Link Dump!

February 24, 2010 – 6:16 pm by McD

No, I don’t remember Devan Downey – Strait Pinkie

Ozzie Guillen has a twitter now? I’m surprised it’s legible – Sun Times

I’m linking solely for the headline: Nick Punto: Piranah or Rabid Chihuahua? – Star Trib

If that ’99-’00 Michigan State backcourt had one more year together, basketball people would still pleasure themselves to the game footage – Not Qualified to Comment

Grading the midseason NBA trades – The Hoop Doctors

Sympathy for Kornheiser – Slate

Did some one say early-90’s Cincinnati Reds footage? – Big League Stew

Scott Tolzien: best of the Badger “managers”? – Dr. Saturday

The Darrent Williams murder trial might explain a lot about Brandon Marshall – Deadspin

Stuart Holden is finally getting on the pitch in the Prem – Soccer by Ives

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