Nyjer Morgan Is That Guy

September 1, 2010 – 9:50 pm by McD

Would this were the WWE instead of Major League Baseball. At least then you know Washington Nationals’ outfielder/leadoff hitter/catcher assassin Nyjer Morgan would get what was coming to him, if only at the upcoming pay-per-view.

D.C. Sports Bog has a full list of Morgan’s interesting last couple of weeks, but, as discussed in the story, he took things to a whole other level Wednesday night.

The story starts in St. Louis when Morgan went WAY out of his way to run into Cards catcher Bryan Anderson. Manager Jim Riggleman called the move “unprofessional” and sat Morgan the next day, ostensibly because he didn’t want the two teams throwing at each other all day Sunday. Morgan wasn’t happy, naturally, and said he would “be as professional as [he] can be about the situation” and that “next time, [he’ll] slide.”

It’s interesting that he said that last part because he trucked Marlins catcher Brett Hayes Tuesday night, putting the catcher out for the season. While not completely dirty, there is plenty of video evidence suggesting he should have slid into home plate. He might even have been safe. Suddenly, this running into the catcher thing became a pattern, and the Marlins threw at him Wednesday night. Twice. The second time happened most likely because Morgan stole second and third base with the Marlins up big in the middle of the game. Baseball Tonight’s talking heads lambasted him for padding his stats and the cardinal sin of not playing the right way.

Morgan charged the mound after Chris Volstad threw behind him the second time and was subsequently ejected.

Knowing the little about baseball that I do, I think the Marlins dropped the ball. Morgan deserved a way worse beating than what he ended up getting after charging the mound.

But mainly, Jim Riggleman has to do something. Nyjer Morgan is an out-of-control player on a last-place team. He’s already hurt one catcher and started a brawl because of his bush-league antics. It’s no longer about baseball for him. Hell, he’s in the process of appealing a seven-game suspension because he chucked a ball into the stands and injured a fan. The guy’s out of control.

Ideally, this will turn into a Jose Mesa/Omar Vizquel situation. Baseball needs more vendettas like that. Calling out a former teammate for blowing the World Series is messed up.

So is targeting catchers for no reason. This will, of course, get taken care of on the field. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next team the Nats played threw at Morgan just out of principle.

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  1. 31 Responses to “Nyjer Morgan Is That Guy”

  2. I’ll make it a point to throw at him next time I play some MLB 2010: the show.

    What a dick

    By Dave on Sep 2, 2010

  3. The Nationals were losing by 11 runs when he was stealing second and third base. Where is there a rule that you’re not supposed to steal whenyou’re TRAILING by more than 10 runs.

    Get your facts straight. I would’ve charged the mound myself. Get off his case.

    By John on Sep 2, 2010

  4. First, it’s an incredible risk trying to steal bases when a team needs more than one run at a time. Second, Morgan stole second AND third when second base would have sufficed because he’s fast and would have scored anyway. He essentially handcuffed the hitters, making it harder to score more than just one run. Third, he was obviously padding his stats and playing that inappropriate kind of “hard” baseball. Stealing down ten runs isn’t the worst thing he could do (same kind of unwritten rule as taking the first pitch after back to back home runs), but it’s still bush league enough to be annoying. Anyone other than him who doesn’t have his history probably doesn’t get popped, but it’s Nyjer Morgan we’re talking about.

    By McD on Sep 2, 2010

  5. unbeleivable. there is no such thing as “unwritten” rules. you play the f-ing game 100% all the time. baseball players, writers, and fans are a bunch of p$%#@ies. My new favorite player………Nyjer Morgan! that a kid. The catcher should have been playing ball instead of picking his ass. You can steal bases whenever you want. McD your an idiot.

    By josh on Sep 2, 2010

  6. Actually he scored on a sac fly after stealing second and third so he wouldn’t have scored anyway. The Marlins had already retaliated by hitting Morgan ealier in the game; after which he calmly jogged down to first base. Besides, if he was David Eckstein or Chase Utley he would be praised for being scrappy and showing heart.

