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December 30, 2009 – 10:43 pm by McD

It’s what you get for being a dipsh*t and standing on the field when some one is hitting a baseball – Unathletic

I forgot about a lot of this post 9/11 stuff in sports – Randall Simon’s Sausages

Houston Nutt is quite the showman – Friends of the Program

A few emails in support of Mike Leach. And let’s be clear while we’re at it: he wasn’t fired BECAUSE of the Adam James thing; it was just the admin’s excuse to get rid of a guy who had been looking for a different job for the past four years anyway – CBS

Goodbye Washington Times Sports section – D.C. Sports Bog

Some of the best blog posts of the year. You guys, uh, forget some one? – Steady Burn

Dude, people could have told the AP this sh*t like 25 years ago – ESPN

The last bloody Eagles/Giants fight at Giants Stadium – Busted Coverage

The top ten biggest douches in the NBA. Garnett is a good call – Not Qualified to Comment

NFL-related personalities as Mario Kart drivers? You had me at, uh, Mario – The Pigskin Doctors

A decade of Oakland Raiders football – Just Blog Baby

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