The Fat Man Is In Trouble

November 9, 2009 – 2:17 am by Ryan Phillips


The whispers have been growing louder in South Bend, Indiana and now they’ve become to a roar. It shouldn’t be long before local Notre Dame fans are in full torch and pitchfork mode, chasing after the gigantic monster inhabiting the head football coach’s office. Let’s just hope the beast doesn’t try to run away, since I don’t have earthquake insurance at my condo in Bloomington.

After Saturday’s embarrassing, program-crushing, facade-crumbling 23-21 loss to Navy, Notre Dame can forget about going to a BCS bowl this year. That fact alone has probably spelled the end of Charlie Weis’ time at his alma mater. The guy came in with huge fanfare, big promises and a hurricane of hubris but so far his signature achievement was a 34-31 loss to USC in 2005. Weis originally inked a six-year contract when took the Irish job in 2004, but earned an extension just seven games into his tenure. That extension, a 10-year pact worth between $30 and $40 million runs through 2015 and reportedly has a poisonous buyout figure of between $4 and $5 million. Weis’ monstrous, poorly-conceived contract may be the only thing that saves his job this offseason.

Before this season pundits claimed that because of their laughably favorable schedule, the Irish could possibly make a BCS Bowl. At worst, the Domers should have finished with two losses. Notre Dame currently has three losses with three games remaining. In two of those games (at No. 12 Pittsburgh, at Stanford) the Irish will almost certainly be underdogs.

So what record will save Weis’ job? Or can it be saved at this point?

What more does Weis need? He’s had top recruiting classes, top quarterbacks, skilled wideouts, highly-regarded running backs, etc. Where are the results? Is he just awful at developing talent? Sure, at times the Irish have looked great on offense this year, but Weis is a head coach, the offensive side of the ball is just half of the equation. His job is to run an entire team and program. A “decided schematic advantage” means absolutely nothing if your team can’t tackle or plays with absolutely no passion.

He showed up in South Bend talking tough and showing off his Super Bowl rings. Since then he’s produced a 35-24 record, with a 1-2 record in bowl games. The Irish finished ranked No. 11 in 2005, No. 20 in 2006 and haven’t finished in the top 25 since. He also sports an 0-5 record against the hated USC Trojans.

Weis can’t blame anyone but himself for this situation or the fact that the rest of the college football world is reveling in it. After all, he’s the one who talked tough before he’d ever coached a single college football game.

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  1. 4 Responses to “The Fat Man Is In Trouble”

  2. I can’t wait to hear N.D. head cheerleader, Lou Holtz, excuse this. He’ll probably talk about how he still thinks the Irish are a BCS contender, how he still thinks Wies is a great coach and how underrated Navy is. All the while spewing spittle all over the inside of my TV screen. It’ll be hilarious. I don’t know how Mark May doesn’t punch him in the face after every show.

    By LR. on Nov 9, 2009

  3. Holtz has already addressed this, LR, and he pretty much conceded that a change was necessary at the head coaching position. He didn’t outright say it, but he knew that this was Cholly’s death knell.

    I like Charlie as a person. I know that he wants for the team to do well. He’s a great recruiter. He just can’t get it done on the college level. He did a good job rebuilding the team, but this is as far as he can take ND.

    I think what was worse was actually that Purdue beat Michigan at the Big House on the same day that Navy dominated Notre Dame beginning to end. It showed that there really were no excuses for losing to Michigan AND that his boring-ass workman-like approach to game days just isn’t getting it done.

    Sadly…if we can somehow manage to beat Connecticut at home AND beat either Stanford or Pitt on the road, his job is safe…thanks to Kevin White’s stupidity with the contract extension. Yes, I understand that the Saints were on the phone gauging interest from Weis about a head-coaching position, and that the buy out was supposed to be a windfall for the university, but it was still a bad business decision.

    I have no idea what the hell he’s doing anymore, either, especially in the redzone. It’s plow forward for a minimal gain, plow forward for a minimal gain, throw a jump ball for Tate or (now) Floyd to pull down. Kyle Rudolph has completely fucking disappeared from the offense. The slot receiver at the back of the endzone and/or tight end flashing across the middle has gone away completely. We have six outstanding receivers in Tate, Floyd, Kumara, Parris, Goodman and Rudolph, top tier talent at running back, a good quarterback who can actually hit guys in stride, and yet Navy comes to the line and calls out what play we’ll be running? That’s fucking ridiculous.

    Okay, thanks, I needed somewhere to vent.


    By MJenks on Nov 9, 2009

  4. Man, talk about the Saints dodging a bullet.

    By Hick Flick on Nov 9, 2009

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