Your Week Ten Football Scores

November 7, 2009 – 9:00 am by McD


Record after week nine: 99-53, 73-77-2 AS

Week 10 Picks

10 am ET: Morning. I’ve been in line with the wife to get her the H1N1 shot for about two hours already so…yeah, it’s gonna be a long morning. Looking forward to an IU win over Wisconsin and all the rest of the awesome games this week. See you all day with updates.

6:15 pm ET: BWAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WAY TO GO NAVY!!!!!! Weis is so fired. Two losses to Navy in three years? Pathetic.

11:25 pm ET: Fedor did it again, winning by KO in spectacular fashion. Call me when you do it against some one good, Fedor. Damn he’s money though.

12 pm ET

(21) Wisconsin (6-2) at Indiana (4-5) (+10.5)

Pick: Indiana

Final: Wisconsin 31 Indiana 28

You know, I’m actually a little bit proud of IU this time around. Normally, Wisconsin kicks our ass up and down the field by doing exactly what they did today: run the ball, run it some more, play action pass, then run it some more. They’ve been our biggest hurdle toward becoming a consistently good team because historically, IU hasn’t been able to handle a straightforward running team like that. The Hoosiers still have issues, but today they were equipped to fight back. The defense couldn’t stop the run worth a damn, and the team was anti-clutch once again, but today they were in the game and were fighting back against an opponent that was used to being more intimidating and more physical.

All that encouraging shit said, IU still have to tackle better and still need to become a team that’s good in the clutch. They’ve played five winnable games in the last five weeks and lost every one of them except the Illinois game. Five bucks says next year’s theme for the team is “Finish!”

Record: 99-54, 74-77-2 AS

Northwestern (5-4) at (4) Iowa (9-0) (-16)

Pick: Iowa wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Northwestern 17 Iowa 10

Well shit, they didn’t have Ricky Stanzi to lead them. Of COURSE Iowa didn’t come back. He might be the greatest fourth-quarter quarterback in college football.

Either way, Iowa wasn’t a national championship team anyway. They were the definition of a house of cards from the start of the season until now and were only undefeated because of some extraordinary luck. No one could really say this team was a real contender for the title anyway. Sucks they couldn’t go down with Stanzi in there because now Iowa fan can only complain and say “what if?” which will, of course, annoy every other fan because this team was never legit to begin with.

Record: 99-55, 75-77-2  AS

12:21 pm ET

South Carolina (6-3) at Arkansas (4-4) (-7)

Pick: Arkansas wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Arkansas 33 USC 16

Stephen Garcia wasn’t bad, but Steve Spurrier got to see what a real quarterback looks like. Ryan Mallett was pretty much perfect, though he didn’t throw a touchdown. He didn’t really need to, though, as Arkansas rolled in the second half.

You’re looking at the dark horse in the SEC in 2010, America. This is going to be a sick, sick team next year, especially if they can get solid, SEC defense every game. Tebow will be gone, Alabama will still be good, but no one else is going to have much to offer in 2010 that’s markedly different than 2009. Watch out for this team.

Record: 100-55, 75-78-2 AS

12:30 pm ET

Kansas (5-3) at Kansas State (5-4) (+2.5)

Pick: Kansas

Final: K-State 17 Kansas 10

17-10 seems to be the score for upsets today, though this isn’t nearly as big an upset as Iowa/Northwestern.

And let’s face it, Bill Snyder is a hell of a football coach. The man knows how to win games. His teams won’t get you a ton of conference titles or national championships, but he’s going to produce a solid football team every time. Imagine what he could do with an actual recruiting base instead of being stuck in Manhattan, Kansas his entire career. I don’t care what anyone says, the man is a genius.

As for Kansas, their short era of being a relevant football team in the Big XII seems to be over. Todd Reesing’s senior year has been a major disappointment given how his sophomore year went.

And I feel kind of bad for KU because their football history is a lot like Indiana’s. We’re both basketball schools who just really, really want to not hate ourselves for twelve weeks in the fall. We just want a good team with the occasional wildly successful squad, like what KU had a couple years ago. Maybe Mark Mangino can keep it up, but a descent into mediocrity seems fairly likely at this point. Kansas State, guys? Really? Kansas State? Weak.

Record: 100-56, 75-79-2 AS

3:30 pm ET

(8) Oregon (7-1) at Stanford (5-3) (+7)

Pick: Oregon

Final: Stanford 51 Oregon 42

My whole preview was about how Oregon could easily lose this game, but I went with them instead. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

What I didn’t expect was Stanford winning a shootout against Oregon’s offense. That’s really impressive for what was thought to be something of a “dial-up” unit. You know, because they’re slow and outdated. But the Ducks got tore up and Toby Gerhart had 222 yards on the Ducks defense. Pretty much exactly what Oregon did to USC last week.

So way to go, Oregon. Way to hand a co-title to USC so the streak continues when it should have ended. Everyone knows that if you two tie for the title, the BCS will take the Trojans. So woo hoo more of the same. Way to step on your dicks, losers.

Record: 100-57, 75-80-2 AS

Wake Forest (4-5) at (10) Georgia Tech (8-1) (-15)

Pick: Georgia Tech wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Georgia Tech 30 Wake Forest 27

Quite the exciting overtime game tonight. Tech even went for it on fourth and one near the goal line in OT when a field goal would have tied it. Had they failed, it would have been a Bill Lynch-esque disaster of playcalling, but they got it so it’s just questionable. Fantastic win for my guys down in Atlanta. That much closer to bringing the triple option back to the BCS.

