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March 2, 2010 – 9:02 pm by McD

100 days until the World Cup begins – Steady Burn

Apparently, it’s “safe” for the Big Ten to expand. I’m glad it’s Rutgers getting all the talk. Heaven knows we wouldn’t want anyone actually good at any sports to join the league – No Guts, No Glory

Tony Greene is bad at being a referee – Strait Pinkie

The top ten baseball video games. World Series baseball is fantastic, but there was some computer game Phillips had that had the greatest intro ever. Back when EA Sports tried. The hook. The hammer, etc – Gunaxin

Why the Redskins should go after Miles Austin – National Football Post

Taylor Mays is fast –

Really fast – Pro Football Talk

The Boston Celtics: A Major League letdown – Hardwood Paroxysm

Stuart Holden is money. Of course he is. – The Guardian

The interrogation of Dez Bryant – Fanhouse

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