Marisa Miller Picture and Today’s Links

December 16, 2009 – 12:58 am by Ryan Phillips


Marisa Miller looks expensive.

Bill Walton rapping is one of the best things ever – Unathletic

Damn. White boy got ups – Outside the Boxscore

Mike Holmgren to the Browns as their GM? – No Guts, No Glory

Even if Vandy came to the Big Ten, my beloved Hoosiers would still occupy the cellar until they grew a pair – With Leather

JaMarcus Russell is one of the best things to happen to bloggers this NFL season. Bar none – Club Seat

Some one said WCW wrestlers, so I’m linking. Plus it’s about college football – Friends of the Program

You know what’s crazy? I don’t are about this lingerie football league at all – Busted Coverage

Yet more ways for your girl to make sports less fun – Joe Sports Fan

The article is about doping, but I’m supremely creeped out by this guy’s face – NY Times

Oh, and the Mariner’s fanblog talking about The Trade – USS Mariner

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  2. Ugh! This link dump makes me want to stop following you…

    By Samantha on Dec 17, 2009

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