Are You Ready For Your Close-Up Tarvaris?

August 3, 2010 – 10:41 pm by Ryan Phillips

So what do you get when a 900-year-old quarterback who had a miracle season and led you to the brink of a Super Bowl up and retires out of nowhere? You get Tarvaris Jackson as your starter.

The Minnesota Vikings are so screwed.

When Brett Favre reportedly decided to retire Tuesday afternoon an entire football nation hung its collective head. Vikings head coach Brad Childress now has to choose between the wildly inconsistent and, frankly, wildly underwhelming Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels.

In the span of one geriatric man’s decision the Vikings went from one of the favorites to reach the Super Bowl, to a team that will be fighting for a playoff spot.

Can a guy like the 27-year-old Jackson really help continue the development of receivers Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin? Can his arm and playmaking ability possibly make up for Adrian Peterson’s fumbling issues? Hell I don’t think the guy has ever fully recovered from this.

As for Rosenfels, well, he’s a guy who once decided to do this during an NFL football game. That clip pretty much speaks for itself. Then there’s the fact that he threw six interceptions over the course of a day and a half this weekend (a seventh was dropped by linebacker Heath Farwell).

So the job will inevitable fall to Jackson and he will be trusted with what was a Cadillac of an offense last season. And a guy who has a 58.7 percent completion percentage and 3,643 yards in his career, and a career 77.9 quarterback rating will be in charge in Minnesota.

I know Favre wanted to come back partially to stick it to the folks in Green Bay, but by making this decision, at this time, don’t you think Packers fans are the only ones smiling right now?

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