Vincent Jackson’s Agent Doesn’t Understand Talking Trash

September 23, 2010 – 7:27 pm by McD

Trade talks between the San Diego Chargers and whoever-the-hell broke down, and the holdout wide receiver was never traded to whoever-the-hell. Looks like he’s going to be sitting out the whole season since he’s sure as hell not coming back to the Chargers.

In fact, Jackson’s agent is so sure that his client isn’t ever going to be a Charger again (despite the fact that the Chargers could franchise him next year or that this year won’t count towards his years of service and he’ll be a restricted free agent again) that he’s talking shit about Chargers’ GM A.J. Smith. And I quote: “Archie Manning had it right. They call (A.J. Smith) ‘The Lord of No Rings’ for a reason.”

Oooh snap!

Except that it’s his client who’s playing for Smith’s team that is lacking in the rings department. Jackson was on the field for the Chargers’ latest playoff disgrace against the Jets in January. Had decent numbers too. He was also present for every other playoff run for the last few years.

So let’s get this straight: Jackson’s agents convinced their client to buck the system and not sign his $3.2 million tender offer as a restricted free agent, decided to pay him in the mean time because they were so confident the Chargers would cave, backed him into a position in which he has to sit out one or maybe even two seasons, failed to reach a deal AGAIN, and then made fun of the team his client played for his whole career by saying they never win anything.

Does that count as negligence? Can Jackson get a do-over with the Chargers? Because he’s totally f_cked his life up with this.

A.J. Smith was already a guy who was much too hot-tempered for the current negotiating process. He takes things much too personally and is way too sensitive for a guy who has to deal with agents all day long.

I’m sure his agents thought the Chargers needed Jackson way more than he needed them, but how could they underestimate Smith this badly? There’s no way they thought Smith would cave and not cut Jackson’s tender offer after the deadline, right? Or that he’d just give in and trade Jackson because a second-rounder and fifth-rounder from Minnesota is better than the third-rounder that the teams gets if Jackson leaves as a free agent? They knew exactly who they were dealing with.

I bet Jackson is looking to get his money back tonight. From his agent AND the Chargers.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Vincent Jackson’s Agent Doesn’t Understand Talking Trash”

  2. First, there is no way the years of service for free agency are not shortened in the new deal.
    Second, AJ as usual let his ego cost the team. All SD will get for Jackson is a third round compensatory pick. If the sorces are right he turned down a second round pick plus another later round pick.
    Result, SD looses as does Jackson and AJ still thinks he wins.
    AJ has done a great job of putting talent together but his out of control ego has cost the Chargers coaches, players and more.

    By James Dudley on Sep 24, 2010

  3. That’s So COOL…who knew ?

    By master on Sep 24, 2010

  4. Jackson and his agent are now posion to the team, get rid of him!

    By John on Sep 27, 2010

  5. 450+ passing yards out of Rivers? I’d say they don’t “need” VJax either. AJ is out of his mind and out of control, but maybe they should take some of that money, fire ST Coach Steve Crosby, and get some people in place that can adequately cover a kick return…

    By Scott on Sep 27, 2010

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