Alex Smith Or David Carr For The San Francisco 49ers?

October 13, 2010 – 12:58 pm by Ryan Phillips

The San Francisco 49ers are currently 0-5 and have looked horrible compiling that record. But, as president and owner Jed York told us the other day, the 49ers are going to win the NFC West. Since York said it, it must be true. So who will be leading the Niners to NFC West-based glory?

Right now, it’s not even certain that head coach Mike Singletary will survive the season, and the team’s inept offense has already cost offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye his job. Luckily for the 49ers they’ve got a pair of former No. 1 overall picks to choose from at the quarterback position. What could go wrong?

Alex Smith is San Francisco’s starting quarterback right now, but reports say he’s “on a short leash.” How did that happen? I mean the former No. 1 pick in the 2005 NFL Draft has put up…um…numbers this season (sorry couldn’t think of an adjective to describe his stats). Smith has completed 118-of-190 passes (62.1 percent) for 1,229 yards, six touchdowns and nine interceptions. That puts him at a 71.6 quarterback rating. The funny part? That’s actually a full two point improvement over his career rating (69.6).

The only comparison I can make is that Alex Smith is like America’s economy, not as ridiculously horrible as it was, maybe even improving slightly, but unemployment is still at 10 percent.

Niners fans have been calling for Smith to sit in favor of the No. 1 pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, David Carr. The 31-year-old Carr is in his ninth year out of Fresno State and his career numbers look like this: 1,346-for-2,251 (59.8 percent), for 14,366 yards, 65 touchdowns, 70 interceptions and a 75.2 quarterback rating.

So, uh, yeah those are San Francisco’s choices. Or, they can tank the season and hope that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck comes out in the 2011 NFL Draft, so that they can add another No. 1 pick at quarterback.

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  1. 9 Responses to “Alex Smith Or David Carr For The San Francisco 49ers?”

  2. I think the sf49ers should give Nate Davis a chance, since he has more creativity than the other two. He can make things happen like farve and Montana.

    By chuck on Oct 14, 2010

  3. I like Nate Davis too, but he is too strong minded and wants to run the offense to win. Singletary doesn’t like strong minded leaders because he wants to be the leader on this team. Time to start looking for another coach and a new quarterback. I’m tired of watching Smith screw things up for this team week after week for too many years now! We even need a new running back these days. Gore is past his prime.
    Gotta love the drama though!! Go Niners!

    By Rockoh on Oct 14, 2010


    By JR on Oct 15, 2010

  5. alex smith has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we have a solid defense, and good offense we just need a better QB that is not affraid of making plays.

    By vincesane49 on Oct 15, 2010

  6. its not singletary, get smith off the field or put a firecracker up his butt

    By from Idaho on Oct 15, 2010

  7. i went to kezar stadium with my dad to watch the 49ers. we had season tickets to candlestick 4 a long time. been wth 9ers 4 ever. its time to get it together & start winning. mike & mike predicked 5-11. ok. lets go. u lost as many as u did, still hope & potential. defense kicks butt, get a qb that has confidense , not scared & can run

    By from idaho again on Oct 15, 2010

  8. I love Nate Davis, He have strong arm and smart pass, let him play ball, Why cut him??? Will You welcome Davis back….He is the niners future!!!Michael fit Nate Davis type.

    By larry chance on Oct 16, 2010

  9. keep singletary, dont let alex back on the field. n. davis. should have never let shaun hill go

    By keith on Oct 17, 2010

  10. You know what Favre makes happen? That’s right… interceptions and photos of his schlong!

    Look… Alex Smith is a smart, young QB. Here’s the problem with your offense and it doesn’t start with the QB.

    1. No offensive creativity. It is predictable.

    2. Where is the offensive line and the pass protection?! No matter who the QB is, they will be hurried!

    3. Nobody is holding on to the damn ball! Where are the fundamentals?!

    It’s easy… and popular… to blame the QB… but when you aren’t put in a position to succeed… it’s hard to do so!

    By Anthony on Oct 28, 2010

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