Your AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl Preview

December 27, 2009 – 10:48 pm by McD


My original preview for this game turned into the Pete Carroll Game phenomenon, so go read there because I’m too lazy to type anything new at the moment. Read on to see me get out a bit of rage toward Texas A&M.

Monday, December 28, 2009

5 pm ET

AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl

Texas A&M (6-6) vs. Georgia (7-5) (-7)

The Aggies’ defense was essentially one or two plays away from putting TCU into the BCS Championship Game and making everything right in the world. The world needed more BCS chaos, especially if the system put Cincinnati into the title game instead of the Horned Frogs. So lame. F*ck you, Aggie defense.

Which actually leads me nicely into explaining why this might be the worst bowl game featuring two major-conference teams.

Both the Aggies and Bulldogs are teams with halfway decent offenses, though that might be a bit more of a stretch for Georgia than for Texas A&M. Georgia’s O features exactly one star in A.J. Green and absolutely no quarterbacks or running backs worth mentioning. It’s as close to a star-less system as you can get. On the A&M side, I’ve seen Jerrod Johnson play (and even used him in the video game), but he is the only playmaker on that entire unit. It helps that he’s the quarterback, but still.

Worse, both teams have absolutely atrocious defenses. Again, these are major-conference teams who recruit high-level players pretty consistently. And yet neither can field a defense that can consistently stop Southlake Carroll High School, let alone anyone in their respective conferences. It’s ugly, I tells ya. So ugly, in fact, that Georgia fired three defensive assistants, including defensive coordinator Willie Martinez. In fact, there are only two people in charge of Georgia’s defense for this bowl game.

Rumors are that Mark Richt was just trying to save his job, since his teams routinely underachieve, but I don’t think anyone can agree those guys were running an amazing unit. I have no idea what Mike Sherman’s plans for his defense are. I assume he’s just trying to improve the mess Dennis Franchione left him.

Anyway, there should be a few good plays on offense for both teams followed by some freebies for the depleted defenses. But I’m going with the team that actually has an entire defensive staff for the bowl game.

Pick: Texas A&M

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  1. 2 Responses to “Your AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl Preview”

  2. I just want to thank everyone in the media for giving my Dawgs defense such a hard time over the last month. Was a good inspiration to them so they could go out and embarrass a big 12 squad which had a great offense all season. Don’t Hate! Go Dawgs!
    BTW I agree it would of been great if A&M would of beaten Texas

    By Jay on Dec 29, 2009

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