Your College Football Bowl Preview Part Three

December 24, 2009 – 9:20 pm by McD


Since you don’t have to do anything with family again until next Thanksgiving, you might as well max out on football while it’s still on television. Kidding. I’m kidding. We all know you’re going to watch football on Thanksgiving anyway. Christmas too.

Speaking of Christmas, my Chargers play Christmas night, and I have to DVR it. And before you say it, I’m not checking the comments section of the site until after I’ve watched the game later Christmas night, you asses.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

1 pm ET

Little Caesar’s Bowl

Marshall (6-6) vs. Ohio (9-4) (-3)

Okay, let me get this straight. Marshall is playing with an interim coach because their coach for 2009 resigned because the team wasn’t winning. Yet, that same team is in a bowl game for the first time since 2004. Is that about right? Yeah, that makes no sense. Firing Bill Lynch does, though, especially if IU only wins four games again next year.

Otherwise, though Ohio is the much better team here, I’m worried about the success of teams with interim coaches and I’m worried about picking Ohio because I haven’t watched one game involving either of these teams. They could secretly suck and I’d never know it. I should have watched the MAC title game, but I was completely sure Central Michigan was going to win. And now here we are….

Pick: Ohio

4:30 pm ET

Meineke Car Care Bowl

(17) Pittsburgh (9-3) vs. North Carolina (8-4) (+2.5)

I don’t know what the final score will be in this game, but I’d be shocked if either one of these teams broke 25 points. Despite their showing against Cincinnati, Pitt’s offense isn’t what you’d call “dynamic.” And UNC’s offense just plain sucks and has all year. In other words, friends, expect a snoozer that ends up with the announcers pretending it was exciting because Dion Lewis makes a big play or two. I don’t know. Maybe it ends up close at the end of a big defensive struggle. What am I, an expert?

The big thing for me is the condition of Pitt. UNC knows they were the good bad team, as it were. But after their season-ending meltdown against Cincinnati and the bad loss to West Virginia the week before, I’m wondering about the mental state of this team. Also, I’m wondering what the f*ck happened to make them so terrible after they looked so good against Notre Dame. Too many questions heading into a bowl game to make me totally comfortable. When in doubt, I’m going against Wanny.

Pick: UNC

8 pm ET

Emerald Bowl

Boston College (8-4) vs. (24) Southern California (8-4) (-7.5)

I’m positive USC is going to cover, but it might be a close cover. The Trojans were so f*cking bad this year that their downfall all season wasn’t a surprise, necessarily, but the way they lost was amazing. Suddenly, the defense couldn’t stop anyone and the offense was so conservative and predictable, Rush Limbaugh thought they needed to loosen up a little. I have no idea why USC’s offensive system devolved into predictable power runs and the inevitable play-action bootlegs, but that’s what happened. At least we know the defense was just young, losing nine starters to the NFL draft. But the offense…my god it was terrible. How did this happen? That’s the question of the offseason for Pete Carroll.

Pick: USC

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