Top 10 List: Popular Things The Last Time The National League Won An All-Star Game

July 14, 2010 – 2:08 am by Ryan Phillips

Thanks to Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann, the National League broke a streak of 13 years without a win in the All-Star Game last night. The last time the senior circuit took home an All-Star win was way back in 1996, when this was quite a different country.

We decided to go Letterman-style and compile a list of the Top 10 things popular the last time the National League won an All-Star Game.

10. America Online
What? Like you weren’t into “chatting” and IMing everyone back when it was cool to pay $10 a month for a dial-up connection and the “You’ve got mail!” sound effect.

9. The Macarena
Sadly, several of the people on this blog have actually done the dance. I’m not going to name any names but feel free to guess away.

8. Tom Cruise
Back before he went batsh*t insane, jumped on Oprah’s couch and publicly advocated a religion based on a story containing a guy named Xenu, Cruise was in some pretty great movies. In 1996 he had two top-10 grossing films with Mission: Impossible and Jerry Maguire.

7. The Single Guy
Any time a television show can combine the comedic talents of Joey Slotnick and Ernest Borgnine, it goes on the list. One of the more underrated sitcoms of the past 20 years.

6. Bob Dole impressions
Long story short, Bob Dole was an old guy who ran for president against Bill Clinton. He was a war hero and a true American hero. And we, as a nation, made fun of him for roughly 360 days. When you put it like that, it really makes us sound like jerks. (But not as big of jerks as the people who prevent us from finding clips of Norm MacDonald’s Bob Dole as a “Real World” cast member sketch).

5. British musicians
The Spice Girls had the No. 1 song of the year with “Wannabe” and Oasis scored the No. 4 hit with “Wonderwall.” Sadly, some people thought those groups would last for the long haul.

4. Independence Day
This started the trend of Will Smith dominating July 4th weekend. ID4 racked up a ridiculous $817 million at the box office. The gold-standard for alien invasion flicks is best known around the Phillips household as the vehicle that brought Judd Hirsch back into the national spotlight.

3. Picking on fat security guards
At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics the FBI managed to completely screw the pooch and blame a bombing at the event on a completely innocent man, Richard Jewell. For the next few weeks Jewell came to represent everything that was wrong with American journalism as he was vilified as fat loner who clearly had issues. Frankly, I can’t get too high on my horse, because as a 15-year-old punk in 1996, I messed with my fair share of overweight rent-a-cops.

2. The nWo
The 1996 Bash at the Beach changed everything in professional wrestling and brought it back into the mainstream of American society.

Annnnd the number one thing that was popular back in 1996…


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  1. 3 Responses to “Top 10 List: Popular Things The Last Time The National League Won An All-Star Game”

  2. Well done, well done. Was there a subtle bit of cleverness here in using a Top Ten list, because Letterman was around the top of his game around 1996? Even if not, I will pretend like there was, because I want to celebrate your wittiness.

    By MJenks on Jul 14, 2010

  3. We always appreciate you celebrating our wittiness. And yes, there was a time-related reason we chose to do something in Letterman’s style.

    By Phillips on Jul 14, 2010

  4. I think I was present with one, maybe two, of you when we participated in the world’s largest macarena….

    By Anonymous on Jul 15, 2010

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