So Long, Case Keenum

September 19, 2010 – 8:55 pm by McD

Houston Cougars’ stud quarterback Case Keenum is out for the season with a torn ACL. He injured his knee while trying to tackle a UC,LA defender after throwing an interception Saturday night. He also got a concussion doing the same thing last week. I’m thinking he should either stop trying to tackle people or maybe just stop throwing interceptions.

If this were one of several other Texas college football programs, we’d be asking how they’re going to re-load a la Oklahoma with Landry Jones and Texas with Garrett Gilbert.

Since this is Houston, not so much. They’re totally, utterly screwed without Keenum.

And since the football gods aren’t without a sense of humor, Houston lost its backup quarterback to a broken collarbone as well. They will start freshman Terrance Broadway the rest of the season.

So yeah, adios to Case Keenum’s Heisman campaign, Houston’s shot at going undefeated, any chance Houston had at making the BCS, and probably to Houston having any kind of significance in Conference USA too.

It’s difficult to say whether this screws up Keenum’s NFL chances next spring, but with the total Sam Bradford-style disaster this season has become, I’d say he’s not really thinking about that right now.

So yes, so long, Case Keenum. It’s down to TCU, Boise State, and maybe Fresno, Nevada, and Utah. College football is minus one non-AQ insurgency and one exciting football team tonight.

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  1. One Response to “So Long, Case Keenum”

  2. You know you are a real jerk, you have not right to talk about Case Keeenum like you did in this article. Houston will come back, they always do. We are proud down here in Texas, and I for one do not appreciated your lack of compassion for Case and our home team. Go pick on someone else.

    By merri schoppe on Sep 24, 2010

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