Jake Peavy Got Things Started

March 1, 2010 – 7:57 pm by McD


The Adrian Gonzalez Contract Situation isn’t so much a sword of Damocles for the San Diego Padres as a guillotine waiting to drop and mercifully end all the speculation. Some one is going to do the impulsive thing this summer and trade their whole farm system to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez’s services. They COULD just wait a year and get him without dealing anything, but then it wouldn’t be the hot stove, would it?

Former Padre, and current Chicago White Stocking, Jake Peavy got the festivities kicked off with a month to go in spring training by lobbying GM Kenny Williams for the White Sox to deal for the Padres’ only good player. Apparently, Peavy is quite the fan.

But my favorite part of this is something I can’t link to since ESPN (uncooly) makes you pay for Insider’s rumors page, which is where we got this story. Buster Olney knows the only way the Padres take any deal from the White Sox is if Gordon Beckham is part of the deal. But he knows the White Sox would be out of their minds to deal Beckham. Out. Of. Their. Minds.

I’m actually not entirely sure what position Mr. Beckham plays, but I do know that he’s f*cking potentially good at baseball, so hey, good prospects for the Padres!

But the recurring theme of my summer is this: The San Diego Padres cannot, under any circumstances, trade Adrian Gonzalez and they must sign him to a long-term deal, no matter how expensive.

Not because he’s so amazingly good. There are actually several more productive and efficient first-basemen out there. They should keep him at all costs because Petco Park will be even more of a ghost town if a team of prospects and randoms (Hairston Bros. anyone?) is running out there. Besides, the only reason Gonzalez’s offensive numbers aren’t better is because he is the only good hitter in the worst lineup in baseball.

This town needs a reason to come watch baseball. I love me some Kyle Blanks, Everth Cabrera, Mat Latos, and Will Venable, but I have no use for a star-less team. The organization has to show it cares, that it has a vision and can build around some one. Hell , even the cheap-ass A’s kept Eric Chavez all these years, and he’s WAY worse than Gonzalez.

There is simply no deal out there for Gonzalez that wouldn’t destroy this team’s present and leave its future with the same question marks it already has.

I mean, unless we get Jake Peavy in the deal. Then I’m all in.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Jake Peavy Got Things Started”

  2. First of all, it was pretty lazy of you not to just google Gordon Beckham and see that he’s a 3B who already made an impact in the majors last year, he’s not a prospect. And secondly, how are the Padres going to build around AG? What prospects do they have coming down the pipeline to surround him with? The answer is none. And you don’t have the money to sign a free agent either. Would you really rather that they hang on to an All-Star and continue to be horrible for a decade rather than trade him for a couple of good young players and contend for the division in three or four years with a different team makeup? Aside from that, Kyle Blanks is a natural 1B. Would you really be that pissed if your team built around him instead along with whoever you got for AG? Your only options are hang on to AG and suck for a decade, or trade him and get better as a team in a few years. Again, maybe do some more research next time before you sit down to write.

    By Jeremy Hawn on Mar 3, 2010

  3. Jeremy,
    Appreciate the comment, but how could you not see that he was trying to be funny about the Beckham thing? He was saying he didn’t want to even look him up because he doesn’t care. No matter how good he is, the White Sox won’t deal him and the Padres won’t send A-Gon without him. Therefore any potential deal is dead before it even breathes.

    By Phillips on Mar 3, 2010

  4. Actually, Beckham is gonna play second for the Sox this year. I just don’t care and neither do the Sox since they won’t trade him. And actually he’s right, the Padres have no more prospects. But not because the minors suck, those guys are just all on the 40-man roster now.

    By McD on Mar 4, 2010

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