Your Week 12 College Football Scores

November 21, 2009 – 9:00 am by McD

Indiana PURDUE Football

Record after week 11: 121-61, 84-96-2 AS

10 am ET: This is it. Indiana’s last football game of 2009. They’re not going to put pads on together on the field again whilst keeping score until the spring game in March/April. I can’t believe we’re already here.

1:39 PM ET: Never has there been a more perfect patsy for Tresselball than Michigan in this decade. While the Buckeyes grind it out, play field position and defense, the Wolverines have increasingly trended toward awful defense and pro-style or spread offense while not managing to limit huge turnovers or sloppy play. It’s what brought the Henne Era down too, aside from the injuries.

All I know is Tate Forcier has gotten worse as the season has progressed. He has more bad habits in the pocket now than he did in the first few games. He’s also increasingly inaccurate on throws that aren’t all that difficult. Denard Robinson needs to find another position. Look for him to be a Percy Harvin clone next season. Michigan is a developing team, so it’s a mess this year. Sorry, UM fans. Maybe they’ll turn it around in the second half.

6:14 pm ET: That’s it for Ol’ Charlie Weis at Notre Dame.

12 pm ET

The Game

(10) Ohio State (9-2) at Michigan (5-6) (+12)

Pick: Ohio State wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Ohio State 21 Michigan 10

Well, Forcier didn’t get any better, and Ohio State’s defense locked down. Basically, Michigan played right into Ohio State’s hands in the second half. It was boring, it wasn’t a pretty win, Terrelle Pryor was once again taken out of the gameplan, and, as usual, Ohio State won.

Record: 122-61, 85-96-2 AS

The Floyd of Rosedale

Minnesota (6-5) at (13) Iowa (9-2) (-10)

Pick: Iowa wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Iowa 12 Minnesota 0

What a bullshit cover that is. Thanks for nothing this season, Iowa.

Record: 123-61, 85-97-2 AS

12:21 pm ET, 12:30 pm ET

Chattanooga (6-4) at (2) Alabama (10-0)

Florida International (3-7) at (1) Florida (10-0)

An FCS team and a 1-AA team in their second to last games of the season? And these are supposed to be the teams clearly head and shoulders above everyone? Teams who are truly good enough to earn their way into the BCS national championship game? I’m not even going to f*cking pick these games. I’m just putting them up here so everyone can know exactly how cowardly these “powers” are. At least Alabama has played SOME ONE who is respectable in Virginia Tech. And at least FIU is an FBS school.

What’s Florida’s excuse? That the SEC is just so darn hard that they don’t want to kill themselves and make it too hard to make the title game? Remember, other than LSU, there are NO OTHER RANKED SEC TEAMS besides Florida and Alabama. Quick, name one game Florida has played against a team that truly had a shot at beating them. I can think of one: LSU. And one could say the Tigers never really had a shot.

This is the BCS and NCAA’s version of no-bid contracts, corruption, and yet another example of America believing the veneer of “fairness” when it’s nothing of the kind. Florida is the Enron of college football. They just haven’t crashed and been proven to be a sham yet.

This is a pathetically easy schedule for the Gators and they should be ashamed of themselves. There’s no way the BCS has the balls to say they don’t deserve to make it based on their strength of schedule, but it’s an argument that should probably be made. We’re all crazy for just anointing Florida from the beginning of the season without making them actually schedule teams that will truly test their mettle and prove to us they deserve the title.

We have no one to blame but ourselves, Florida, the BCS, and college football in general. Okay, that’s a lot of people.

Picks: F*ck both these schools.

Oklahoma (6-4) at Texas Tech (6-4) (+6.5)

Pick: Texas Tech

Final: Texas Tech 41 OU 13

Why couldn’t Texas Tech have done this last year and saved OU a beating at the hands of Florida? Yeah sure, this year’s Oklahoma team is decimated by injuries and probably wouldn’t have lost this game, but so what? Tech was a team of destiny last year, but it all ended in a massacre in Norman. This OU team doesn’t look like much heading into next year, either.

Record: 124-61, 86-97-2 AS

2 pm ET

(4) Texas Christian (10-0) at Wyoming (5-5) (+31.5)

Pick: TCU

Final: TCU 45 Wyoming 10

Still undefeated and rolling into the BCS. I would dearly love it if Texas went down because the Longhorns really aren’t that good and it would be a shitty title game if they played Florida. If TCU went, there would be all kinds of intrigue because TCU actually matches up with Florida and would force the Gators to win a game instead of holding serve against inferior teams like they’ve been doing all season. So if you want any intrigue at all in January, pray that Texas goes down in one of their last games. Or that Florida loses to Alabama and TCU jumps them both.

