Piss On The NFC East

December 28, 2009 – 1:55 am by Hickey


Were you aware that there are other divisions in the NFL besides the NFC East? I was recently apprised of this development and I’m still not sure what my proper reaction should be.

Or at least that would be the possible response of someone who gleaned most of their NFL knowledge from what is presented on national TV broadcasts. For the third straight week we were presented with an all-NFC East matchup on either Sunday Night or Monday Night Football, and for the second straight week it was a contest that featured the ultra-crappy Washington Football Club.

The Monday Night game is more understandable, since they draw that schedule up before the season starts and traditional rivalry matchups are generally a safe bet when that is the case. But there is no excuse whatsoever for NBC wasting a flex game on such an obviously lopsided matchup as the Cowboys and Skins. Washington has sucked all year, and there was no way they were going to be good by the time this game rolled around. You could have picked virtually any other game on the NFL schedule and it would have been a better matchup — for instance, why not the 7-7 Dolphins vs. the 7-7 Texans in a must-win game for both teams?

But hey, I’m sure America thoroughly enjoyed watching Washington get drilled two straight weeks. If anybody even tuned in in the first place.

Unfortunately, this NFC East creamfest does not limit itself to games between teams in the division. Early on during last week’s Packers-Steelers telecast, Joe Buck took the time to let us know how the NFC East standings stood. You know, since ┬áit was highly pertinent to what was going on with these teams that don’t actually play in that division.

The NFC East is a highly competitive division, and its teams play in some of the bigger markets in the league. It’s understandable that they would have a little more pull in terms of getting these national games. But this month, it’s gotten far out of hand. It never ceases to amaze me how often TV people forget that our country actually does extend from sea to shining sea.

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  1. 5 Responses to “Piss On The NFC East”

  2. So true. And yet, the slop we get to watch is presented as the greatest ever, greatest of all time, etc. It’s insulting to fans.

    By LR. on Dec 28, 2009

  3. The NFC East standings were pertinent to the Packers because they needed a loss from the Cowboys and (at the time)/or a loss from the Giants coupled with a win to get into the playoffs.

    By MJenks on Dec 28, 2009

  4. It’s funny that you bring this up cause I was just thinking today about how the NFC East is the most watched division in football. But you did mention the main point though, the NFC East teams are basically in the best football markets and therefore get more of an audience, even for a lopsided match.

    Truth is, the Cowboys are still America’s Team and if they are playing even decently, the networks all want a piece of the ratings they bring.

    Nice rant though. =P

    By Dallas Cowboys Nation on Dec 30, 2009

  5. I spit up my coke when I read this… the bitterness is obvious!

    By Dallas Cowboys Packages on Aug 3, 2010

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