse. Florida finished the night with just 35 yards on the ground on 20 attempts. That’s an average of 1.8 yards per rush.

Addazio’s offense was also just 2-of-14 on third down conversions and 2-of-5 on fourth down. The Gators also logged just 19:14 in time of possession, while South Carolina racked up 40:46.

There isn’t a single place you can go on the stat sheet and find a positive for Florida’s offense.

Though Meyer has been lauded as a genius who had seemed reload the Gators every year, he now looks lost. His golden-boy quarterback, Tim Tebow is gone, as are top assistants Dan Mullen and Charlie Strong. Both guys left for head coaching gigs, leaving Meyer to replace them. Obviously the results speak for themselves.

Anyone else think St. Urban saw this coming last year and that’s why he wanted to take a year off?

At any rate, the buzzards are circling over Addazio, as this is certainly as bad as any of Meyer’s teams have looked. He could be the next assistant on his way out of Gainesville, he just won’t be leaving for a head coaching gig.

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  1. 21 Responses to “Florida To Fire Offensive Coordinator Steve Addazio?”

  2. Without a doubt, the worst offensive performance ever witnessed since the days of Bob Woodruff(1950-59) when defense was FIRST. I’m surprised that Meyer has not taken the OC over himself or at least get more involved in play-calling.

    By robert on Nov 15, 2010

  3. I agree, I’ve been a Gator fan for over 37 years and attended UF back in the early 80’s and this is by far the worst offensive performance I’ve seen,and really for no other reason than I believe very poor game planning and horriable play calling,and for the first time ever, in all the games I’ve been to We left the stadium just after the 4th quarter started. This was a TOTAL embarassment!!! Hey Urban, you need to find a REAL O/Cord.!!

    By dive-con lou on Nov 15, 2010

  4. I have been following the Gators for 30 yrs,That was the worst I have ever seen. Sit Brantley & start jordan reed at quaterback & Trey burton at halfback.for the rest of the year.Urbanstart calling plays & sit Addizio for the rest of the year,.then dump HIM————–

    By gerry p. on Nov 15, 2010

  5. Is Urban “Burned out”?

    By Jack on Nov 15, 2010

  6. Good to see the Steve Addazio I remembered at IU. I was starting to get worried.

    Also, Urban definitely reminds me now of the year that Coach K took a “leave of absence,” aka the one year Duke sucked.

    By Hick Flick on Nov 15, 2010

  7. I can appreciate that Steve Addazio stepped in and managed the Florida football operations while Urban Meyer was on his sabbatical. I realize that Urban and Steve have a long friendship and have served on the same coaching staff for many years. As the Head Coach, you have to evaluate the team’s performance and the facts are that the Gators offensive performance since Steve Addazio was promoted to the Offensive Coordinator (OC) have been progressively worse each season. Steve Addazio is not the same caliber OC as Dan Mullen, this fact is plain and simple. The Florida offense has been predictable and inept all season. The only thing that kept the offense somewhat effective last season was that Tim Tebow was able to check out of plays to get the offense into plays that would work. Florida is not blessed with a quarterback of Tim Tebow’s caliber this season and the result is that the Florida Offense has looked pitiful all year. Urban need to make the tough call and replace Addazio as the O.C., maybe Addazio can stay on as the offensive line coach, but the O-line has looked bad all season as well. There are a lot of Alumni and Die-Hard Gator fans all across the country who are both disappointed and embarrassed by how Florida has played this year. They have not been competitive in the big games. They have no enthusiasm on the field. With the “cream of the crop” of the HS players that Florida has recruited the past few years, this season has been a major disappointment. Perhaps Urban Meyer should take over as the OC, he is supposed to be an expert on the spread offense. Something has to change in order for the “Mighty Gators” to be competitive in the SEC again. Look at the recent result at Dallas after they made a coaching change and brought a sense of player accountability to the team. Go Gators!!!!

    By Tom Camp on Nov 16, 2010

  8. Coaching the o-line and being o-coord is too much for just about any coach…certainly for Addazio…he is doing both very poorly to say the least. The o-line looks confused and uncertain…remember these are good players, veterans and some of the top at their positions coming out of HS….they did not suddenly become bad…is it the scheme they are expected to execute…either lack of one or too many…I don’t know? But the two big problems the Gators have are the O-line (which was supposed to be one of the best in college this year) and the offense as a whole…I know the coach doesn’t play the game but he is supposed to “coach ’em up” as a former Gator coach likes to say. Just goes to show how great Timmy T really was to make it all work like he did! It seems to me that the “elephant in the room” that Meyer does not want to talk about unfortunately is named Addazio….

