Your Week Two College Football Scores

September 11, 2010 – 9:00 am by McD

Record: 7-4 (4-6-1 ATS)

Yahoo! league record: 7-9

Read my week two picks here.

South Dakota 41 Minnesota 38 – In the words of Nelson Muntz, Esq., HA-HA. I don’t care if it makes the Big Ten look bad. This is hilarious. Everyone should lose but Indiana. Oh, and world, Dante Warren. Dante Warren, meet world.

James Madison 21 Virginia Tech 16 – Only saw the end of this one on ESPN News, but this has to be the most classic of hangover losses. Tech lost a tough one to Boise last week and couldn’t find their fastball against a I-AA opponent that was barely over .500 last year. This might be all my fault for picking them to have a fantastic season.

Noon ET

(15) Georgia Tech (1-0) at Kansas (0-1) (+14)

Pick: Georgia Tech

Final: Kansas 28 Georgia Tech 25

You watch a couple of episodes of Community, stop paying attention, and this is what you get. Freaking Georgia Tech. Can’t even go on the road against a horrible team like Kansas and win even a close game. Ridiculous.

Record: 7-5 (4-7-1 ATS)

(22) Georgia (1-0) at (24) South Carolina (1-0) (-3)

Pick: South Carolina

Final: South Carolina 17 Georgia 6

Holy shit is Georgia bad. A completely pathetic road effort. Gave up almost 200 yards rushing to some one I’m pretty sure Steve Spurrier has never heard of. Hey Bulldog fan, maybe it wasn’t the defensive coordinator that made your defense suck. MAYBE IT WAS THE F-CKING PLAYERS.

I actually went the other way in my Yahoo! picks because I had no idea how this was going to go. MAN does Richt need a different job. Good coach. Just been in Athens way, way too long.

Record: 8-5 (5-7-1 ATS)

12:21 pm ET

South Florida (1-0) at (8) Florida (1-0) (-16)

Pick: Florida wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Florida 38 USF 14

Looks like Florida kind of got it together. We cant’ pretend they didn’t look like crap in the first half, only tying it at seven with an interception and short field. But in the second half, they turned the corner. Either Demps or Rainey (really, they’re the same guy) had a ton of yards, and they ran away from USF who, by the way, isn’t great. Skip Holtz has some work to do there.

Record: 9-5 (5-8-1 ATS)

3:30 pm ET

Michigan (1-0) at Notre Dame (1-0) (-3.5)

Pick: Michigan

Final: Michigan 28 Notre Dame 24

That rumble you hear is the engine for the Denard Robinson for Heisman bandwagon starting up. Just like the defenses at Georgia, USC, and Florida State, Notre Dame’s D is proving that a team can switch coordinators all they want, but if they return the same players who sucked the year before, the defense won’t suddenly be good.

Not that Notre Dame is alone in not being able to stop Denard Robinson. I have a feeling there’s going to be a long list of teams that were torched by him before he’s done.

I love it when Notre Dame gets a little hope. You can feel it during their games, like the 97-yard touchdown that gave them the late lead Saturday. The crowd blew up, the team was fired up, and then it was all taken away in a five-minute drive that was both clutch and inevitable in its ending. There should be a way to bottle and sell Irish fans’ feelings the last five minutes of the game. It was wonderful.

Record: 10-5 (6-8-1 ATS)

(17) Florida State (1-0) at (10) Oklahoma (1-0) (-7)

Pick: Oklahoma

Final: Oklahoma 47 FSU 17

It occurs to me that Oklahoma probably had a slight advantage since Bob Stoops knows everything that Mark Stoops, FSU’s defensive coordinator, does. Bob had to know what schemes were coming and what the Seminoles were going to try to do.

The real advantage for OU was the players on the FSU defense. That was a terrible unit last year, and they definitely showed their ass again in Norman.

Florida State fan had to be thinking that they could have kept Bobby Bowden if they wanted to travel to Oklahoma and lose by 30 points. Why the coaching change if the problems on the field are exactly the same as they always are? Don’t think they’re giving up on the new regime yet, but losses like this make for short tenures.

Record: 11-5 (7-8-1 ATS)

Iowa State (1-0) at (9) Iowa (1-0) (-13.5)

Pick: Iowa wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Iowa 35 Iowa State 7

Er, like I said, Iowa destroys the Cyclones and covers easily. My dad had to enjoy that one.

Record: 12-5 (7-9-1 ATS)

Colorado (1-0) at California (1-0) (-10)

Pick: Cal

Final: Cal 52 Colorado 7

Dan Hawkins is so fucking fired before Colorado comes to the Pac-10. There’s no way they’re making that transition with him at the helm.

Record: 13-5 (8-9-1 ATS)

3:40 pm ET

(12) The U (1-0) at (2) Ohio State (1-0) (-8.5)

Pick: Ohio State wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Ohio State 36 The U 24

That pregame piece comparing Jacory Harris and Terrelle Pryor turned out to be more ironic than anything. Harris should have said, “Well, Terrelle is bigger, faster, and stronger than me, but damn it, I have much better facial hair” because four interceptions later, Miami got their asses kicked in Columbus. Or what amounts to an ass-kicking from Ohio State, a team that seems incapable of blowing anyone out.

Pryor was great on the ground and had his day made easier with all the Miami turnovers. But lost in the game was his horrible passing day. Completing 44 percent of his passes will work when the other team is melting down, but not against, you know, good teams.

He went to OSU because he thought, of all his potential suitors, Ohio State had the best chance of making him a pro-style passer. Only way anyone in a Pryor jersey is going to throw an NFL pass is if Warren Moon throws on a Pryor jersey and pulls an Edward James Olmos inĀ  Talent for the Game.

