The San Diego Padres Can’t Get No Respect

July 19, 2010 – 12:54 am by Ryan Phillips

Sunday afternoon the San Diego Padres finished a three-game sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks, opening the second half of the season with a bang. The Friars outscored Arizona 26-10 over the weekend and have shown more life offensively over the past few weeks than they have for most of the season.

Despite the fact that on July 19 the Padres have the best record in the National League 54-37, ESPN (for the third straight day) did not run a headline about San Diego in its list of top baseball stories of the day. Above is a screenshot of what ESPN thought the top stories in baseball were yesterday.

Apparently the fact that the Dodgers were swept is important and a note about Roy Oswalt being sort of injured is more important than a team extending its division lead to four games by a sweep, and moving to the third-best record in baseball.

The Padres are certainly the biggest surprise of the Major League Baseball season thus far. ESPN ran 100 simulations of the season back in Spring Training, and the Padres won the National League West zero times. Zero. San Diego only won the Wild Card once in those simulations, and ranked as the 29th-worst team in baseball. Sports Illustrated also ranked the Padres dead last in the N.L. West in its 2010 baseball preview.

At this point, the Padres have allowed just 314 runs, best in the majors and 24 ahead of the second place team (San Francisco Giants at 338). San Diego also carries a run differential of plus-88, third best in baseball.

The Padres have done all of that with No. 1 starter Chris Young out all season and with starting outfielders Will Venable and Kyle Blanks currently on the Disabled List.

How have they done it? By having someone new step up every night.

On Sunday reserve outfielder Chris Denorfia went 4-for-4 with two home runs, two RBI and three runs in San Diego’s 6-4 win.

Saturday night it was catcher Yorvit Torrealba playing the hero by going 3-for-4 with a home run and four RBI in an 8-5 win.

Friday night the whole lineup stepped up in a 12-1 rout, in the team’s first game after the All-Star break.

Yet on none of those days did the Worldwide Leader mention anything about the Padres in their headline section.

And another thing, why is Heath Bell still listed in ESPN’s Rumors Central as one of the relievers potentially available for a contending team? Since when is a division leading team’s closer on the market? When was the last time a playoff-bound team traded its closer? ESPN has crossed Bobby Jenks off the list because the White Sox are now in first place in the A.L. Central, but haven’t done the same thing for Bell.

Will ESPN ever give the Padres the respect they deserve? At this point in the season the team’s success can’t be just a fluke.

Maybe they should ask Heath Bell what he thinks about ESPN and Baseball Tonight. Oh, wait, we already know.

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  1. 6 Responses to “The San Diego Padres Can’t Get No Respect”

  2. East coast bias.. Last week I was watching baseball tonight and all the so called analyst stated that the Red’s were the suprise team in Baseball, how do you figure? Yet they all picked the Padres to be the worst in their division and worst in the league. No respect is exactly what they have gotten.

    By Jake on Jul 19, 2010

  3. Screw ESPN and all the east coast pieces of sh**. When are we going to start a purely west coast sports network and completely ignore all the teams on the east coast?…We should really do that…I am SOOOO sick of these idiots. It’s time to tell ESPN and all east coast sports writers to shove their collective myopia and bias up their collective asses…

    By SDSU Jeff on Jul 19, 2010

  4. Coulnt agree with you more Jeff, just read an article, some newspaper in San Antonio has the Padres Ranked 13th right now! What a fucking joke that is..

    By Jake on Jul 19, 2010

  5. “can’t get no (respect)”…thats a double negative good buddy, so does that mean they are getting respect?!?…anyhow it should suprise nobody of the large east coast bias espn has, shoot more than half the country is right there behind them.

    By Branden on Jul 19, 2010

  6. No Doubt! A Padres pitcher could throw a no-hitter or perfect game and it would take an act of god to make the nights top highlight. The ESPN-Nazi’s are a joke.

    By -b-rian on Jul 20, 2010

  7. I thought ESPN would lose the “east coast bias” when it moved its coverage to Los Angeles. Now ESPN shows Red Sox/Yankee/Met highlights to a market that doesn’t give a sh*t.

    By Andrew on Jul 21, 2010

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