Get Ready To Screw Boise State

September 12, 2010 – 6:49 pm by McD

Only in college football could the third-ranked team in the nation somehow lose during their bye week.

Boise State gets the honors this year, and in week two no less, because Virginia Tech managed to lose to I-AA James Madison at home, in Blacksburg.

The immediate reaction all over the country was just shock that the Hokies could play so badly against a clearly overmatched opponent. Tech had way, way too much talent and good coaching to lose that game, but they somehow managed it anyway.

That, of course, sent the talking heads looking for a reason this could happen and an angle from which to discuss it. About 30 seconds later, some one uttered, “hey, this loss is bad for Boise State!” and the rest is history.

By Saturday night, every talking head said something along the lines of what Rece Davis said on ESPN’s Gameday Final:

I had thought Boise State needed all but one team to have two losses in order to play in the national championship game. But with their marquee victory being tarnished by James Madison, I’m sure of it. What a devastating loss for the Hokies and perhaps a crushing one for the Broncos.

Note the words “marquee victory,” and the not so subtle idea that he thought both Alabama and Ohio State (plus some other teams, apparently) needed to lose twice for an undefeated Boise team to make it into the BCS National “Championship” game.

ESPN is a subsidiary of ABC, which airs the Rose Bowl, a BCS game.

Others used similar language when talking about Boise’s strength of schedule being hurt in the computer polls and in the coaches’ rankings and the other random crap used to rank college football teams and figure out who gets the money.

This is all coded language used to minimize Boise State because they play in the Western Athletic Conference, which does not have an automatic bid into the BCS. And teams in the WAC couldn’t possibly be as good as teams in the ACC or Big East. Or the SEC West, yeesh. Wonder if that would change if they could get the same bowl money.

The BCS, of course, is the entity created by corporate sponsors (such as Tostitos and FedEx) and the “major” conferences to collude every January so that only the big boys get any of the real bowl money from the sponsors. In return, the big boys get “better” bowl games like Virginia Tech/Kansas or Illinois/USC.

If a non-AQ school such as Boise State ever actually won the BCS “national title,” it would undermine the entire existence of the BCS because it was founded on the assumption that only teams from the “major” conferences would be good enough to actually win against the other big boys. The BCS even matches up the non-AQ schools that make it in with crappy opponents or other non-AQ schools in the BCS, so that the biggies aren’t embarrassed if they lose (see: Utah/Pitt, TCU/Boise State).

Sometimes it happens anyway (see: Utah 31 Alabama 17 and Boise State 43 Oklahoma 42). So tell me again how the non-AQ’s have no business in the BCS because of their strength of schedule, which obviously indicates they can’t play with the AQ schools.

If the talking heads on ESPN, and other places, are already speaking against Boise State, this is only the buildup to the initial BCS standings, in which the Broncos will inevitably be ranked lower than the number three spot they currently inhabit. Watch for the talking heads to throw up their hands and say something along the lines of “that’s the formula!”

I can’t decide if Boise actually making the BCS title game or getting screwed out of it would be better for the cause of a playoff in college football, but to see the full power of the BCS and its tentacles already reaching out through subsidiaries like ESPN/ABC is scary to watch.

To paraphrase, and totally change the meaning of, FDR: this is the stuff of which dictatorships are made.

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  1. 9 Responses to “Get Ready To Screw Boise State”

  2. Or we should all consider the fact that VoTech isn’t that good and Boise State’s “marquee win” was anything but. BS, have fun playing out your schedule against the cupcakes of CFB. Hope you enjoy your view from a lesser bowl.

    By Bob on Sep 13, 2010

  3. Not quite sure Boise would have gotten into the title game if Bama and the Bucks run the table anyway but this game pretty much sealed the deal.

    By Chris Humpherys on Sep 13, 2010

  4. College football is garbage, until it’s legit don’t support it.

    By Richard323 on Sep 13, 2010

  5. Chris,

    Those comments were more a reflection of the weak schedule Boise State faces. Reality is that the current system screws everybody out west in favor of the SEC, ACC, The Big East and the Big 10. I am an Oregon fan but I feel your pain.

    Look at 2001 when the Ducks wre clearly better than Nebraska. Yet Nebraska was selected to face Miami in the Rose Bowl for the national championship.

    Nobody on the west coast will get the respect they deserve until there is a playoff system.

    Big Bob

    By Big Bob on Sep 14, 2010

  6. Playoffs not only validate a championship ranking, they bring WAY more fan interest (just look at college basketball’s history, 15 yrs ago the Final Four didn’t have anywhere near the viewership it has now that it starts with 68). Maybe ABC and Tostitos should take a closer look at that(hey marketing geniuses, the NCAA and CBS have an 11 billion deal starting in 2011)–trying to keep old time conference rivalries alive within the screwed up, politically motivated BCS is a BAD joke.

    By tlb on Sep 14, 2010

  7. for boise st., there is an available opening in the big 12!

    By buck on Sep 15, 2010

  8. oregon ducks have a long memory

    By karl hoppe on Sep 15, 2010

  9. I agree 110 percent on this article, I’ve been advocating for a playoff for years. The bias in the BCS system and ESPN coverage at times is sickening at best. They just can’t accept the fact that a non elite team can actually be that good let alone get beat by two supposable inferior teams
    after all it was these Same entities that gave VT their rating and the build up of how good this team was, then Boise st. comes along and devourers their cupcake and New Hamster gets the crumbs ESPN and the BCS cry foul
    But I will say this if Boise would have lost they would have leap frog VT right up with Alabama, Texas and Florida, and if VT would ran up the score on New Hamster. The talk would have been how great VT is, yet if Boise would have played New Hamster and ran up the score the talk would have been Boise can only win Cup Cakes, do you see the Bias!
    Remember Boise along with the other non BCS schools are playing by the rules the BCS has set and winning, and the BCS doesn’t like it. their already thinking about changing the rules more to the Elite teams favor.
    A sixteen team playoff is the only answer

    By MattBill on Sep 15, 2010

  10. Buck – BSU is gone to the Mountain West next year, along with the other good teams in the WAC, Nevada and Fresno State. Bob – you are perhaps the one person left in America with no knowlege of Boise State’s record OR…you are an Idaho Vandal, OR someone who keeps losing big betting against the Bronco’s. Its done on the field, and that is where it ought to be measured. That said, if Bama and Ohio State win out, its academic, as it always has been. Well said Bill, Big Bob, tlb.

    By coop13 on Sep 15, 2010

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