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June 9, 2010 – 6:49 pm by McD

Diplomatic trash talk heading into USA v. England. No, I mean these are real diplomats – Deadspin

Rex Ryan: motivating the US soccer team. Go, F-cking Overlords of Death! – Kissing Suzy Kolber

Your fantasy football defense rankings for 2010 – Fantasy Knuckleheads

Did Strasburg hit 103 last night? – DC Sports Bog

Apparently his debut made the Nats a crapload of money last night – No Guts, No Glory

Did some one say Walter McCarty to join the staff of the Indiana Pacers? – Strait Pinkie

You’re making Joe Mauer look bad! – The Victoria Times

Helen Thomas weighs in on conference expansion – Friends of the Program

Izzo’s taking the Cavs job? You gotta be f-cking kidding me! It’s Christmas in the Big Ten! – Waiting for Next Year

Nebraska is probably peacing out for the Big Ten – Orangebloods

That’ll do, Rob Blake. That’ll do. Also, I thought your name was “Rob Lake” for like five years in the early nineties – CSN Bay Area

The Chargers signed Tra Thomas today. Not a good sign for resolving the Marcus McNeill holdout – Union-Tribune

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