Jeremiah Masoli Is Bad At Life

June 9, 2010 – 7:46 pm by Ryan Phillips

Other than Tiger Woods there has been no bigger sports collapse in recent history than Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli. In fact, right now I can only count on one hand the number of athletes dumber than Masoli right now, and that includes Dexter Manley.

Masoli was already suspended for the 2010 season for his role in the burglary of a fraternity house in January this year. He plead guilty to second-degree burglary and got 12 months probation.

Well, he has now been booted off the team for good after he was cited for driving with a suspended license when he failed to stop while exiting a driveway. Oh yeah, and he had marijuana in the car at the time.

Mr. Masoli, you are an idiot.

Masoli and his ability to run coach Chip Kelly’s hurry-up offense became the darlings of the college football world when they laid an all-time beating on the USC Trojans last fall. Masoli racked up ridiculous numbers while leading the Ducks to a 10-3 record, a Pac-10 title and a birth in the Rose Bowl. He and the young Ducks were considered one of the presumed national title contenders entering the 2010 season. And many saw Masoli as the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy.

That obviously has all fallen apart now. The 21-year-old Masoli was given a chance by Kelly to sit out the season and get his life right. How did he reward is loyal coach? By “riding dirty” without a license. Funny side note: Masoli’s major is Criminal Justice. Oops.

This is yet another example of an idiot getting too much success and basically telling everyone else and their rules to go screw themselves. The kid literally has no idea what he’s throwing away. If he just showed up in 2010 and ran that offense – when considering the weapons he’ll have around him – he could put up numbers that would get him to New York for the Heisman Trophy ceremony. There’s no doubt about that at all.

Instead he goes and screws over the one person on the planet who believed he was a good guy and deserved another chance: his coach. Now Kelly looks like an idiot for even giving Masoli a second chance.

Masoli couldn’t even get out of his own way for a year and just straighten up until he was done at Oregon. No matter where he goes no one will run an offense as perfect for him as Kelly’s and now he’s damaged goods. He was never considered a great pro prospect, but now no NFL executive in his right mind would touch Masoli.

The guy was suspended for 2010 in March. That means he couldn’t even keep his nose clean for three months. Three freaking months. That’s it.

McD and I have talked about this and our responses to the news were identical: “You’ve got to be f-ing kidding me.”

Some college coach will pick him up, likely in the FCS (or I-AA for normal people), but he’ll never be able to get past what has transpired in Eugene.

So good luck Jeremiah Masoli. You truly are a freaking idiot.

Editor’s note: McD contributed some of his ‘hood knowledge to this post

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  1. 4 Responses to “Jeremiah Masoli Is Bad At Life”

  2. always good to see another f-up from the U of Nike. Hard to believe that dumbass Masoli could piss his life away so easily but then again he IS just another example of the spoiled pampered athlete. Hope he enjoys his new career washing used cars. Quack quack.

    By cheswick on Jun 10, 2010

  3. Las Vegas Sun is reporting that Masoli is considering going to UNLV for 2010. Apparently new Coach Bobby Hauck took in a troubled Orgeon qb in 2007 and did good things. So masoli will fit into the offensive system, Im just not sure Vegas is the place for him, (is this the image we want to project after our basketball program is in hotwater with a suddenly jailbirdish team) I mean what will one year of eligibilty accomplish?(for a talent strapped UNLV team probably heading for a 5-7 finish…and like UNLV needs more negative publicity!

    By Branden on Jul 21, 2010

  4. Every one makes mistakes. Maybe Jeremiah was driving for a good reason. Give the poor kid a break. Let him learn a lesson. If he continues to do bad things, then he is a bad guy, but he is not one yet.

    By Anonymous on Dec 4, 2010

  5. Damn, you are the one who is bad at life! Tearing into this guy because he’s made a few mistakes, how many mistakes have you made in your pathetic life? I say “pathetic” because of the way you tear this guy down in order to build your pathetic career. So many of you writers/media idiots will say anything to get attention. YOU suck. Also, I’m not a smoker of anything but so what if the guy wants to smoke weed? Alcohol is worse and more people like yourself drink that like water. The things you have to do to better your crappy career is pathetic. Suck on that you loser

    By Raul on Oct 5, 2012

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