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October 2, 2010 – 6:00 am by McD

Read my week five picks here.

Record after week 4: 48-13 (29-30-2 ATS)

8:20 am ET – Ryder Cup til football at noon. Nice little Saturday.

8:28 am ET – Jeff Overton is on fire at the moment. Must be because he stole LL Cool J’s hat from the “I Need Love” video.

8:36 am ET – I don’t know what I like more about this video: Eddie George picking IU over Michigan 50-48 or Charissa Thompson’s reaction to his pick.

10:22 am ET – Been reading this for the last twenty minutes while watching the U.S. be money at Celtic Manor all morning. I still have no idea who is going to win this thing, but I like this American team, whatever happens.

Oh, and P.S., Jeff Overton, unequivocally the hero of the day, is an Indiana University grad and still lives in Bloomington. Sign for later? I fucking hope so.

Scores and more snarky commentary after the jump. 12 pm ET

(2) Ohio State (4-0) at Illinois (2-1) (+17)

Pick: Ohio State

Final: OSU 24 Illinois 13

Well, I was half right. It definitely wasn’t interesting. It WAS close, however, much closer than it probably should have been. And no matter what Ohio State fan tells you, it wasn’t close because Terrelle Pryor got hurt. He wasn’t out of the game for nearly long enough.

What today’s game showed was a classic Jim Tressel, over-conservative gameplan onĀ  the road. It happens almost without fail when OSU goes on the road in conference. No matter what players he’s got or what his advantages might be, he always calls a super-safe, defensive game in which his team wins but couldn’t blow out a Pop Warner team.

Probably should have thought of that when I was making my picks.

Record: 49-13 (29-31-2 ATS)

Kentucky (3-1) at Mississippi (2-2) (-3)

Pick: Mississippi

Final: Ole Miss 42 Kentucky 35

Kentucky errors and Ole Miss mediocrity were enough to make this the most boring shootout of the weekend.

Record: 50-13 (30-31-2 ATS)

2:30 pm ET

Navy (2-1) at Air Force (3-1) (-10)

Pick: Navy

Final: Air Force 14 Navy 6

The big loser from this game were Air Force’s uniforms. Yikes.

Record: 50-14 (31-31-2 ATS)

3:30 pm ET

(19) Michigan (4-0) at Indiana (3-0) (+10)

Pick: Indiana

Final: Michigan 42 Indiana 35

All kinds of offensive records were set by pretty much everyone involved. It was a truly entertaining game from all standpoints, and I’m especially proud of the exceptional home crowd in Bloomington. They were awesome, even if their boys’ defense was anything but.

To be fair to Indiana, it’s not like they’re the only team Denard Robinson made look stupid, but wow was that lackluster. Every flaw of theirs was ruthlessly exploited and it was just sad.

There are a lot of positive aspects of this loss for Indiana, but I just can’t see past the only one that matters. Oh sure, we can compete with the biggies now, except that we looked flawed and bad doing it. The offense is world class, but where is the defense? Remember, this is a whole program, not a minor league squad that only has to develop a certain kind of player.

I want Indiana to win this game. I want to be truly legitimate and good, not just a sideshow. This was a step in the right direction, but definitely not the step I wanted to take.

Record: 50-15 (32-31-2 ATS)

Tennessee (2-2) at (12) Louisiana State (4-0) (-16.5)

Pick: LSU wins but doesn’t cover

Final: LSU 16 Tennessee 14

Holy shit does this LSU team suck. Holy. Shit.

Jordan Jefferson looks done as the starter, but it’s not like Jarrett Lee is any good either. The hell were they thinking making Russell Shepard a receiver?

Record: 51-15 (33-31-2 ATS)

Virginia Tech (2-2) at (23) North Carolina State (4-0) (+4)

Pick: NC State

Final: Va Tech 41 NC State 30

So Boise State won like 1000-0. The ranked team they beat to start off the season just beat another ranked team. And yet Boise State is down a spot in the polls because Oregon played close with Stanford?

