Can Mike Singletary Save His Job?

October 14, 2010 – 1:14 pm by Ryan Phillips

San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary has had a rough few weeks. His team has started 0-5 after virtually everyone predicted them to win the NFC West when the season began. The 49ers were thought to be poised for a breakthrough season and everyone was crediting Singletary with his work by the bay.

Well now people are wondering if Big Mike will even be able to hang on to his job.

Yahoo!’s Jason Cole is reporting that a source told him that Singletary would have to do “extraordinary things” over the final 11 games to keep his job.

Even if the 49ers do win the NFC West (as Jed York predicted) – and frankly, the possibility exists that they could be below .500 and win it – that won’t guarantee that Singletary returns.

With a horrible offense and a defense that isn’t good enough to carry the team, the 49ers have taken several steps backward this season.

Quarterback Alex Smith is obviously playing for his job, so it’s sort of interesting that he and Singletary’s fates are tied together. If the 49ers somehow turn things around and look like a completely different team over the final 11 weeks of the season, maybe, just maybe both guys stick around. If not, Singletary should probably work on polishing his resume and start looking for a defensive coordinator job somewhere. As for Smith, he should probably start looking to the CFL.

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  1. 22 Responses to “Can Mike Singletary Save His Job?”

  2. Coach Singletary do you not realize that getting rid of Alex Smith as your starting QB could save your job. Give one of the sideline guys a shot or call Duante Culpepper I’m sure he would love to be back in the NFL. He has a few good years left in him.If not shop around the league

    By Garland Nelson on Oct 16, 2010

  3. Alex Smith should have been gone a year ago he doesnt have the balls to QB an nfl team he needs to go to Europe and play for a few years or be a bag boy at a grocery store like Kurt Warner, till he gets hungry enough to win agame. He is soft soft soft.

    By Floody on Oct 16, 2010

  4. The question is not if Singletary is let go. Singletary will be let go. The fans are demanding it, and the York’s need fans to buy the PSLs for the new stadium. The fans don’t care for Singletary and have made that known. The York’s will give in to the fans.

    The real question is WHO WILL FIRE SINGLETARY. Last sunday, the fans chanted two things: “We want Carr (backup qb)” AND “We want Eddie” as the prior owner. The fans are unhappy with Jed. That was made worse when Jed, basically, washed his hands over the current state of the niners by giving lip service to Singletary, whom he knows is not going to be here next season.

    The other minor issue is that the niners have no current GM. Look for a new GM to fire Singletary. Look for someone other than Jed to put the GM in place.

    By Seattle49erfan on Oct 16, 2010

  5. the 49ers offense need to look for an other QB

    By javier martinez on Oct 17, 2010

  6. you just gave MIke the job 1/2 way through last year. He is taking on a young and up coming team and now your questioning his job. How quickly we forget the sacrifice this man has given to give us great football and the legend he has left behind for our kids kids to watch and learn from. You can’t put a playoff team together in a year when it’s been 10 years run incorrectly. The 49ers are playing good ball, they just need to stop losing the game for themselves. Give Mike your support to get a quicker turn around instead of destracting the team’s focus by talking about Mike getting fired. Whatever happen to supporting your team through thick and thin instead of pointing the finger of blame????

    By jimmy626 on Oct 18, 2010

  7. We need a new owner, Jet does not care about the team only money is important to him.
    Singletary need to have control of the team, and 2 more coaches. Mike must have control of the the defense and the protection pass, another coach the offence and special team and one more for the QB.
    The west offence is base on the QB and we don’t have a good QB.

    By Javier Maltese on Oct 19, 2010

  8. I just love the 49ers. I have been a fan for all of my life. I still have fond memories from the Montana/Young years. I don’t know why in the world they traded Garcia but I don’t the Smith is ready to carry the team to victory yet and I am not sure if he will ever be ready. We need someone who can play the whole game and get touchdowns without the Headcoach chewing his you know what on the sidelines. Either that maybe that should happen all game. Lol

    By Kat Meinz on Oct 19, 2010

  9. the 49ers owner needs to make changes to get the 49ers respect back where it belongs. Smith should be traded, Carr should take over and at the end of the season get a new quarter back that can take the team to the playoffs.

    By Ray Cuellar on Oct 19, 2010

  10. Looks like Bill Parsells is becoming available very soon.I say give him the option of full control and lets see where he can take this team.Whats there to lose. At least he doesnt just site on the sidelines and have his arms cross .And he does call out the offence of plays.Big Mike is a very good defence of linebacker coach but still to green to be given a head coaching job.If he was under someones wing I think he can still pave him a path for a head coaching job later but it shouldnt of happened now.>>OUT

    By JV Kid on Oct 20, 2010

  11. I would like to remind everyone that David Carr should not replace Alex Smith because he has had a lot of bad years (much worse than Alex). I do agree that they shouldn’t have given the job to Mike so Quickly. They couldn’t fished around (Mike Holmgren or Mike Shanhanan). The niners still have an opportunity to fix this. The main problem has been coaching and the second problem is the quarterback. Inconsistency has been an issue. Alex shows sparks of a good or possibly great but it’s the coaching to help on that. Joe Montana and Steve Young were not great on their own. They had a great supporting class and great coaching staff. If they can gel great coaches with these players they will be a great team.