Record: 125-61, 87-97-2 AS

2:30 pm ET

Connecticut (4-5) at Notre Dame (6-4) (-6)

Pick: Notre Dame wins but doesn’t cover

Final: UConn 33 Notre Dame 30

For the second year in a row, Notre Dame came out flat and blew it against a Big East team. Last year’s Syracuse loss was way worse than this one. UConn is actually kind of respectable. But the results are no less pathetic for the Irish, who once again are staring .500 in the face.

Yes, much of this is Charlie Weis’s fault. The players just don’t develop under him. That much is clear.

However, these players are soft as f*ck and have played with heart, but with no balls whatsoever. This team is the college football version of a gelding in the Kentucky Derby. UConn completely overpowered them and ran for 231 yards even with the officials doing everything they could to hand the game to the Irish. The Huskies had two touchdowns called back late in the fourth quarter, one on a phantom holding penalty on a wide receiver, before they kicked the tying field goal.Then the Irish offense kicked a field goal in the second OT and let UConn essentially waltz down the field for the winning score.

Charlie Weis is probably fired after the Stanford game, and there will either be a bloodbath of coaches trying to get to South Bend for the job or with coaches trying to run away from South Bend. It just depends on how they see these players.

Every one wearing a jersey for Notre Dame today needs to look at themselves in the mirror and ask whether they play hard and do everything possible to prepare themselves mentally. The offense had great stats: a 300 yard passer and a hundred yard rusher along with 441 total yards. But they failed to do anything but kick two field goals in the second half and had two lost fumbles to boot. Clearly, they didn’t play with balls in the second half when they could have put the game away.

Record: 125-62, 87-98-2 AS

3:30 pm ET

(16) Wisconsin (8-2) at Northwestern (7-4) (+7)

Pick: Wisconsin

Final: Northwestern 33 Wisconsin 31

Bad times, Badgers. Now you don’t get to be one of four conference co-champs this year. Then again, being co-champ and not getting the BCS bid is basically a tallest-midget situation. I only saw the end of this game, and I don’t know how anything happened. Let’s just say I was occupied with this next disaster game.

Record: 125-63, 87-99-2 AS

The Old Oaken Bucket

Purdue (4-7) at Indiana (4-7) (+3)

Pick: Indiana

Final: Purdue 38 Indiana 21

marbles3It was completely apropos of IU’s 2009 season that it ended with an IU fumble into the end zone for a touchback to end the game. After all, this team set some kind of record for mental errors and soft play in winnable games. It’s also fitting this was my 100th loss against the number of the year too. Thanks, IU!

Whatever else you want to say about Indiana football in 2009: that they were competitive in nearly every game, that they have some real skill and heart on the team, or that they are improving, the question everyone always asks at the end of those platitudes is “did you win?” The Hoosiers’ answer to that is going to be “no, we went 4-8 and finished tied for last in the Big Ten with one conference win (Illinois).” THAT is their legacy.

This was a completely mentally weak, anti-clutch team once conference play started. I just ragged Notre Dame for playing with no balls because I’m an expert on recognizing what that looks like. Indiana did it nearly ever Saturday starting in late September. The offense WAS good and the defense DID make plays, but they lost. And lost some more. Because they had no…(flips through dictionary)…MARBLES!

Last year just sucked from beginning to end. This year was far more painful and disappointing. Make no mistake, next year, I expect greatness.

Record: 125-64, 87-100-2 AS

The Battle of the Land Grants

(14) Pennsylvania State (9-2) at Michigan State (6-5) (+3)

Pick: Penn State

Final: Penn State 42 MSU 14

Yes, Penn State, you deserve “a shot” at a BCS berth. That doesn’t mean you deserve anything like an actual invitation to a BCS bowl. Anyone who has actually watched this team knows they’ve got all the worst traits of Big Ten football: they run a “spread” offense than mostly runs the ball behind a fullback or two tight ends, and when they do throw, it’s conservative and often off play-action. They grind it out and hope the defense can make a few stops. This team is absolutely no threat to anyone they’d face in the BCS. Send them to the Holiday Bowl so we can watch USC and PSU BOTH try to grind it out and make no mistakes while playing not to lose. So yes, Daryll Clark. That’s your legacy. One year of being a dangerous offense that ended with a total destruction at the hands of a vastly superior team. I have a feeling this year will end similarly.

Record: 126-64, 88-100-2 AS

(8) LSU (8-2) at Mississippi (7-3) (-4)

Pick: LSU

Final: Ole Miss 25 LSU 23

Of course Les Miles would try a fade route on a two-point conversion play to tie the game. Of course he’d use his inaccurate quarterback to throw one of the most precise throws in football. Makes perfect sense. And this is before they blew the clock management after getting the on-side kick. Of course they would give Keiland Williams only 11 carries when they had no other back to hand the ball to. A perfect ending for a disorganized and schizophrenic offense.

