Gerald McCoy Might Be A Better Fit For Lions

April 13, 2010 – 2:11 pm by Ryan Phillips

As of now, most draft experts think the Detroit Lions will surely take Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh with the No. 2 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. But evidence is starting to mount that the Lions may end up going with another Big 12 defensive tackle, Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy.

According to Tom Kowalski of, McCoy might be a better fit for the scheme run by Jim Schwartz’s team. McCoy is a much more effective pass rusher than Suh is, but the former Cornhusker might be the most dominant prospect to come out of college football in a decade or so.

ESPN’s Todd McShay disagrees with Kowalski’s assessment, stating that Suh is a better fit for the Lions because Detroit needs a dominant physical presence up front. However, many people feel McCoy may be the best all-around player in the draft because of his ability to rush the passer.

Scouts Inc. grades Suh out as a 97 and McCoy as a 98, making McCoy the highest rated player on that board.

Suh’s only drawbacks seems to be questions about knee injuries (knee surgery in 2005, minor knee injury in spring of 2007) and a lack of “elite first-step quicks” despite overall good agility skills. He’s more of a bull-rusher in pass rushing situations and uses his strength to gain leverage and collapse pockets. He’s less of a “moves” guy and more of a power rusher. Suh also has off-the-charts intangibles, “Passionate about the game. No concerns regarding work ethic (or) off the field issues. Coaches rave about his football character.”

McCoy has shown the toughness to play through injuries and is an excellent pass rusher along with being solid against the run. McCoy has “Elite first-step quickness” and penetrates using excellent moves and quickness. He also has outstanding balance and can change direction and close with an excellent burst despite possessing good size for a tackle (6’4, 295). McCoy is also listed as possession near-perfect intangibles, “He is a well-respected leader and was voted a team captain. Serves as president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Also a member of the AFCA good works team.”

So which way will the Lions go? Both guys sound like almost perfect players. Both are almost undoubtedly the top two players in the 2010 NFL Draft. So, should the Lions go with the better pass rusher or the more disruptive, stronger guy?

Sadly, Detroit’s franchise quarterback Matt Stafford is probably begging the team to consider grabbing a different Big 12 tackle – Oklahoma State offensive tackle Russell Okung.

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  1. 30 Responses to “Gerald McCoy Might Be A Better Fit For Lions”

  2. Please drop down and pickup Brandon Graham DE of Michigan! -Lions Fan Matthew

    By Matthew on Apr 13, 2010

  3. With New England nosing around for McCoy, Lions should trade #2 pick for all three New England second rounders. Depth anyone?

    By J-dog on Apr 14, 2010

  4. Are both of you nuts? Mccoy or suh are much better than graham. Graham is good, but com’on! As for the patriots, they would never trade all three picks. Why not take the best player you can take, okung, mccoy, or suh. Millen is gone, so they won’t take Dez Bryant.

    By What? on Apr 14, 2010

  5. The Lions need to just give up the quick fix and do it right, build from the bottom up, their fans have to have some patience by now, same with the 49ers, it starts with defense and then protecting the QB. Help, Help, Help

    By Bob on Apr 15, 2010

  6. It is whats up front that counts. Offensive goal is greater than the hole on defence. Lets wake up to reality. We need big man up front to block. Help…….quote from any Detroit QB in the last 12 years.

    By Denzomi on Apr 15, 2010

  7. The Lions O-Line isn’t that bad. They picked up Sims from Seattle to fill their weakest position.

    They need Defense – Defense – Defense. Either Suh or Eric Berry will help immediately, but Suh fills a more important need.

    By Whole Enchilada on Apr 15, 2010

  8. are you kidding me take mccoy..hes stayed healthy his whole college career!! the lions dont need another bust

    By dave on Apr 16, 2010


    By KINCH on Apr 16, 2010

  10. Dave, your an idiot. Let me guess you like the Big 10 or the SEC??

    By Beth on Apr 16, 2010

  11. It looks like Washington is trying to get rid of Hainsworth. Any chance that the Lions could swing a deal with Washington where the lions get the 5th pick and Hainsworth for the No. 2? The Lions could then get both stud defensive and offensive tackles. I yunderstand that Washington may consider a 4th or 5th round pick for Hainsworth. In addition, there are some who feel that both Suh and McCoy could make terrific defensive ends in a 3-4 scheme which, by the way, Washington is changing to (that’s why Hainsworth is suddenly expendable).

