Kelvin Sampson To Interview For NBA Jobs?

May 27, 2010 – 11:39 pm by Ryan Phillips

From the “Things That Will Give Phillips An Aneurysm” department, as many as three NBA teams are reportedly considering Kelvin Sampson to fill their coaching vacancies.

I need a second…(thinking happy thoughts, thinking happy thoughts…). OK, I’m good.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports says the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking at Sampson, who is currently an assistant with the Milwaukee Bucks. Since that report, several others have surfaced confirming the rumor.

Wojnarowski also tweeted that the Los Angeles Clippers were also interested in Sampson because he has a relationship with Blake Griffin.

All of that comes after the Chicago Tribune reported that the Chicago Bulls were also looking at Sampson.

Why would anyone hire this jerk? I realize he’s a decent on-the-court coach and you don’t need to worry about recruiting violations in the NBA, but the guy is just generally shady.

I know being in consideration for a job isn’t the same as actually getting a job, but the fact that Sampson is even being considered is ridiculous.

Forget that the guy tarnished one of the great programs in all of sports by breaking a litany of rules during his time at Indiana University. Sampson’s players were also completely out of control. They weren’t going to class, had racked up 19 Fs in one semester. On top of that most of the roster were using drugs. Two-plus years later and Indiana is still trying to climb out of the smoking rubble Sampson left behind. Only the energy and enthusiasm of new head coach Tom Crean has kept the program above water.

The problem with Sampson is that he doesn’t care about anything that happens outside the lines of the court. He just doesn’t care. You can’t run a program (pro or college) like that. You have to discipline your players and make them respect you. A coach can easily lose control if that’s not the case.

Could anyone, anywhere in sports respect Sampson anymore?

He screwed over major universities not once, but twice. He screwed over fanbases not once, but twice. He abandoned his players again, not once but twice. And his reward is three NBA teams interested in him as their head coach.

For shame Clippers, Cavs and Bulls. For shame.

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  1. 22 Responses to “Kelvin Sampson To Interview For NBA Jobs?”

  2. Wow. Considering the caliber of a lot of guys in pro sports these days, this rant is just stupid as hell. So Sampson, who did make a lot of mistakes at IN, shouldn’t have the opportunity to have a career b/c of his past? In had Bob Knight, not the cuddliest guy on Earth. Phillips, you got yer priorities screwed up. Pull yer head outta yer arse- the guy is a good coach. NBA dnt have enough of those.

    By masterblaster095 on May 28, 2010

  3. Uhhh, it wasn’t just at Indiana, he did the same thing at Oklahoma before. Then at Indiana knowingly broke the same rules he swore he wouldn’t violate again. On top of that, he broke those rules on a MASSIVE level, ignored the fact that his players were out of control and didn’t care to keep the standards of the program above those of a bad junior college.

    So yeah, given the responsibility of a major program he failed. Twice. Massively. As an NBA fan I don’t want him anywhere near my franchise.

    By Phillips on May 28, 2010

  4. The reality is college coaches do all types of unscrupulous things. Look at Calipari just to name one that is still coaching. If someone blows the whistle on you and you are not one of the big name, you are done. College sports and the NCAA is a joke and the highest bidder or money maker wins.

    By Peace on May 29, 2010

  5. Maybe, college recruitment should be changed so coaches aren’t allowed to monopolize the effort. One approach would be to allow players within a given region to attend only a college in that region-yes, I see problems with that approach. Another approach would be to limit colleges recruiting to higher ranked players-for example, each major college would be limited to one five star player per year and not more than three on a team at any particular time, not more than two four star players per season, this would allow more colleges the opportunity to have better players and increase the level of competition.

    By Bill Harrison on May 29, 2010

  6. Cheating is part of the college sports profession. It has even trickled down to High Schools. Money and support has gone to players for ages. Winning is so important that cheating is the norm. It’s out of control now. The schools make all this money while players attend their programs. Why not give the players some of that money to help them while in school? Do it in a legal manner so that everyone knows what is happening. Cheating and crime does not pay. You will be caught. Now, wins are being taken away from colleges for getting caught cheating.
    Something needs to be done about this one and done college basketball program. The player does not even complete the entire school year. They leave after March madness. This is crazy. Why bother about going to college just for a few months? Go to Europe and see the world. It’s better than getting caught cheating on entrance exams and losing your school wins.

    By Andi on May 29, 2010

  7. I cannot stand you so called do-gooders sports personalities/writers that pick and choose what guys you want to attack. Where was your article on Tim Floyd or Pete Carrol and the mess they have done. You marquee the coaches and players you want, but us real sports fans read between the lines of this whatever it takes to get it done mentalities and society. We refuse to believe your water down articles.

    By J Meister on May 29, 2010

  8. J Meister,
    I’m an Indiana alum, that’s why this issue is so important to me.

    As for the Tim Floyd/Pete Carroll stuff, when the NCAA announces its findings, we’ll certainly know the details and be able to pick them apart. Until then, it’s all speculation and hearsay.

