We’re Shocked There Might Be Shady Recruiting Going On

November 4, 2010 – 9:01 pm by McD

I don’t want to blow your mind or anything, but there may have been some shadiness surrounding Cameron Newton’s recruitment last year. I know, it’s okay, you can sit down.

It’s got to be a shock for everyone that people might be cheating in the SEC, or that sketchy recruiting hangers-on like Kenny Rogers (not the Gambler or the pitcher, by the way. I know. I was disappointed too.) and the “services” they provide for recruits. What the hell kind of company “connects recruits and colleges” anyway? Pretty sure most high end programs are pretty good at sniffing out talent. Especially talent that already was at Florida.

And by the way, $200,000? Or $180,000 to go to Mississippi State? There is absolutely no way anyone is paying a recruit that kind of money to play college football. In other agent cases, the amounts have been small, not the NFL rookie minimum. This Rogers guy sounds a hell of a lot like an extortionist and the exact kind of scumbag that hangs around high school kids, hoping he can make some money off their talent.

If these allegations are true, and that’s spurious at best right now, this is just another example of yet another broken part of college football. There’s already collusion and snobbery with the BCS that’s keeping us from having a playoff. And the recruiting process in both major sports is totally polluted with “agents” and other randoms trying to make a buck.

It’s basically impossible for big time recruits to look at schools without all types of creepers showing up with their hand out. Will the NCAA do anything to stop it? Dunno. But how likely does a playoff look to you?

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