    By Midland Fan on Apr 16, 2010

  12. Hey Midland Fan, that’s the most sense I’ve seen ’round here in a long time…probably need to toss a 4th or so back to Wash, but I LOVE IT!

    By Silverstreak on Apr 16, 2010

  13. Midland Fan and Silverstreak: Hainsworth to Detroit will not happen this year! Washington just cut another check for 21 Million and Detroit cannot pay Washington any of that money back as part of a trade due to NFL by laws.

    By PrideLand on Apr 16, 2010

  14. Go for defense, going for offense at this point is senseless. If the defense can hold off the other team, we won’t get our offense on the field often enough for it to matter.

    By Jbar56 on Apr 16, 2010

  15. OKUNG! Fix O-line! Franchise QB can’t throw TD’s on his back looking up at the lights. Suh=one-game wonder.

    By sammy on Apr 16, 2010

  16. Opposing defenses won’t be able to tee-off on Stafford if the defense can stop people from scoring. When you’re down by 3+ scores every game, they know you’re going to pass and will rush the passer. Having a better defense helps the O-line.

    By Ghostwalker283 on Apr 16, 2010

  17. U guys r all nuts!! Y not take Suh. He is by far the 1 spot the lions need over any other position. So this talk about Hainsworth would be the worst move since Millen came to the team! And y would u trade NE for there pick. To get another overrated player from U of M. This is the dumbest sh&t I have ever heard!!!! Thank god u guys don’t work for the team. Cause they r finally moving in the right direction!!!!

    By cj3 on Apr 17, 2010

  18. We need defense not a tackle Mayhew/Schwartz

    By Paul on Apr 18, 2010

  19. Trade the pick and plug a bunch of holes instead of one.

    By rob on Apr 19, 2010

  20. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. The article states that McCoy is a better pass rusher. Really? Suh had twice as many sacks last year as McCoy. Suh had more tackles for loss last year than McCoy. Suh had twice as many tackles that McCoy last year. In what would is McCoy a better pick. I just don’t get it. I hope Suh doesn’t get stuck playing in Detroit but hands down he is a better pick.

    By Brian on Apr 19, 2010

  21. Tampa is going to take Suh or Mccoy, so neither will be left for anyone else

    By mike on Apr 19, 2010

  22. SUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPERMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suh is the man enough said. And yes GBR!!!!

    By Ryan on Apr 19, 2010

  23. Tampa WILL take Suh or McCoy whom either will suceed in the Tampa 2. GO BUCS!

    By Miko on Apr 20, 2010

  24. The Lions have many needs so as long as they don’t draft a wide receiver they can’t go wrong. Suh or McCoy would be a good start but don’t be surprised if they are not as successful in the NFL. Faster bigger players will take there toll on them and slow them down. They won’t be in Kansas anymore trust me.

    By Jever Forever on Apr 20, 2010

  25. You know what? The Hainsworth idea isn’t bad. Detroit could still get a good pick and get the fat one from the Redskins. Nah, go with McCoy because is overall ability overshadows Suh. Detroit did fill the void on the line for now but still draft a lineman later after they get another running back.

    By Beast on Apr 21, 2010

  26. Take Suh. Anyone that strong is a nightmare for offensive linemen to deal with. Besides, the guy just looks like one of those old-school SOB’s you see on NFL Films. Joe Greene, anyone?

    By Tom G. on Apr 21, 2010

  27. Lions should take Prince (UCLA) in 2nd. round.
    Then take Altron Vernor (UCLA) in 4th.

    By Tommy on Apr 22, 2010

  28. The Lions never have known to pick right. Looking back at earlier drafts, the Sporting News had them selecting Jerry Rice and Drew Breese. So, just who did they take in those years? I don’t remember either.
    And running backs???? Johnson from USC could be a real sleeper, taken in a later round. But the Lions don’t like west coast players.

    By Tommy on Apr 22, 2010

  29. Suh tested faster than McCoy in all of the agility drills, Blew him away in strength and explosion (verticle and bench). Doubled his college statistics with less surrounding cast against the same fo’s (both big12). How on earth is this a debate?

    By brian on Apr 22, 2010

  30. Anyone saying that Suh will be a bust is ignorant.

    By jack on Apr 22, 2010

  31. Suh….easy. He’s the real McCoy!

    By Six on Apr 22, 2010

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