    By Alex on Sep 2, 2010

  7. Get off Morgan. He was completely right in what he did. The only thing he did wrong was taunt the crowd. And down ten runs, the man is just playing hard. F*** the Marlins for being pansies about it.

    By Bwigs on Sep 2, 2010

  8. This article is bogus. Aren’t you supposed to try and make something happen or create a spark when you are losing? How do you that on base…steal bases. Teams have come back from that deficit before. They already hit him. Deal done…until they threw at him again.

    By DL on Sep 2, 2010

  9. It’s easy to look at the play and say he would have been safe had he slid. But Ramirez’s throw was a little more on target, he would have been out had he slid. The throw was high, so the catcher was in a prone position. But when everything is happening full speed it’s tough to make that decision.

    By BO on Sep 2, 2010

  10. Morgan did absolutely nothing wrong. I get that there are unwritten rules … I guess that’s why Morgan got plunked in the 4th inning. An eye for an eye I guess. But unlike Morgan’s previous incident with a catcher, two nights ago the catcher was in the play and in the way. So I say it’s all fair. He didn’t charge the mound when they intentionally threw at him. So he stole bases … if you didn’t want a leadoff guy to steal bases, DONT PUT HIM ON BASE. I wasn’t a Nats fan before, but I am now.

    By JussThought on Sep 2, 2010

  11. This “playing the right way” crap is out of control. As Herm Edwards said, “You play to win the game.” At what point was that lost with baseball? Bunch of pansies. Nyger Morgan earned a lot of respect in my book.

    By J-Mah on Sep 2, 2010

  12. Does anyone realize that Washington ended up scoring 10 runs? So being down 11 runs in the FOURTH INNING does not constitute being ‘out of the game’. And never have I seen a team punished for trying hard when they were being pounded. It is when the team that is way ahead is doing crap like stealing multiple bases that it should be a problem. Would we ever accept that in football or basketball? Just imagine, your team is down 50-7 and you sack the quarterback and because you didn’t lay down and play dead the other team chop blocks you.

    By Kris on Sep 2, 2010

  13. What a ridiculous and idiotic article and argument.

    August 5, 2001. Indians were down by 12 runs to Seattle in the bottom of the 4th. They got a couple back in the 4th (12-2) before yielding a couple more in the 5th (14-2). The Indians got 3 runs in the 7th, 4 runs in the 8th, 5 runs in the 9th, and won the 15-14 in the 11th inning.

    Apparently, all of the Cleveland Indians are bush-leaguers who broke unwritten MLB ettiquette by, you know, trying to win the damn game.

    By AJ on Sep 2, 2010

  14. Actually, it’s a strategic disadvantage for the runners out there to be on the move all the time when the team needs more than two or three runs. Morgan was screwing up his hitters a bit by running when they needed way more than just one run.

    I didn’t say it was one of the unwritten rules that really, really matters; it’s just one of the minor ones that come up every so often.

    By McD on Sep 2, 2010

  15. What a crock. You don’t throw at a guy twice in a game for stupid crap like that. Both Marlins pitchers should be suspended. Taking the wrong side of an argument because you don’t like a guy is bush league, playing the game hard, even if just to pad the stats.. certainly isn’t.

    By Brian D on Sep 2, 2010

  16. Oh, and the argument that he was screwing up hitters because of the stealing is crap also. I played college ball and I can tell you that the hitter doesn’t see anything but the pitchers hand. You are simply wrong.

    By Brian D on Sep 2, 2010

  17. Personally, I think the unwritten rule should be that if you’re on base because a pitcher threw at you on purpose, you’re going to swipe every base you can.

    By Eric on Sep 2, 2010

  18. Eric’s got a point there. The revenge factor definitely had to be a motivation for stealing. And I don’t like Nyjer Morgan BECAUSE of this catchers thing. I’m not using it as evidence to make a previous point. The stealing bases thing I can take or leave, honestly.

    By McD on Sep 2, 2010

  19. If baseball wants all the stupid unwritten rules to be followed maybe they should turn them into WRITTEN rules.

    Its stupid for a team to hurt its chances simply because it is following a rule that doesnt even exist.

