Breaking Down Antonio Cromartie’s Miami Heat Comments

September 10, 2010 – 2:14 pm by Ryan Phillips

OK, so I think I know what Antonio Cromartie was going for when he claimed the New York Jets were the NFL’s version of the Miami Heat. But did he really think about what he was saying? Well, since it’s Antonio Cromartie, given stellar track record of thinking before he does things, I’m gonna go ahead and guess no.

So, Antonio, what exactly did you mean by saying that the Jets are the NFL’s version of the Heat?

Here’s all I could come up with:
-The Jets are over-hyped.
-The Jets are over-covered by the media.
-The Jets haven’t actually won anything.
-The Jets are an ill-conceived combination of star players and egos.
-The Jets were pieced together using clever salary cap math at the expense of a well-rounded roster.
-The Jets are the talk of the league and even a championship favorite without doing anything to earn that distinction with their play.
-The Jets are the most hated team on the planet.

Yeah, that’s really it.

I mean does he even know anything about the Miami Heat? Fortunately for Cromartie, the Heat only have three main stars, if they had eight I’m pretty sure he’d have a difficult time naming them all…and their ages.

Here’s the point Antonio, you don’t want to be the Miami Heat. You want to be the Los Angeles Lakers. You know, the team that has actually won the past two NBA titles and looks poised to make another run in 2010-11?

You don’t want to be the over-hyped, over-analyzed team. You want to be the team that has actually taken care of business.

So yeah, enjoy being the heat. By the way, the Heat have three stars. Um…Dwyane, he’s 28…LeBron he’ll be um…26 in December, and Chris…he um…turned 26 this year…

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  2. The Jets are overhyped, but so far, they’re doing a decent job of living up to it a little bit. We’ll see come December though.

    By CPA Salary on Oct 5, 2010

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