Kyle Blanks Needs To Re-Grow His Afro

April 2, 2010 – 12:00 am by Ryan Phillips

Kyle Blanks

There’s not a whole lot to dislike about Kyle Blanks. The 23-year-old San Diego Padre is a 6’6, 270-pound outfielder who is incredibly likable, has light-tower power and actually runs well (three stolen bases and three triples this spring, and an inside-the-park home run last year). The only thing keeping him from being a household name is the lack of something quirky that would grab everyone’s attention. Sadly, up until spring training last year, Blanks had just such a quirk:


Behold the Blanks fro. It’s just the right mix of sweet hair and old-school cool that is currently missing from baseball. The look is so straight out of the ’70s you have to wonder if Blanks had been chillin’ in a Hot Tub Time Machine before being transported to the future so he could teach us all how to be cool.

I have no idea who told Blanks to cut that thing, but whoever it was made a huge mistake. Just look the picture on his Yahoo! information page. It’s seriously almost perfect. Too good to be true. What could be better than a mammoth outfielder with an afro that belongs on a 145-pound second baseman from the ’72 Pirates?

Blanks was awesome this spring in Arizona. He has hit .407, with two home runs, 11 extra base hits and 16 RBI. While we love him as a player, we’d love him even more if he’d go back to his former look.

So we are starting the movement here and now: Kyle Blanks, please, please grow back your Afro. We need it, you need it, the San Diego Padres need it.

More pictures after the jump if you aren’t already convinced of the Blanks fro’s awesomeness.



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  1. One Response to “Kyle Blanks Needs To Re-Grow His Afro”

  2. NO, no, no, no, no. The afro was terrible! He’s so much dreamier without it.

    By Red on Apr 2, 2010

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