    If the other team doesnt like it, maybe they shouldnt put him on base, or at least the catcher should have thrown him out…no one to blame but themselves.

    By Onslaught on Sep 3, 2010

  20. I have now officially become a Morgan fan. I will find his jersey and wear it here in Chicago. I don’t agree with his taunting, but I do agree with everything else he did in his games leading up to the incident. All you little girls (yes you sissies on here who question his aggressiveness MCD and Dave) go to Oprah’s site and get in touch with your feelings there. I can’t believe a guy would sit there and say he should not have been stealing bases when his team was down by 11. OMG, I’ll bet you make your kids wear football pads when they do their homework. Wusses.

    By Thomas on Sep 3, 2010

  21. The Marlins are a little hypocritical in this instance. The pitcher beaned Morgan in the 4th inning as a retaliation for something that happened the night before. The Marlins were up by 11 runs at the time. In other words, they threw at him when there was NO RISK to them winning.

    If you want to ‘send a message’ they should have beaned him the first time he was at the plate. Or the second time he was at the plate. But instead, they waited until the game was out of reach to ‘send a message’. I’d give them a little more credit if they hadn’t waited until it cost them nothing to bean Morgan.

    By Imho on Sep 3, 2010

  22. Morgan is not wrong for stealing bases but he is wrong for running over the catcher. If he slides then he’s safe and after what happened against the Cardinals it’s obvious he is trying to hurt someone. If the Nats were in contention maybe it’s ok but they are 20 games out of first place. Based on his past it seems he’s out there to hurt someone. As for stealing bases, it was only the 4th inning and two 9-run leads were blown last week so the game should be played to win until the end.

    By shemp on Sep 3, 2010

  23. Morgan is not wrong for stealing but is 100% wrong for running over the catcher. He wasn’t trying to score he was trying to hurt someone. Your job is trying to score the best way possible and that would have been to slide. He was trying to hurt the catcher and that is evident based on the Cardinals series. He is a jerk for running over the catcher when he didn’t have to and when they are 20 games out of first place. Don’t give that BS that he was just playing hard. He was playing like punk.

    By dink on Sep 3, 2010

  24. F-U-C-K this article and all those saying that stealing those bases was wrong. Dude was hustling his ass off to try to get his team back into it. It didn’t pan out because the Marlins got their feelings hurt.
    “Bird ass suckas, I don’t mean to ruffle y’all\
    I know you waiting in the wing but I’m doing my thing”

    By eff-you on Sep 3, 2010

  25. I forgot to finish the post, I mean to say:
    “It didn’t pan out because the Marlins got their feelings hurt and decided to THROW at him again”. That’s a bitch move right there.

    By eff-you on Sep 3, 2010

  26. nyjer morgan needs to be thrown out of mlb he,s a disgrace too baseball all you assholes who think he was right in doing all he,s done in the last two week ,are just as crazy as him ,he needs anger management !!!

    By dcarney on Sep 4, 2010


    By dcarney on Sep 4, 2010

  28. Totally agree with Morgan – if someone is going to hit you on purpose, you exact your revenge by running around the bases. That is an “unwritten rule” as well. You can’t intentionally hit a guy, and then get pissed when he steals bases. I agree that his antics after the fight were juvenile, but the Marlins were wrong here. #1 – they shouldn’t have been hitting him on purpose anyway (his hit on their catcher the night before was clean) and then they certainly shouldn’t throw at him twice.

    By Butch on Sep 4, 2010

  29. Butch,f y your nuts,he stole the bases then arrangantly said screw you the dugout . get your facts straight, his hit on the catcher wouldnt be in doubt if he didnt do what he did in st. louis, the mans got serious problems and so do you if you think he,s right.he brought on the second time himself, the marlins should have aimed for his BIG head in the first

    By dcarney on Sep 4, 2010

  30. hopfulley gabe sanchez nocked some sence into him ,

    By dcarney on Sep 4, 2010

  31. all you people who agree with or like morgan for what he did ,pull your heads out of your asses , he a loser and a joke, from a crap team

    By dcarney on Sep 4, 2010

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