    By Phillips on May 29, 2010

  9. I agree with J. Miester. Sampson did not take any money, have someone take the SAT for a recruit, punch a player and numerous other things I find far worst than doing everything possible to build a winning college program.
    Sports Writer’s that write these types of demeaning articles should be subject civil damages due to the intent to slander. Do-gooder fans that are always ready to jump on the mistakes others make, most likely could not stand other looking behind their green doors.

    By Leneard on May 29, 2010

  10. Hmmm, the infotainment industry as a whole make up lies and claim it’s truth. Dan Rather forged documents to smear the president and is still working in infotainment. Clean up your own industry before you criticize others.

    By Farmer on May 29, 2010


    By bIGmAC on May 30, 2010

  12. Ok so we condemn Sampson, but say nothing about Calipari??? This guy got in trouble for making phone calls. Wheras Calipari has history of fixing grades and paying players, UMASS, Memphis, Kentucky, etc…Sampson gets fired and Calipari gets a slap on the wrist???

    By Wow2010 on May 30, 2010

  13. Uh, I never said Calipari wasn’t a cheating douche who didn’t deserve his job. This post was about Sampson. Do you want me to include every other cheating coach in history as well?

    By Phillips on May 30, 2010

  14. I missed your article on Pete Carroll leaving USC on the brink to go to the Seahawks, I know it had to be much harsher.

    By lrush on May 31, 2010

  15. Phillips, do you even kmow Sampson?
    Why is it you would call him a JERK?? Sure he made some bad calls (no pum intended) but he is a goodcoach. Your writing is what is bad.

    By Driller44 on May 31, 2010

  16. Phillips,

    I don’t think you have enough ink to write about Sampson or any of the many coaches, pro and college, regardless of the sport, who have committed some sort of violation in the course of their duties. I understand you are an Indiana alum, but you wrote this piece as if Indiana is paying you to do so. It is not your problem if someone is considering hiring Sampson, or if they hire him. Maybe it is if this is going to cause you to fall over and die, then by all means, start a petition or something to stop it…but since its not, then why make this such an issue? I’m just saying…

    By Mike on May 31, 2010

  17. These billionaire owners don’t give a care about what anyone thinks about their hiring practices and who they hire, and that’s why I say don’t waste ink and time on the computer complaining about it. Use the time wisely and do something I never hear people mention…educate your children! Teach them to be responsible persons in all aspects of their lives, and then we can replace these scumbags with some people who really give a damn!

    By Mike on May 31, 2010

  18. I truly hope that the rumor about this ass & the Chicago Bulls is incorrect. But knowing how things have been with the Bulls since Phil Jackson left anything is possible from this horribly run franchise.

    By Scott on May 31, 2010

  19. Mike,
    I’m a fan, I’m allowed to be pissed about something, it’s the nature of sports haha. No Indiana didn’t pay me to write this.

    Also, Driller, yes I have met Sampson before, several times. Lots of people don’t like him. But regardless of what he is like personally, he lied, numerous times to lots of people and cheapened Indiana’s reputation by cheating. As an alum, someone who has lied to, I have a right to call him a jerk because he is one.

    By Phillips on May 31, 2010

  20. To Phillips,
    My point exactly, you’re a fan, who happens to have graduated from the school that Sampson did so much damage at, so you cannot be impartial. As soon as you embrace the FAN part of this, and realize, like others who are like you should also realize, that the franchise owners, the players, the school administrators, the boosters, anyone who has anything to do with the funneling of money into these programs and professional organizations, don’t give a damn what you or any other journalist or fan thinks, then maybe you will find a better way to use your ink and computer. Take all that anger and channel it into something that will assist in shaping hopefully a better future for sports, which should be our children. They are the future collegians, professionals, owners, and even journalists. I wouldn’t want my kids to think the way you solve a problem is by slamming someone in the papers or in internet forums! But, that’s just me.

    By Mike on May 31, 2010

  21. So with this nature of sports, that means you’re allowed to take the easy way out of combating a situation by slamming them with words! I think journalists, and even non-journalists, take freedom of speech and expression literally to a whole different level! These freedoms were meant to be used wisely and sensibly. You have the nerve to use a line like “its the nature of sports” which allows your behavior as a journalist or even as a person…wow, maybe someone needs to do a column on you and see how you like it!

    By Mike on May 31, 2010

  22. Mark Gottfried is a better choice as head coach of the Chicago Bulls than Kelvin Sampson.

    By Keely Chow on Jun 1, 2010

  23. Mike,
    Look at the title of the blog. I understand where you’re going with your point and it’s well taken. But this was a RANT against a coach who screwed over two great programs. That’s it. I am a journalist but sometimes you have to write opinion pieces. In my opinion Sampson is a dirtbag who doesn’t deserve a shot with a major program or an NBA gig. It’s my opinion.

    As journalists when we report facts we have to be impartial, but this was clearly an opinion piece. You don’t have to agree with me, I’m just expressing my opinion.

    By Phillips on Jun 1, 2010

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