    By Gabriel Mendez on Oct 24, 2010

  12. I must admit that at first I was a strong MS backer, but it has proven to be painfully obvious that he doesn’t have the necessary “X&O” knowledge to effectively make the necessary adjustments, especially at halftime, to keep the team competitive in game situations. Some of his “personnel” decisions have proven to be especially toxic. particularly that involving giving Alex Smith the ultimate security blanket by not having any other quarterback on the roster remotely equatable in talent: Goodbye Nate Davis, hello David Carr. And the ongoing litany of mistakes and penalties at crucial moments in the game indicate nothing more or less than poor coaching. We have talent on this team; maybe not as much as we were originally hyped tp believe, but certainly more than we are being shown on the field. I, for one, would like to see Jon Gruden take a stab at this team. A GM (or Bill Parcells) isn’t the answer. For the most part the recent drafting has been good (in part thanks to the Raiders). In summary, MS is toast at the end of the season, and so is Alex Smith. Enough already.

    By BomberBoy on Oct 24, 2010

  13. I for one am tired of week after weel losses, the quarterback sucks, Carr isn’t any better, they might as well try Davis out he looked better in the preseason than both of them, what is there to loose! Singletary I think is trying but I aggree he might or will be toast at the end of the season.

    By Mike on Oct 24, 2010

  14. relax and be patient we were doing fine today until smith took a hit. carr will step up and get us through. Singletary has brought a level of pride the niners havn’t seen in a long time and we need to support him through this rough patch

    By c power on Oct 24, 2010

  15. The problem is that everyone involved HAS been relaxed and patient. In case it has escaped anyone’s attention, we are currently mired at 1-6 (with no REALISTIC prospects of improving on that record, in spite of our coach’s ongoing rosy projections) and continue to find new and creative ways to blow winnable games. Just what is left to “support”?

    By BomberBoy on Oct 24, 2010

  16. Singletary is such a great coach the 49ers don’t even need to win or play the regular season. They will just simply will themselves into the playoffs and the SuperBowl. No worries at all. I’m ashamed to be a 49er fan. I apologize to the ghost of Bill Walsh. RIP 49ers.

    By SS on Oct 25, 2010

  17. please let do something different we are 1-6
    lets have some fun and get away from the every day standard plays
    we must have other plays we can use in the book
    we really have to do somethng different on the field, i really believe that comes from up stairs

    By JOHN on Oct 25, 2010

  18. Mike Singletary is a proven winner who sets extraordinary standards of excellence for both the team and himself. He will find a way to put a successful team on the field if given the time to do it. Those who choose to stand behind him during these tough times will be very glad they did.

    By Mike Azar on Oct 26, 2010

  19. Mike Singletary is a proven winner who sets extraordinary standards of excellence for both the team and himself. He will find a way to put a successful team on the field if given the time to do it. Those who choose to stand behind him during these tough times will be very glad they did.

    By Mike Azar on Oct 26, 2010

  20. Hay we need a plan B…
    Here it is.
    Evaluate who we got now ,dont worry bout wins & losses, get better draft picks for next year & field a better team in 2011.
    Give MS 1 more yr to sort it out.
    Its worth a shot

    By FROGMAN on Oct 26, 2010

  21. FROGMAN–1 more year to sort it out? Are you joking? This year we were picked by EVERYONE to win the division, and look where we are. What is another year of this (lack of) coaching going to do for us, push us into arena football? And things are only going to get worse, now that our thoroughly sheltered (by directive of MS) quarterback Alex Smith is on the shelf indefinitely. Now our fate is in the hands of an even bigger #1 draft choice bust in David Carr. Or do we resort to the Heisman Trophy bust from the Buckeyes? Heaven forbid that MS would admit to making a mistake in judgement in waiving Nate Davis, who displayed more raw physical talent than any QB on the roster (obviously too much pressure for Alex to handle). I’m amazed some other quarterback-starved team, such as the Raiders, hasn’t snapped him up before now. Then again, give it time. If we keep losing, and IF the Stanford Harbaugh becomes our next coach, then MAYBE we’ll have a shot at QB Andrew Luck. However, that’s too logical. I’m sure there will be a 49er “twist” to it, no matter how high we draft. After all, don’t you enjoy watching our LAST “quarterback of the future” play (aka Aaron Rodgers, who went 25th in the 1st round to Green Bay in the same draft as Alex Smith, after our brain trust was advised by Bill Walsh to TRADE DOWN and draft him instead of Alex Smith)? Gotta love it.

    By BomberBoy on Oct 26, 2010

  22. Question: When will the Niners start playing together?

    MS: I don’t know. I’ll have to look at the film.

    Question: Do you really think, given the sub- par play of the offensive line and quarterback and Q4 defense that this team has a chance to get to the playoffs?

    MS: We just have to regroup.

    Question: What are your plans for quarterback this Sunday in London?

    MS: I haven’t thought about it.

    Question: If you don’t win in London, will you consider admitting the season is basically a bust and the team would be better served by starting players with a view of 2011?

    MS: I’ll have to look at the film.

    Question: What do you actually do when the film is running?

    MS: I don’t know. We just have to regroup. If we lose, we’ll have to set our eyes on getting the first pick in the 2011 draft. That is, if we can regroup.

    Question: Do you know your team record is the second worst in the NFL?

    MS: I don’t look at records. Our job is to get to the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.

    By Ron on Oct 26, 2010

  23. Hey, so maybe Troy Smith isn’t such a failure after all. Actually a different version of Nate Davis; certainly more encouraging than either “Panic Mode” Alex Smith or “Nothing Left In The Tank” David Carr. Now the big question: Does MS hand the ball back to Alex Smith after the bye week when he has “recovered”, so we can experience more of his dazzling consistency? Stay tuned.

    By BomberBoy on Nov 1, 2010

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