Miami Herald Writer Pulls a Dan Gilbert

July 23, 2010 – 2:13 am by Hickey

It looks like Dan Gilbert just got owned in the writing an awesome “f*ck you note” game.

Pete Pelegrin, the now-former FIU beat writer for the Miami Herald, decided to let everyone know just how he felt with his final blog post at the paper’s website, which has since been removed.

The gist of it: No, these people don’t give a crap about Florida International sports like they’ve been telling you. All they really care about is “The U.”

Now, in defense of the Miami Herald bigwigs, this is the first time I have seen any indication that anyone has ever given a crap about Florida International. But kudos to Pete Pelegrin for going out guns-ablazin’. If you are going to leave the biz for good, why burn down the bridge when you can napalm it?

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  1. One Response to “Miami Herald Writer Pulls a Dan Gilbert”

  2. actually i thought his blog was a lot more reasonable than dan gilbert’s letter. more concrete evidence. and i know stuff like that probably happens a lot in print media (because i even saw it happen on my HS paper), but i kind of agree with the fact that FIU doesn’t REALLY need every action covered by the herald. i mean, how many readers support the U versus FIU? give the people what they want. doesn’t FIU have a student paper? maybe he should get a job there.

    and my oldest brother, oddly enough, went to FIU. he isn’t really into sports though :p

    By nicole on Jul 23, 2010

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