Hey, That’s My Analogy!

July 7, 2010 – 2:24 am by Hickey

Sometimes I don’t even know if my relatives still read this blog. But in the last week I’ve found evidence that someone important has possibly been doing so: ESPN Sports Guy Bill Simmons.

Last week’s most read piece on ESPN.com, Simmons’ column on the World Cup, ran on July 1. It was a good read, but one part in particular really jumped out at me — the analogy he used when talking about the US loss to Ghana in the Round of 16:

It was like pining for the same girl for four years in college,
finally hooking up with her one night, then getting kicked out of
school the next day.

Dammit! I blew it! I had her! We could have had something!

Now compare that to the analogy I used to open up my June 25 blog post on the Blackhawks trading Dustin Byfuglien, which I previously presumed to only have been read by my cat:

Have you ever had that girl (or guy, since I can’t assume to know your
gender or sexual preference) that you’ve pined for for many years, and
then one magical night you run into them and you end up going home
with each other?

It’s a pretty amazing feeling. Finally, all of the angst and waiting
and frustration pays off as you realize you’ve finally broken through.
Now that you’ve done it once, the sky is certainly the limit from

And then the morning comes. (I promise this will be the only time that
I write a sentence that is also the title of a Smash Mouth song.
Actually, you better not hold me to that). Instead of a replication of
the awesomeness that occurred the previous evening, you get an
awkward, “Uh, you should probably leave now, I’ve got a lot of stuff
to do day.”

Oh. So that’s it.

Obviously they aren’t exactly the same. But it does seem feasible that Simmons came across it on the internet, said “Hey, I like that,” then tweaked for his column later in the week.

I’m not formally making this accusation since there is no way to prove it, but the timing and similarity does make it a fairly crazy coincidence.

And then there’s the fact this is not the first time this has happened. I made a similar discovery a couple years ago, though in retrospect that case was a lot more tenuous than this one since we just happened to be using a similar premise rather than the same analogy. (Ironically, this blog post pretty much plagiarizes the blog post I wrote about the subject two years ago).

Furthermore, I don’t even think I’m complaining. If it turns out Bill Simmons has drawn some sort of inspiration from something I wrote, I’d be more flattered than pissed. Of course, I’d also be flattered if I had a stalker.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Hey, That’s My Analogy!”

  2. I know the feeling. Three days after writing a post about where we get the word “soccer”, Yahoo ran a similar one.

    Sure, it’s during the height of the World Cup and you can pretty much access etymology sites everywhere on the internet. But still, there was that one brief, shining moment when I thought I was important enough to be plagiarized.

    However, I’m upset that no one stole my “we were a hairsbreadth away from calling the sport ‘Asser'” line. *sigh*

    By MJenks on Jul 7, 2010

  3. Once is a coincidence. Twice? That bastard is stealing your sh*t!

    By Red on Jul 7, 2010

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