Todd McShay Tries To Find Something Nice To Say About Tim Tebow

February 1, 2010 – 5:19 pm by Ryan Phillips


No matter which source you consult it’s widely recognized that Tim Tebow did nothing to help his rapidly descending stock at the Senior Bowl. He fumbled snaps, looked awkward on his drop-backs, floated deep passes and took far too long to release his throws.

I’m sure Todd McShay didn’t meant to pile on to Tebow’s obviously awful week, but the Scouts Inc. draft guru (also known as Diet Mel Kiper) gave the Florida quarterback a D+ rating for his week-long descent into Andre Woodson range.

Though Tebow probably isn’t familiar with the A through F grading system used by most schools – I mean he was home-schooled then went to the University of Florida, not exactly bastions of higher learning – I’m sure he’ll get the gist of what McShay meant by the letter/symbol combo if he reads the full report.

An excerpt:

“Tebow came to Mobile, Ala., with a chance to prove he can be an effective NFL quarterback, but if he could go back in time, he likely would choose not to come to the Senior Bowl.”


McShay goes on to say that while Tebow showed good arm strength, handled the media frenzy and even played through a case of strep throat, he also showed all the weaknesses that everyone feared he had. The setting of the Senior Bowl only further magnified those problems and put them out there for everyone to see.

In a group of average quarterbacks, Tebow ranked towards the bottom. Further, most observers walked away from the week almost sure that Tebow would never be an NFL quarterback. McShay added that if Tebow were to become a legit quarterback in the NFL he’d have to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. And there are no examples available of an NFL quarterback who had to remake his entire game before finding success at that level. Anyone who was considering taking Tebow in the opening two rounds of the draft has likely scrapped any plans to do so.

Not one talent evaluator believes Tebow can develop into the kind of quarterback Mark Sanchez, Matt Stafford or Joe Flacco is currently.

Scouts Inc., try and the might, couldn’t find any possible way to give Tebow anything above a third-round grade. And if taken there it is as nothing more than a wildcat quarterback who could move to H-back.

Yeah, so the Senior Bowl didn’t exactly go well for everyone’s favorite virgin performer of Filipino circumcisions.

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  2. Mahatma Dungy and Spittin’ Lou Holtz both have said they would take him number one in the entire draft. McShay is an idiot, but I’m with him on this one. ” Diet Mel Kiper”….love it !!!

    By LR. on Feb 1, 2010

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