Record: 101-57, 76-80-2 AS

Duke (5-3) at North Carolina (5-3) (-10)

Pick: North Carolina wins but doesn’t cover

Final: UNC 19 Duke 6

Basically take the hype and excitement during a Duke/UNC basketball game, think of the exact opposite, and that was this football game.

Record: 102-57, 76-81-2 AS

(16) Ohio State (7-2) at (11) Penn State (8-1) (-5)

Pick: Penn State

Final: OSU 24 PSU 7

Speaking of stepping on their dicks, Penn State basically handed the Big Ten to Ohio State yet again with this shitty loss. Pryor wasn’t even amazing tonight. He was just average and made a few plays. But that was enough for Ohio State to de-pants Penn State in a game that should have been a runaway for the Nittany Lions but instead became yet another choke job in a big game by Daryll Clark. I have no idea if he’s been a choker in big games or not, I’m really just pissed he was so shitty tonight. Way to crap on those pre-season expectations, guys. Have fun in the fucking Gator Bowl.

Record: 102-58, 76-82-2 AS

(9) LSU (7-1) at (3) Alabama (8-0) (-7.5)

Pick: Alabama wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Alabama 24 LSU 15

Who knew the LSU offense would need Jordan Jefferson that badly? Once he went out and then once Charles Scott went out, that was pretty much it for the Tigers.

I don’t even know what else to say. This game was kind of a crapfest with a few big plays in there. Alabama’s in the SEC title game against Florida no matter what now, but can anyone say either of those teams looks invincible? It’s important to both to not lose until they meet in December, but other than that, this could be the worst national championship matchup ever. I can’t wait for the media to try to hype up Florida/Texas in January. Two shit offenses and quality defenses squaring off in a 13-10 thriller! Woo!

Record: 103-58, 76-83-2 AS

Army (3-5) at Air Force (5-4) (-17)

Pick: Air Force wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Air Force 35 Army 7

Kind of a beating, but hey, Navy beat Notre Dame again, so who cares!

Record: 104-58, 76-84-2 AS

4 pm ET

(6) Texas Christian (8-0) at San Diego State (4-4) (+24.5)

Pick: TCU wins but doesn’t cover

Final: TCU 55 SDSU 12


Record: 105-58, 76-85-2 AS

7:30 pm ET

(15) Houston (7-1) at Tulsa (4-4) (+1.5)

Pick: Houston

Final: Houston 46 Tulsa 45

If Case Keenum isn’t at the Heisman Trophy ceremony this year, the award doesn’t count. This is a team of destiny and he just keeps bringing them back to win. Can’t BELIEVE they pissed the BCS away against UTEP.

Record: 106-58, 76-86-2 AS

8 pm ET

(12) Southern California (6-2) at Arizona State (4-4) (+10)

Pick: USC

Final: USC 14 ASU 9

This is more along the lines of what I expected all season from USC. Playing defense, lots of penalties, not scoring that many points, crappy performances from Barkley etc, etc. Getting involved in a couple of shootouts was not something we’re accustomed to from the last couple USC teams. Either way, the Oregon loss still would have probably happened, but that Washington loss looks more pathetic by the day. UCLA might give USC a game if SC keeps this shit up.

The Pac-10 is all on Arizona’s shoulders now. USC needs the Wildcats to beat Oregon for the Trojans to tie for the conference title…again. And an Oregon loss to Arizona isn’t, like, out of the realm of possibility. This is not the greatest Ducks team ever. They just caught USC at the perfect time and tore them up.

Basically, the Pac-1o is like the Big Ten. There are a plenty of decent teams, but absolutely no one you would say is a team that should be in the top ten. Plenty of mediocrity to go around in 2009, it seems.

Yet another loss against the number for me. Awesome. This is probably my worst week ever.

Record: 107-58, 76-87-2 AS

Connecticut (4-4) at (5) Cincinnati (8-0) (-17)

Pick: Cincinnati

Final: UC 47 UConn 45

Dear God,

Please help and watch over Cincinnati as they try to make the uholy BCS Championship game. As warriors for light, they face constant trial and tribulation, but they have kept their faith and their minds on you and are still undefeated. We must beat these forces of darkness who have preordained a Big XII/SEC matchup in the title game. They cannot be allowed to decide before a season who shall possess the right to play for glory. They are evil, Lord, and we are your warriors. Please guide these Bearcats, as well as TCU and Boise State, and help them be a shining beacon of awesomeness in a dark world of major-conference homerism and corruption.


Record after week ten: 108-58, 76-88-2 AS

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  1. 5 Responses to “Your Week Ten Football Scores”

  2. It wasn’t just a loss to Navy. Navy fucking dominated Notre Dame.

    Someone get Brian Kelly on the phone.

    By Matt J. on Nov 7, 2009

  3. Navy when lost to Temple is more of a shock than them beating Some times you can’t measure “top tier” atheletes by forty times and bench press reps. Sometimes it’s what is between the ears and in the heart that makes the difference.

    By Stephen on Nov 9, 2009

  4. Where’s the love for UC,LA getting off the schneid in the PAC-10? Kevin Craft managed not to suck too badly.

    By Booter on Nov 9, 2009

  5. Stephen, Navy came to South Bend to play. Navy was clearly better coached and better prepared. They played smart football. They played with heart and with a desire to win.

    ND just did their normal ho-hum routine.

    By MJenks on Nov 9, 2009

  6. Sadly, Cincinnati is in a “big conference” since the Big East still has a BCS tie-in.

    By Phillips on Nov 9, 2009

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