This is a terrible loss for LSU. Ole Miss sucks and LSU let the Rebels keep the game out of Jevan Snead’s hands. That’s totall inexcusable tackling by the players and gameplanning by John Chavis. This is the kind of loss that eats at coaches and players for an entire year because there’s no way Ole Miss should have gotten away with the win. Just too many mistakes and general crappiness from LSU.

Record: 126-65, 88-101-2 AS

Air Force (7-4) at (22) Brigham Young (8-2) (-10)

Pick: BYU

Final: BYU 38 USAFA 21

Max Hall was good again, and that’s about all I know about this one. It has to be weird for BYU and Utah to be the OTHER good teams in the Mountain West this year. TCU has been so dominant and so good against both these teams (and everyone else for that matter) that it’s kind of hard to remember there are other really good teams in the conference too.

If anything, this makes a fantastic argument to at least let the Mountain West into the BCS and make the Cotton Bowl or Holiday Bowl a BCS bowl too. The conference is way too good to be on the outside and a team that comes out of there undefeated should get a lot more respect than the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl in Boise.

Record: 127-65, 89-101-2 AS

7:30 pm ET

The Big Game

(25) California (7-3) at (17) Stanford (7-3) (-7.5)

Pick: Stanford

Final: Cal 34 Stanford 28

Apparently, Cal can just throw any back on their depth chart in there and have Heisman-level production no matter what. The way Shane Vereen played since he became the starter makes me wonder if Jahvid Best really is so amazing. Or maybe Vereen is just that good too. In any case, it’s a good thing Cal has backs like that because they haven’t had a good quarterback in like four years.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Andrew Luck had one of the worst rivalry game performances in recent history (10-30 157 yards 1 INT) and that’s essentially the difference in the game. Toby Gerhart was as good as ever (20-136 yards 4 TD), but he can’t carry that team by himself. Either way, I was rooting for Arizona to go to the Rose Bowl anyway, and that didn’t turn out so well either.

Record: 127-66, 89-102-2 AS

8 pm ET

Kansas (5-5) at (3) Texas (10-0) (-27.5)

Pick: Texas

Final: Texas 51 Kansas 20

It was nice of the Texas fans to chant “Colt for Heisman!” during and after this blowout, but that doesn’t mean he’s actually earned it. This 396 yard performance is his first truly great game of 2009, and he had a crapload of those in 2008.

Looks like Texas is going to face Nebraska in the Big XII title game, in which everyone who has a real interest in a great title game should root hard for Nebraska so TCU can jump into the top two. Plus, it would be hilarious if Nebraska was the team to get the Big XII’s BCS berth instead of Texas, who would have to wait for an at-large berth they would surely get.

And if the BCS still puts a one-loss Texas team in the title game, it just might be the catalyst needed to get rid of the BCS once and for all.

Record: 128-66, 90-102-2 AS

(11) Oregon (8-2) at Arizona (6-3) (+6)

Pick: Oregon

Final: Oregon 44 Arizona 41 (2 OT)

This was a really entertaining game for the Rose Bowl. A REALLY entertaining game. Now all Oregon has to do is win the Civil War on some future Thursday night to get to the Rose Bowl for the first time since they got smoked by Penn State back in the day. Nothing personal against the Ducks, but I’m rooting for my uncle’s alma-mater Oregon State, who hasn’t been to the Rose Bowl since right around the time he played there in 1965.

Record after week 12: 129-66, 90-103-2 AS

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  1. 2 Responses to “Your Week 12 College Football Scores”

  2. I’d like to say I was upset about the outcome of the game today.

    However, I’ve decided to never underestimate the ability of Weis’ teams to underperform.

    They didn’t even have heart, though, McD. They went out there with their typical workman-like bullshit of not being excited, not being up for the game, not wanting to win it for the seniors. They just went out there and thought that the gold paint on the helmets and the logo blazoned across their chests would be enough to win the game for them. That’s how it’s been every game this year, and for most of the entirety of Weis’ coaching career (USC in 2005 and Penn State in 2006 being about the only times I can remember feeling a buzz of excitement coming through the broadcast).

    It’s sad. It’s pathetic. And I still have a week of this bullsh!t to get through until finally–hopefully!–it’s over.

    Go Irish! Underperform for three quarters and then suddenly seem to come alive so that the final score is a little closer than it should have been and then wonder why you lost at Stanford! Whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    By MJenks on Nov 21, 2009

  3. Add another P to the bucket.. Thanks Loosiers.

    By BakersPapi on Nov 24, 2009

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