Stephen Strasburg Hurt Again, Yankees Worried About Their Future Ace

August 21, 2010 – 10:12 pm by McD

If there were any Washington Nationals fans out there, I’m sure they would be utterly terrified by Stephen Strasburg’s wrist/arm injury tonight. He hurt his shoulder earlier this year and now he could be headed that way again just three starts after his first stint.

None of this matters, of course, since the Nats aren’t in a playoff race, and no one really cares about them anyway. But Strasburg is supposed to be the future of pitching in Major League Baseball. The guy’s going to be a Yankee one day. They can’t have this type of crap happening. What’s the point of bullcrap organizations like the Washington Nationals if they can’t take care of other teams’ future players?

Nats pitching coach Steve McCatty must be crapping his baseball pants tonight. Is he going to be the guy who screwed up the greatest pitching prospect ever?

Really, I’m trying to emulate the inevitable freak out that’s going to come with this injury. I seem to be on a “making fun of overreactions” kick today. This latest injury IS bad, but no one has thrown the Nats into the Dusty Baker/Bruce Bochy pitcher-assassinator division yet. While he’s only just over 63 innings, I’d bet money his arm isn’t used to this kind of workload.

Either way, this story is still developing, but Brian Cashman and the Yankees’ front office will be watching it very, very closely.

James Andrews-y Update: Strasburg was diagnosed with a strained flexor tendon in his throwing arm, and his 2010 season is over. Rumors also say he will pay a visit to Dr. James Andrews in the near future. The New York front office is not going to take this well. But they’re the same people that signed A.J. Burnett, so whatever.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Stephen Strasburg Hurt Again, Yankees Worried About Their Future Ace”

  2. What is thie a wet dream by someone .
    This guy is not owned by the Yankees although they might get him if they want to put up with injuries . Why would they do this . The Yankee are loaded with injury players .

    By Chuck on Aug 22, 2010

  3. I was going to make a comment about how ruining young pitching talent is kind of Dusty Baker’s thing…but you guys beat me to it.

    By MJenks on Aug 23, 2010

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