No Way. No Freaking Way!

March 22, 2010 – 3:04 am by Hickey


Baseball season is still two weeks away from us, but that hasn’t stopped newly acquired Mariner Milton Bradley from getting a quick start to some old habits.

No, I’m not talking about throwing a ball into the stands with two outs, silly.  I’m talking about getting ejected from baseball games before the regular season even gets started.

Milt Cool has already been given the heave-ho from two spring training games — in a row, mind you — which is pretty amazing when you consider that no one should really be arguing about anything during spring training. The only people who are supposed to stress at all in March are the guys fighting to avoid starting the year in Triple-A. Then again, this is the guy who once tore his ACL arguing with an ump. (I don’t care if the ump clearly egged him on in that incident, it still happened).

Seattle fancies itself a playoff contender after getting Cliff Lee in the offseason, but as last year displayed, there’s nothing like having Milton in your clubhouse to destroy any chemistry your team hoped to have. Oh wait, that was just the fault of racist Cubs fans. Milton’s attitude has nothing to do with it. Just like these two ejections.

In fairness to Milton Bradley, the above photo was taken several teams and ejections ago and is not a reflection of his most recent actions.

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  1. 13 Responses to “No Way. No Freaking Way!”

  2. Everyone keeps taking a chance on this guy, yet it’s the same story in every city.

    By Living with Balls on Mar 22, 2010

  3. this guy just finshed goofing up the cubs, and many other teams. HE NEEDS PHYSCO HELP BEFORE HE HURTS SOMEONE OR HIMSELF

    By bob lesenyie on Mar 22, 2010

  4. space…………the final frontiere

    By phil on Mar 22, 2010

  5. Bradley is washed up anyway, what do teams see in him besides a side show freak?

    By j truman on Mar 22, 2010

  6. Poor Milton. He was probably provoked by a fan, or an ump, or a coach, or a manager, or a teammate, or ……..

    By RFS on Mar 23, 2010

  7. This GUY is a loser!!!!!!!!

    By terryknight on Mar 23, 2010

  8. The guy is loony toons! I was really hoping he’d chill out once he went to Seattle, but he’s obviously just as big of a spaz as ever. At least they’ll have endless entertainment with him around I guess.

    By Sooze on Mar 23, 2010

  9. This guy is nuts. He will never change.

    By Ron Robertson on Mar 23, 2010

  10. What’s that I just heard? Chicago Cubs fans heaving a sigh of relief followed quickly by their best imitation of Nelson Muntz?

    By MJenks on Mar 24, 2010

  11. Wow, give a guy a chance. He didn’t blow up at anybody. He didn’t rant and rage. He didn’t do hardly anything.

    One ejection was an honest mistake. He thought it was the 3rd out and stood around at the plate a few seconds while he started to undo his batting glove. So many guys do that on out #3 while they wait for someone to bring their glove. The AAA ump took it as a sign of disrespect because of Milton’s history and tossed him. A little uncalled for.

    The second was probably more called for. The ump called a high pitch for a strike and Milton questioned the call. No problem. Muttered something that no one else except the ump heard on the way to the dugout. Gets tossed. Justified ejection? Probably. Ump being a little touchy and listening harder to catch him messing up? Probably. No big deal. It’s SPRING TRAINING.

    Let it go. If Milton goes all Lou Pinella on someone, then you can talk about “here we go again”. Otherwise, let the guy have some peace. He deserves an adjustment period. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    By BB on Mar 25, 2010

  12. That pic of Milton could just as easily be Sweet Lou throwing third base. Funny picture. :-)

    By BB on Mar 25, 2010

  13. Last point. I have heard nothing about Milton destroying the Mariners clubhouse chemistry. All the M’s players I have heard have really banded together and been supportive of Milton.

    This was between Milton and the Umps. That’s it. Don’t read more into it than is there please.

    By BB on Mar 25, 2010

  14. BB, clearly you are an M’s fan hoping for the best, just as I was a year ago. Just remember, kids pick on the kid who is most likely to fly into a rage but not have the ability to do anything about it. Umps will do the same thing with Milton.

    And based on the first ejection, it looks like Milton’s biggest issue may still be figuring out how to count to three. Somebody needs to get this guy some ritalin.

    By Hick Flick on Mar 25, 2010

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