EPSN Screws Up

February 15, 2010 – 9:29 pm by Hickey

Thanks to our good friend Thporth for finding the following image:


I guess I could understand how people not from the Midwest could confuse UNI and NIU. After all, acronyms can be pretty puzzling.

However, for future reference, I’d like to point out the following: Northern Iowa (UNI) is currently ranked 18th in the ESPN poll and 19th in the AP poll. Northern Illinois (NIU) is currently 8-16 with eight straight losses. If they suspended a player for three games, it would not make national headlines. In fact, if they suspended three players for three games it wouldn’t make national news.

Oh, one more thing: the logo three inches away from the headline says “UNI.” You might want to check that out next time.

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