Record: 14-5 (8-10-1 ATS)

4 pm ET

Brigham Young (1-0) at Air Force (1-0) (-1)

Pick: BYU

Final: Air Force 35 BYU 14

Wow, BYU. That’s a brutal loss. The Mormons have to be happy that they don’t have to make road trips to Colorado Springs every fall if they don’t want to in the future. I’ve been to the academy, though. It’s kinda nice, actually. Colorado Springs is a nice town.

Record: 14-6 (8-11-1 ATS)

7 pm ET

(19) Louisiana State (1-0) at Vanderbilt (0-1) (+9.5)

Pick: LSU

Final: LSU 27 Vanderbilt 3

Is there really any reason for Russell Shepard to not be the quarterback anymore? Playing him like he’s Percy Harvin is ridiculous. I realize his passing skills probably aren’t what they should be, but LSU coaches have had over 18 months to get him right, but they’ve spent that time trying to fix Jordan Jefferson instead. Actually, that probably tells you all you need to know about LSU’s ability to develop a quarterback.

Jefferson is already dead and only he and the LSU staff don’t seem to know it. The funniest part, however, is going to be when LSU tries out Jarrett Lee, who was worse than Jefferson two years ago, as the starter. Sure seems like Dan Hawkins and Les Miles are going to be looking for work come January.

Record: 15-6 (9-11-1 ATS)

(18) Pennsylvania State (1-0) at (1) Alabama (1-0) (-12)

Pick: Alabama wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Alabama 24 Penn State 3

Rob Bolden isn’t the first or last quarterback to be overwhelmed by Nick Saban’s defense. Not really any shame in it, either. It’s what Saban does.

Penn State still seems like the team most likely to actually challenge Ohio State this year in the Big Ten. Iowa is a house of cards. Just look at the way they scored 35 points on Iowa State. Er, right.

Record: 16-6 (9-12-1 ATS)

(7) Oregon (1-0) at Tennessee (1-0) (+12)

Pick: Oregon

Final: Oregon 48 Tennessee 13

Nice win by the front-runners to win the Pac-10.

If I hadn’t seen the score, and you told me Oregon’s quarterback threw 32 times at Tennessee, I would have assumed it was a close game. Instead, the Vols, who’re used to losing like this at this point, gave up once LaMichael James went yard, and that was it. Pretty pathetic home outing for them.

Oregon sure seems legit to me. The zone-read is essentially as unstoppable as the triple option when it’s run right. Especially when the players running it are fast as hell.

Record: 17-6 (10-12-1 ATS)

10:30 pm ET

(25) Stanford (1-0) at UC,LA (0-1) (+5)

Pick: UC,LA

Final: Stanford 35 UC,LA 0

I don’t want to be a dick, but switching to the pistol offense was a terrible idea from the very start. I realize Kevin Prince’s skill set sort of suits it and that he’s still a little hurt, but a switch to the same offense run by Indiana and Nevada? Not too bright. This is an offensive staff with Rick Neuheisel AND Norm Chow, but they’re running some sort of gimmick offense that doesn’t work.

All along, I thought UC,LA would end up firing Neuheisel because of cheating and improprieties off the field. I never thought it could potentially happen because the team would suck so badly on it.

I made this pick out of respect to Booter and a great deal of hubris. Don’t think it’s going to happen again this season.

Record: 17-7 (10-13-1 ATS)

Virginia (1-0) at (16) Southern California (1-0) (-19.5)

Pick: USC

Final: USC 17 Virginia 14

USC’s offense didn’t look great in this game, but some of that is due to Virginia’s defensive effort and the overall predictability of the Trojans’ scheme. They also committed a ton of penalties again, which seems to be one of the holdovers from the Pete Carroll Era.

But the thing that killed them, and nearly lost them the game is that their defense can’t tackle worth a shit. What few big gains Virginia had were created because of attempts to arm and shoulder tackle Virginia ballcarriers. USC’s fundamentals were essentially missing, though they were saved because Virginia isn’t that good and because the Trojans’ D is still pretty athletic even without good tackling.

Overall, it’s probably better to win like this than to have a blowout. If USC had covered the spread and scored 40-plus points, everyone could just say that they haven’t really missed a beat despite all the controversy and coaching changes. Now, this game can serve as a reality check for the team so that there isn’t any let up. They have a long way to go on both sides of the ball if they’re going to be any good this year. If they embrace the process, they’re going to be very successful.

Record: 18-7 (10-14-1 ATS)

Colorado State (0-1) at Nevada (1-0) (-23.5)

Pick: Nevada wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Nevada 51 CSU 6

I realize it’s only Colorado State, but if Denard Robinson is going to get Heisman hype, then Colin Kaepernick should get some too for putting up the same or better numbers from the same position. And really, is Notre Dame’s defense that much better than Colorado State’s? More talented, yes, but on the field, they don’t play much better.

The good news is Nevada plays Cal and BYU in the next two weeks, so hopefully Kaepernick doesn’t suck on television.

Record after week 2: 19-7 (10-15-1 ATS)

Week Two Picks

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Week One Picks

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  2. 5 minutes–3 sir–3 minutes…

    It would help if we had quarterbacks who didn’t throw to the kid in the third row of the stands at the end of the half/game, too.

    By MJenks on Sep 13, 2010

  3. Oh, and it would help if we had quarterbacks who didn’t need to “see” in order to throw the ball. Rub some dirt in it and get back out there, Polyphemus!

    By MJenks on Sep 13, 2010

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