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December 29, 2009 – 9:27 pm by McD

Why the hell did Mike Leach react to the kid’s concussion like that? I mean, it was just a mild concussion, and it’s not like the kid was a starter. But I can’t help but think this controversy/suspension has happened because of the Mark Mangino situation – Unathletic

Get your total hex on Alabama gear here! – Friends of the Program

It’s a short post, but I have to link to it. Hey Colts, I could have told you Curtis Painter sucked before the season even started! So could anyone else who watched his tenure at Purdue – The Victoria Times

Hey, at least this Indy politician’s heart is in the right place. Jim Caldwell should have pulled his starters, but he totally botched the way he did it – No Guts, No Glory

See? Some one else agrees with me – Club Seat

A reaction closer to how my Colts-obsessed wife feels about the debacle at Lucas Oil Field on Sunday – With Leather

That’ll do ‘er for Phil Ivey and his wife – TMZ

Rich Brooks is pretty sure he’s done at UK – Strait Pinkie

Brandon Stokely is the first wide receiver to ever be ejected from an NFL game – Busted Coverage

The hardest college football hits of 2009…and I swear I’m not encouraging or glorifying concussions – Buster Sports

It only takes one offseason to get Mike Shanahan overrated into the greatest coach since Lombardi – Camel Clutch Blog

Bears win as Brett Favre’s homoerotic tendencies are revealed – Not Qualified to Comment

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