The Hangover 2: With Greg Oden

April 2, 2010 – 2:01 am by Hickey


The Hangover is the new gold-standard for bachelor party movies, improving upon the template laid out in the ’80s by… Bachelor Party.

One of the most hilarious parts of the film is the cameo by Mike Tyson, which leads me to the purpose of writing this blog entry, for at my buddy Shady Ethan’s bachelor party this past weekend we had a similar sports celebrity appearance — though not entirely similar, since there was no stealing of tigers involved.

There are a couple of other notable differences to the film. Our bachelor party was not in Vegas, but Bloomington, Ind. We had a dozen people in our group instead of four. And no one quite resembled the character Alan. Actually, I take that last one back — my rotund, bearded roommate wandered into the hotel hallway in his boxer shorts to tell our friends to keep it down, only it turned out to be a mom and her two kids. He also asked a girl if she had ever fornicated with a Jack Black impersonator, though not in those exact terms.

The true spirit of the weekend was captured in an e-mail sent to me by a younger former housemate who ran into our group and tried hanging out with us for a little while. And yes, this is real.

Hey, how’s it going? Great seeing you guys over the weekend, however, I have a question that hopefully you may know the answer to. Do you have any idea how I wound up at Bloomington Hospital? I had my sister pick me up at 4am but everything is “hazy” from hanging out with you guys at Upstairs till when I got picked up. Let me know if you know anything. Thanks.

Poor kid. The only thing I know is if you’re gonna run with the big dogs, you’re gonna get hurt. And the biggest dog we ended up running with was of the 7-foot variety.

For reasons not quite known to anyone, Trail Blazers center Greg Oden was among those enjoying the festivities at Kilroy’s Sports Bar in Bloomington on Saturday night. Actually, since Oden is from Indianapolis and would be a senior if he was still in college, it’s likely that he was just in town visiting some high school buddies, although IU point guard Jeremiah Rivers was also in the group.

Seeing Oden in person made a number of things clear.

APTOPIX Clippers Trail Blazers Basketball1) If I were 7-feet tall, I would be the white Greg Oden. The man moves that awkwardly.

2) Oden still looks like he’s 45 in person. And acts it. I’ve had a few instances of running into athletes while partying (see Floyd, Cliff) and Oden was comporting himself more maturely than any of them. Not bad for a kid who should still be in college. When I think to some of the antics I pulled my senior year in the very same bar, “comporting maturely” does not come to mind.

3) Oden seems to be a good guy. He mostly stayed in the corner with his buddies and kept to himself, but when he ventured out amongst the commoners he was willing to talk to people, and not just the chicks. It makes you wish the guy would finally be able to stay healthy for a whole season. Speaking of, he did not appear to reaggravate any injuries on the dance floor.

4) I learned that you don’t have to travel with the team when you’re out for the year. The Blazers were in New Orleans that night. New Orleans is renowned as an even bigger partying hotspot than Bloomington, so apparently he was willing to sacrifice.

5) No, I didn’t ask him about that cell phone photo of a certain male body part that leaked earlier this year.

So there you have it. We didn’t exactly sit back and slam Captain and Cokes with Oden, but the random run-in was one of many moments to remember in a weekend where things could easily be forgotten. And now my bachelor party, should such an event ever occur, has a standard to be topped.

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