Several Teams Crazy Enough To Employ Milton Bradley

December 8, 2009 – 2:04 am by Ryan Phillips

Milton Bradley

In news that’s shocking to basically everyone in the baseball world – especially Cubs fans – several teams have expressed interest in taking Milton Bradley off the Chicago Cubs’ hands. The Cubs are desperate to dump Bradley and the $21 million left on his contract and several teams have tried to work deals to snag the certifiably insane outfielder.

The Tampa Bay Rays would like to work a deal deal to get Pat Burrell off their hands, but the Cubs would have to make up a large chunk of the $15 million difference in the players’ salaries. Another team with reported interest is the Texas Rangers, where Bradley thrived in 2008 before making a move to the North side.

Tonight, ESPN’s Jayson Stark has said the Rays haven’t completely backed out of a trade for Bradley, but a proposed three-way swap with the Mets is off the table. Money is apparently the problem with the deal for Tampa.

Stark is also claiming that two or three new teams are expressing interest in Bradley since the start of the winter meetings. That would mean that a total of four or five teams have expressed any interest whatsoever in Milton Bradley. That’s four or five more teams than should be interested in the guy.

Have baseball executives really not learned their lesson with this guy? How many chances does he get to just shut up and be a good citizen? Hell, Ron Artest even figured it out after a while. He was good in Houston and has been nothing if not a model citizen with the Los Angeles Lakers. Bradley is a different guy and he’s been given plenty of chances to turn things around. He hasn’t.

Seriously, when teams started approaching Cubs GM Jim Hendry, he probably turned to them with a shocked look on his face and said, “You guys know what happened with him last year, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’d include my mother in a deal if it would get him off my hands, but I just can’t sell him off without giving you the CarFax.”

So where will Milton Bradley be playing next year? I really don’t care, but it sure will be fun when the entire world can say “I told you so” to whichever team’s GM is polishing up his resume once Bradley melts down again.

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