The NCAA Is Afraid Of Maurkice Pouncey

July 21, 2010 – 5:16 pm by McD

Let me take a wild guess here: it’s going to take less than four years to figure out this Maurkice Pouncey situation. Then again, it might take longer, since we’re stuck with unnamed accusers, from Canada apparently, who say that Pouncey took $100,000 from an agent before Florida’s bowl game against Cincinnati. Obviously, this would make Pouncey ineligible for the game and therefore vacate Florida’s win.

Pouncey, for his part, says he never took any money and has provided bank accounts and other documents to prove it.

I say this one is on the press to figure out. They are about a thousand times better at figuring out what’s going on than the NCAA is. The initial letter was sent to Joe Schad showing Pouncey and his brother with whomever it is that gave him money blah blah blah.

Should that source identify him or herself, and those accusations prove true, then the NCAA will have as much, if not more, evidence against Florida than it did against USC. One can imagine how desperate Florida is to make sure Pouncey’s name is cleared. They’ve already had legal trouble, and these money-related type of violations are exactly the kind of thing the NCAA just loves to destroy programs with.

Keep in mind, Reggie Bush denied he took any benefits from anyone too.

Thus, I think we can all be assured that this issue will be figured out a lot sooner, since the NCAA is so keen to set new standards for sports programs.

However, the NCAA has to be the most nervous of any of the involved entities. Sure, Florida doesn’t want a USC-style punishment because it couldn’t control a player’s pocket book either. But the NCAA is going to be expected to smash them to the same level or worse, especially if the evidence is more damning.

Yet most, Jay Bilas for example, agree that the NCAA was out of line in the way it believed sketchy witnesses, took forever to investigate the matter, and over-punished the Trojans. Nonetheless, the NCAA is going to have to hold the line with the Gators and punish them terribly or risk seeming as though they’re admitting a mistake with USC, or were simply just going after the Trojans to make a point.

I, for one, am excited for the NCAA to look stupid, so I’m kind of hoping that Pouncey took the money. But even if he didn’t, someone down the road will do something similar and I’ll get to write a post all about that. Too bad the government and Supreme Court don’t care about money as much as the NCAA does.

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