The Giants Won The Cody Ross, Um, Sweepstakes

August 23, 2010 – 8:29 pm by McD

Cody Ross is headed from the Florida Marlins to the San Francisco Giants after the Bay-Area team claimed him off waivers. Apparently, the Marlins wanted to promote Cameron Maybin back up to the majors since the team’s playoff hopes are fading faster than Jennifer Aniston’s career.

And since we’re all experts on the Giants’ roster (wait, you’re not?), you must have thought, “but wait, the Giants already have Pat Burrell, Aaron Rowand, the newly-acquired Jose Guillen, and two backups who have both appeared in over 100 games! WHY would they get Cody Ross too?!?!” I’m so glad you asked.

Apparently, the Giants were worried the first-place San Diego Padres would claim Ross from the Marlins and moved to block them. I mean, I can’t totally blame them. The Padres do have something of a historical fetish for white, quasi-powerful outfielders (see: Giles, Brian; Klesko, Ryan; and Ludwick, Ryan). And that’s just the point. The Padres already HAVE enough outfielders for their playoff run. How many guys hitting in the .260’s does one team need, after all?

Usually, teams that move to block other teams from acquiring players don’t end up making the deal, but definitely make it clear that there’s no way their rival is getting said player. The Giants never thought they’d actually GET Ross, but here we are, and now the Giants are on the hook for the rest of Ross’s salary and have to make room on their roster, which means moving one of their other outfielders.

I’m not saying the Padres are in the Giants’ heads, but when a team thinks Cody freaking Ross is worth worrying about and even absorbing into their already full roster, you know they’re grasping at straws. I’ve been worried the whole season about the Padres’ chances at actually winning the West and making the playoffs with their current roster, but this is incredibly encouraging to see. Apparently, the Giants are just as nervous about this as I am.

So welcome to San Francisco, Cody! Please help the Giants win the Wild Card and stay very clear of first place.

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