    By rocko on Nov 16, 2010

  9. I have been a Gator fan for a long time, infact I am from Gainsville. Ever since the SEC championship game last year, these Gators have looked pathetic, they look absolutely scared of Alabama. The offensive line looks horrible, and they were suppose to be the strongest part of the team. I thought Brantly was going to be an adequate replacement for Tebow, but this has failed miserably. There is no running game unless we are playing some division 10 school, and the substitution and play selection just leaves too much to be desired. it starts with Urban Meyer, if your friend Addazio is not doing the job, then it is your job to find an immediate fix to that problem. If a player is not performing what would you do, right, you would pull him and replace him; then that is what should be done and should have been done. If not then perhaps coach Meyer should go on and take a leave of absence and allow someone that want to coach and win have the job. I am tired of being tired of watching Pop Warner Gators!

    By Boojoo911 on Nov 17, 2010

  10. If you looked at the body language of the two
    coaches, Steve looked ready for the game. Urban looked like he wished he was somewhere else. Now we know its not a heart problem, he needs to decide whether he really wants to be in football or not. Steve still relishes the game…Urban looks like he wishes he were somewhere else. His friend Addazio must be demoted or removed. I think we could have won the National Championship last year if someone else hadn’t been in charge. Anyway, Go Gators!
    And until they come back – Go Cocks!

    By Dan on Nov 17, 2010

  11. I am confused as to Myer’s comment that he intends to keep Addazio on next year. I don’t know if he fully understands that he is the head coach and making the tough decisions is one of the tasks a head coach has to do; regardless of whether the guy he needs to fire is a close friend or not. Job one is to put the best team on the field and provide the best coaches to guide them; not to establish relationships that might make it hard to get rid of a coach that is not making the grade.

    By DBJGATOR on Nov 17, 2010

  12. As a Florida Alum, I agree with Dan’s comments. Urban Meyer needs to be 100% committed to the Florida Football program, not just going through the motions. I would have expected Urban to implement a dramatic change in the Offensive Scheme in order to try and salvage the season after the miserable loss to MSU at home. The offensive game plans and the offense in general have looked and played terrible all season. Brian Kelly was available and would have accepted the Head Coaching position at Florida in a heartbeat, had it be offered, after Urban tendered his resignation. Urban needs to have a serious soul-searching session and see if his heart is really in it or not. It’s not fair to the players, fans and alumni to field a non-competitive team on Saturdays. The “Swamp” used to strike fear in the hearts of the opposing teams when they came here to play, not sure if the fear factor is still there anymore given the dispassionate way the Gator football team has played this year. Go Gators!!!!

    By Tom Camp on Nov 17, 2010

  13. The team appears to be poorly coached, lacking talent, or both.
    I lost respect for Meyer when he quit and then came back. Is he committed? What really happened? The team is awful and will remain so until the coaches commit. It all starts with the head manager and filters down.

    By bob johnson on Nov 17, 2010

  14. Perhaps Addazzio could be payed to leave like Jeff Bowden was at Florida State, before he drags our program down in the same manner.

    By Rayman on Nov 17, 2010

  15. I’ve said it near the beginning of the year, Can Addazzio+bench Brantley = Gators win. I can’t believe that Urban has been going with both of these guys almost exclusively. John cannot run the team; can’t RUN for that matter, and the erratic play calling of Addazzio is very questionable. I’m a Gator Alum and grad, and am embarrassed at our team this year. We have too much talent to be wasted on a guy that seems scared to run the team on the field and a play caller who really has no concept on how to oversee the offense.

    By Robert on Nov 18, 2010

  16. fire addazio…please!!!!!!

    By Anonymous on Nov 18, 2010

  17. South Carolina is not an average team this year. They have had some losses. Three losses to be exact. The loss to Auburn was due to a poor 4th quarter, the loss to Kentucky was due to a poor 2nd half, and the loss to Arkansas, well that was a bad loss. In spite of that, Marcus Lattimore, Alshon Jeffrey and (sometimes) Steve Garcia, make for an above average offense. The defensive line is far from average. The secondary is below average, but as a team, South Carolina has shown that are better than average. As for Addazzio, he is in a bad place at a bad time and more than likely will suffer from fact that Florida is not accustomed to losing as the South Carolina faithful have been for years.

    By John C on Nov 18, 2010


    By UNKNOW on Nov 18, 2010

  19. John C.,
    OK, having a bad fourth quarter or a bad second half means you had a bad game. The game is four quarters long.

    South Carolina has some nice players (Jeffrey, Lattimore) but they’re nothing but an average team. Because they’re in the SEC (a very weak SEC this year mind you) they have been touted as a good team all year. Well, good teams don’t lose to Kentucky in football.

    By Phillips on Nov 18, 2010

  20. I bleed Blue & Orange !I am a Grad from the Late 70’s ! We never had the fire the intensity this season that we are known for this Season.The Teams attitude changed last year in Atlanta for the Championship game.
    We have the Talent to beat everyone ! Tebo was
    the Glue a Leader this Year no one person has
    managed to lead & that includes the Coaching Staff. When Coach was here he was known as the Fox in the Hen House he could find a way to win
    the Game & with lesser Talent. I still Love to see him Through the Hat ! Steve Cared hated to
    loose But Had a Game Plan. It’s Back to Basics
    and Please Take Charge of The Boys the need to be Men by now Fight as a TEAM Together.

    By David F on Nov 20, 2010

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