America is the greatest country in the world, but when it comes to actually going for fair competition, we’re full of shit.

Record: 51-16 (33-32-2 ATS)

(11) Wisconsin (4-0) at (24) Michigan State (4-0) (+2)

Pick: Wisconsin

Final: MSU 34 Wisconsin 24

Nice win for the Dantonio-less Spartans. Maybe I should keep talking shit about them. I think their fans might force me to.

Record: 51-17 (33-33-2 ATS)

(21) Texas (3-1) at (8) Oklahoma (4-0) (-3.5)

Pick: Oklahoma

Final: OU 28 Texas 20

Worse Texas team in Mack Brown’s tenure? Worst Texas team in Mack Brown’s tenure.

Record: 52-17 (34-33-2 ATS)

6:30 pm ET

Arizona State (2-2) at Oregon State (1-2) (-3.5)

Pick: Oregon State wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Oregon State 31 ASU 28

If this had come down to a field goal to win a tied game, OSU loses nine times out of ten. But because they were up most of the way, it was just another Mike Riley nailbiter.

Record: 53-17 (35-33-2 ATS)

7 pm ET

Georgia (1-3) at Colorado (2-1) (+4.5)

Pick: Georgia

Final: CU 29 Georgia 27

It’s almost universal that people think Georgia is better than their record and Mark Richt is going to keep his job pretty much no matter what. That sort of makes sense because Richt has a huge buyout and UGA isn’t going to find some sucker who wants to have to recruit against the likes of Florida, Alabama, LSU and Georgia Tech. That’s just a shitty situation to be in.

I guess this is just how it goes for Georgia this year. They’re definitely transitioning, and another year with the new coordinators and for Aaron Gray does make sense. I just never thought they’d be this bad. They really, really suck. Probably still better than LSU though.

Record: 53-18 (35-34-2 ATS)

8 pm ET

Washington (1-2) at (18) Southern California (4-0) (-10)

Pick: USC

Final: Washington 32 USC 31

So does Steve Sarkisian own USC? I think he does.

Highlight of the weekend: watching Phillips watch the results of this game on his Blackberry while in a bar. It wasn’t the devastation, it was the resignation that made it kinda sad, actually. USC has fallen very, very far from the real shock that was the UW loss last year.

Record: 53-19 (35-35-2 ATS)

Notre Dame (1-3) at Boston College (2-1) (+2.5)

Pick: Notre Dame

Final: Notre Dame 31 BC 13

That’s better, isn’t it, Irish fans? A solid road win? Come on, you know you like it.

Record: 54-19 (36-35-2 ATS)

(7) Florida (4-0) at (1) Alabama (4-0) (-7.5)

Pick: Alabama

Final: Alabama 31 Florida 6

Nothing to say here. Florida is transitioning, and Alabama is loaded as hell. Greg McElroy, Ken Dorsey. Ken Dorsey, Greg McElroy.

Record: 55-19 (37-35-2 ATS)

(9) Stanford (4-0) at (4) Oregon (4-0) (-7)

Pick: Stanford

Final: Oregon 52 Stanford 31

If this keeps up, we’re going to have to ask if Oregon has the best offense in history.

Record: 55-20 (37-36-2 ATS)

8:05 pm ET

(22) Pennsylvania State (3-1) at (17) Iowa (3-1) (-7)

Pick: Iowa

Final: Iowa 24 Penn State 3

I don’t know exactly what happened, but this was fairly predictable.

Record after week five: 56-20 (38-36-2 ATS)

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  2. Aside from the lackluster LOLZ HERE IS NUTHER FUMBLES!!! second quarter, yes, yes, that was a good feeling.

    I think Richt’s biggest problem is having to redesign his offense without AJ Green(e) in it. That was a pretty big blow right before the season started.

    UNC…where it’s not enough to ruin your own program, but you have to take everyone else down with you!

    By MJenks on Oct 4, 2010

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