Maria Menounos Picture Brings the Links

November 24, 2009 – 1:27 am by Ryan Phillips


Somebody booed the hell out of Tiger Woods at Stanford/Cal on Saturday. Still better than yelling “GET IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!!” after he tees off on a 600-yard par five – Yardbarker/Sports by Brooks

Had it…and I f*cking misspelled “Saints” with two seconds left. F*ck you for wasting my time, quiz! You’ll enjoy it though – Yardbarker

Great. Just f*cking great, Chargers – San Diego Union-Tribune

Base Wars is clearly the superior baseball game for the NES. No list is correct without it at number one – More Hardball

Seven things we missed this weekend – Randall Simon’s Sausages

Is Notre Dame still an elite coaching job? Yes, if your only metric is an unlimited amount of money to spend on the program – The Scores Report

John Wall is your college basketball player of the week – Strait Pinkie

Devin Hester…doing what he does best – Outside the Boxscore

Nice work, Salt Lake City – With Leather

Jim Leavitt is the man. And he kind of looks like Brett Favre – No Guts, No Glory

Just for Phillips and anyone out there who still thinks it’s 1988 still, your Survivor Series recap – Fansided

Gameday signs at Arizona from Saturday – Busted Coverage

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